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Essays About Philosophy

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According to some philosophers “La Petite Tombe” would most probably be considered a great work of art, this is my opinion too Essay

According to some philosophers “La Petite Tombe” would most probably be considered a great work of art, this is my opinion too. Rembrandt is one of very few painters known around the world and valued as an addition to human history. Praised by the art world long time ago and until today. It also considers…

Heroes: Imagination or Existance Essay

There are heroes for all ages, and for both men and women. Heroes have had changing roles since man wrote his story, and all have been the embodiment of each society, each civilization’s ideals. The 1990″s child sick with visions of hoop dreams, is largely affected by basketball superstar, Michael Jordan. He inspires the young…

Alberto Giacometti: His Purpose Was To Express The Totality Of Life And Find The Real Through External Essay

His purpose was to express the “totality of life” and “find the real through external experiences”. He was celebrated for his elongated figures that followed his break from the surrealists. But, who was Alberto Giacometti? Alberto Giacometti was born in 1901 in the Italian speaking town Borgonova, Switzerland. Being the son of Giovanni Giacometti, an…



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Writing essay about Aesthetics

1.To try to explain how and why aesthetics is understood, as a philosophical endeavor should first start with what I think and feel through my learning experiences what is art. Art for me is what is pure about the art form and what makes it beautiful. Beauty in art is what enhances individual senses to…

American Gothic: The Dark Side of Individualism Essay

After the real horrors of the Civil War, the popularity of Gothic writing dramatically decreased in the United States. The Romantic Movement that had spawned the Gothic tradition was replaced by realism. It was until the twentieth century that the Gothic tradition was revitalization. The revitalization of the Gothic spirit was particularly felt in the…

All The Time Essay

A crazy, out of control woman is what always came to my mind when I would think of my aunt. My name is Micheal Andrews and I am a thirty-nine year old stockbroker for Prolong Investment Corporation. I am going to tell you a story about my eighty-seven year old aunt whom I really never…

William Blake was very different to other men, he grew up to hate the church although he was very religious Essay

William Blake was very different to other men, he grew up to hate the church although he was very religious. His family and himself were Dissenters, a breakaway denomination against the rulings of the church of England. From an early age Blake was different, he refused to go to school and was taught by his…

Our feeling for juliet is constantly one of pity Essay

From the very first reference to fate, contained within the iambic pentameter at the beginning, to the tragic and untimely end. There is no doubt that Romeo and Juliet are ‘star-crossed lovers’. They were destined to meet, love and die. Throughout the majority of the play we feel constant pity on both Romeo and Juliet….

The American Renaissance is a time that American writers received more recognition as to the quality of their works Essay

The American Renaissance is a time that American writers received more recognition as to the quality of their works. Before this time scholars looked upon the works of the artist and writers in America were looked upon as secondary to the across the Atlantic. The novelist Gustave de Beaumont “warned Europeans not to ‘look for…

Drawing on the Work of Descartes, Hume and Kant, Write Essay

Ever since the times of Plato and Aristotle, it has been agreed by philosophers that the conscious power to act outside Of the laws Of nature is the defining criteria for a human Ewing. We have the innate ability to act outside Of the factors Of appetite and passion which Plato explored; the decision to…

Of Mice & men consider theme of loneliness Essay

In novel of mice & man I am going to look at how loneliness affects many of the characters, and Steinbeck seems to show that it is a natural and inevitable result of the kind of life they are forced to lead. The itinerant workers are caught in a trap of loneliness – they never…

Adventures Of Huck Finn Recognition Essay

“The San Francisco Chronicle” pronounced Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn his most notable and well written books. The Mississippi region is far better depicted in this novel than in his earlier Life on the Mississippi. An accurate account is made of the lifestyle and times of the Southwest nearly fifty years prior to the…

Socrates, Aristotle, Galen Essay

It was prettily devised of Æsop, The fly sat upon the axle-tree of the chariot wheel, and said, What a dust do I raise! So are there some vain persons, that whatsoever goeth alone, or moveth upon greater means, if they have never so little hand in it, they think it is they that…

Of Ambition Essay

Ambition is like choler; which is an humor that maketh men active, earnest, full of alacrity, and stirring, if it be not stopped. But if it be stopped, and cannot have his way, it becometh adust, and thereby malign and venomous. So ambitious men, if they find the way open for their rising, and still…

A Rose, the Universal Symbol of Love Essay

In William Faulkner”s A Rose for Emily, Miss Emily Grierson is a lonely old woman, living a life void of all love and affection; although the rose only directly appears in the title, the rose surfaces throughout the story as a symbol. In contemporary times, the rose also symbolizes emotions like love and friendship. The…

Lord Of The Flies: Savagery, Power and Fear Essay

Page 1 Young children who are left unattended will slowly loose their civilization, which will turn into, Savagery, Power, and Fear. Civilization is when man meets his basic needs in a healthy manner. Savagery is when people revert back to their lost human instincts. Power, in the case of Lord Of the Flies it’s a…

Of honor and reputation Essay

The winning of honor, is but the revealing of a man”s virtue and worth, without disadvantage. For some in their actions, do woo and effect honor and reputation, which sort of men, are commonly much talked of, but inwardly little admired. And some, contrariwise, darken their virtue in the show of it; so as they…

American Theme – Individualism Essay

Literary works reflect the main ideas of the American mind. An American theme that is seen in various works of literature is individuality. Individuality is expressed in three different literary works from Frost, Chopin, and Paine. These works of literature aid us in developing an open mind about what the American people should expect in…

There is much to be said about individualism Essay

There is much to be said about individualism. Feelings of freedom and endless possibilities for individual growth are presented throughout these two novels. Although being an individual has its high points, it is not always the road to take. Billy Budd and Ignatius Reilly were both prime examples of individuals. They both showed individualism in…

Of ceremonies and respect Essay

He that is only real, had need have exceeding great parts of virtue; as the stone had need to be rich, that is set without foil. But if a man mark it well, it is, in praise and commendation of men, as it is in gettings and gains: for the proverb is true, that light…

She may not wake up even once at night feeling uncomfortable

She may not wake up even once at night feeling uncomfortable if peas were kept under her mattress yet she is no less than a princess. All the little boy needs is a horse and you’d be reminded of ‘the prince from a faraway land’ just as you know from the fairy tales read as…

My Medical Statement Of Purpose Essay

My name is . I am an African descent and a Nigerian in particular. I am a social person. I am someone with great aspirations and also am I caring by nature. I derive joy from putting smiles on the faces of people. This is because I have a very humane spirit. If one were…

The Possibility of Evil Essay

Must contradictory personalities get the best of us? The Possibility of Evil, a short story by Shirley Jackson focused on the odd behavior of Miss Strangeworth. Though Miss Strangeworth does not changed throughout the story, people just does not know how awful she is. As a lonely woman, Miss Strangeworth has written small notes filled…

Love: “If you would be loved, love and be lovable” Essay

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you would be loved, love and be lovable.” Love is something we are all in at least one time or another in our life. There are many different meanings for the word love and many people interpret it differently. Love as defined by Webster”s dictionary is a profoundly tender, passionate…

Look Before You Leap For the last time “ no, shouted Courtney Essay

“For the last time – no”, shouted Courtney. “Oh c’mon. All I’m asking for is just one date. That’s all”, begged Pete Groves. “I said no. We’re closing know anyway, so if you don’t mind”, said Courtney while pointing towards the door. “OK. But think about it Courtney, please”, said Pete while leaving. “I don’t…

End of Time Essay

I cannot find a way around, Searching high but falling low, Fighting where the soul won”t go. In the world, a corrupted ghost, Hoping for his deadly most, Tears away the golden views, As golden dreams are shattered too. The ghosts tell stories of all who came – Dead, alive, blind, and lame. What he…

Illustrations and Interpretations Essay

An illustration may be defined as a furnishing for a written text in the form of drawings or pictorial presentations intended as an elucidation or adornment. Although interpretations may seem analogous to illustrations, there are subtle but manifest differences between them. Interpretations are extra festoons to a text that aren’t clearly stated but can be…

The Use of the Word Love Essay

Six months after I met a young man, he expressed to me how much he loved me. Being sixteen years old, I thought it to be very flattering but I could not accept him saying this to me. The word, love in the romantic sense, is something that would take so much out of me…

No one can turn back time Essay

A light breeze blew across my face, my feet were on the soft sandy beach. I was standing there turning towards the ocean the sun was setting, walking closer to the water….. a shiver went down my spine. Quite scared, I stepped into the cold, freezing night water. I looked down to see my reflection,…

This Life Time has 42048000 Minutes Essay

Listen up soldiers, we have a crisis on our hands. A silent army has been built up over hundreds of years and is the most deadly enemy we have ever had to face. This enemy you people have known since the day you were brought into this world. You are face to face with this…

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