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    Global Operations Management Ppq Parts Pros and Cons Essay

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    The applications provided are the most adaptable in a business proposal; most of the customers place their focus on the strategy Of the application Which also has the most complete business portfolio. The business areas of the Oracle include: * Financial Management * Customer Relationship Management * Procurement * Supply Chain Management * Product Lifestyle Management * Asset Lifestyle Management Manufacturing Oracle pros: Database and the application have an excellent integration Useful schedule information is provided ;k Sales forecasting is very strong * Under the Oracle there is an approach that provides different products

    Oracle Cons: * Oracle forms are incompatible with other databases ;k Online reports seem to not be very user friendly * Most normal activities that are industry specific are not offered SAP Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, this is the meaning of SAP. SAP is an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is brings together different applications.

    Each application may accommodate a different business type area but it still makes sure that the real time information is exchanged. SAP is complex and is a more complicated (ERR) system because it requires money Who is proficient With the knowledge to program it for its intended use throughout the business.

    SAP operates on the fourth generation programming language, this is referred to the Advance Business Application Programming (APP)_ SAP provides four basic business areas, these business areas include: Financial business * Logistics (planning, implementing, and coordination of detail) * Human Resources * Manufacturing SAP Pros: * It is flexible With integration and has a better range Of databases versus Oracle * SAP offers merged products * The ERP solution for SAP is flexible SAP cons: The appearance for business processes is complicated * It is very difficult to actually employ SAP Being as flexible as SAP is, it can be harmful and cause unneeded risks Peoples People soft is a great system that many company’s use today. People soft is part of the Oracle enterprise application, This system was designed to handle requirements tort a company that may seem to be more compounded and may require an intelligent type of software to sift through it, gay providing an integrated business solution to meet the industry standard by enabling organizations to boost its productivity, move forward with the business reference, and lower the cost of ownership, this application has given the ability to provide proficient knowledge from an experts point of view.

    These areas include: Financial Management ;k Human Capital Management ;k Supplier Relationship Management Peoples Pros: * Peoples can grow along With the company * It is web based and combines the latest features * Simplified transaction approvals * Allows to save money by excluding the 3rd party APS Peoples Cons: * People soft only has one negative; it is hard to identify components with the long purchase orders Info BAN Previously BAN was a provider of enterprise resource planning software but currently is now under the ownership of a company called Information Global Systems. In my research there are is a good amount of companies that still use the software system BAA even though more advanced systems are available at the fingertips. The Bandanna and ERP LEN are versions of the BAN and are the most spread out and widely used programs, they are still determined the top of the class for ERP mainly for the manufacturing division. Information BAN provides a path for solutions that have been modified in a certain way that meets he needs of any business.

    The functions that Info BAN can provide are: Finance * Project ;k Manufacturing * Distribution ;k Transportation * Service ;k Control Planning * Utilities BAN Pros: * Microsoft is compatible With BAN * Best in the ERP class in the manufacturing division * user interface comes with graphics and point to click features B,MN Cons: * Compared to Oracle, BAN isn’t as strong. BAN relies on its compatibility with other platforms * ERP areas are limited Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft has always had great reputation for software systems. Material Requirement Planning (MR..), Capacity Requirement Planning (CRAP), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) all are offered in the Microsoft package.

    Microsoft uses technology like Microsoft Office Suites, Microsoft SQL Server (data management software), and Microsoft Sharpening Server. All of these are used daily by businesses. Think PC parts would benefit from using the Microsoft Partner Network Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capability because PC would have an advantage of using the systems to demonstrate their proficiency in deploying Microsoft Dynamic financial and supplying chain solutions that elate to the product line functions. Also, by implementing the Microsoft package, PC would be able to increase its revenue and open up a lot more possibilities to deliver further capability.

    Microsoft Dynamic Pros: ;k Access to the real time data * Transmitting data is easy as well as safe ERP for Microsoft can be used globally * Microsoft ERP comes With high security and performance Microsoft Dynamic Cons: * Customizations that are far. Reaching may not be supported * Might not work with all industries * Not as many options offered for add-on support and features Sage 500 Sage is a great kind of software that brings together both management and financial accounting functions. They support and consolidate functions throughout the company and the software package has the intensity and span of being not only able to function with the flexibility in a way to be customized per any request but also set up to accommodate the needs of certain parts of the organization. Sage 500 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP). In a company, Sage 500 is a very helpful tool in certain areas.

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