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Essays About Past

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Christmas Past Essay

In Stave One when Marley’s ghost enters Scrooge’s home, Dickens give the reader a hint on what is going to happen by saying that ‘Scrooge then remembered to have heard that ghosts in haunted houses were described as dragging chains. ’ This is because Marley had lived his life as a money grabber like Scrooge,…

The collapse of Marxism: ATL’s Classics in Context festival examines a not-enough-distant past Essay

A classic, to hear Mark Twain tell it, is something everyone praises, but nobody reads. In a theatrical context, maybe that would become–nobody produces. At Actors Theatre of Louisville each year, scholars (some travel-weary, some eager, some with the ivory tower equivalent of cabin fever) are joined by critics, plain-clothed practitioners and the idle curious…

A window into Warsaw’s Jewish past Essay

Coming to Warsaw for the first International Conference on Jewish Theatre in Poland is a sure way of conjuring up Jewish spirits from the past, ancestors only imagined, pictures in the mind’s eye of Sholom Aleichem fiddlers on roofs and Chagall floating horses and lovers. Music is in the air, so to speak; a range…



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Present Provoking Past Essay

Present Provoking Past “Analyze a characters’ response to the past as a source of meaning in a work” ” . . . the past, no matter what it was like, never becomes a matter of indifference to the present. ” Alexander Tvardovsky In One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Alexander Solzhenitsyn portrays one…

Reflections of a Culture Past Essay

The poem, Beowulf was supposedly written in the tenth century, but it was most likely told before then, orally, for centuries. There is little information about the author, on when Beowulf was first created or about the original version of the story before it was written. However the poem does, however, give us great insight…

My Family – Journey Into the Past Essay

Relationships among family members are among the most complex relationships that define us as humans. Because it’s too important to us we tend to know more about history of our family ancestry. My curiosity to know more about my family led to visit someone who is very special and dear to my heart my grandmother…

Overcoming My Difficult Past Essay

Lacking severe self-confidence is the biggest barrier I have to face for many years. I think it is because among the three children in my family, I am the oldest to my younger sister and brother, my mom is always strict on me. If I did something wrong, even if it is the slightest thing,…

America Has Seen A Great Amount Of Social Change During The Past Few D Essay

ecades. From they way we eat to the way we treat our criminals to the safety of our children at school, things have definitely changed. The rash of recent school shootings is a sure sign of the breakdown in parenting and a lack of family values being taught to our children. The highly processed foods…

Over The Past Fifteen Years A Powerfully Charged Drama Has Essay

unfolded in New York’s Broadway venues and spread to the opera housesand ballet productions of major cities across the country. Itscharacters include angry college students, aging rock stars,flamboyant B-movie queens, society matrons, and sophisticated fashiondesigners. You can’t buy tickets for this production, but you mightcatch a glimpse of it while driving in Bethesda on particular…

China the past Essay

For most of its 3,500 years of history, China led the world in agriculture, craftsand science, then fell behind in the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution gave the Westclear superiority in military and economic affairs. In the first half of the 20th century, Chinacontinued to suffer from major famines, civil unrest, military defeat, and…

Of the many types of entertainment and past times Essay

we have today, theatre is still oneof the most loved. For this we have to thank the very earliest forms of ancient Greekand Roman theatre. These ancient time plays were staged often in honor of a god andhave paved the way for theatre as we know today. A particular aspect that has had aremarkable effect…

An obstacle that I have overcame in the past was m Essay

UFOy encounter with a UFO which happened in January of 1997, during a night when I was out in the desert. At first I was only able to remember a blazing red object coming toward me, but not what happened afterwards. A year after my encounter, I started seeing weird images and having visions of…

Fashion and Women?s Movements in the Past Century Essay

Today’s American women are following centuries old traditions of rebelling against society’s outlook on women around. Earlier in America’s history, it was unheard of for a woman to be in both the public and domestic sphere. Women were forced to spend most of their life in the domestic sphere, and wear ridiculous clothes everyday. For…

Siddhartha: Overcoming Misfortunes Of The Past Essay

Siddhartha: Overcoming Misfortunes Of The Past EssayOn page 132 we read "Everything that was not suffered to the end andfinally concluded, recurred, and the same sorrows were undergone. " What doesthis mean in regards to Siddhartha and any other of the characters in Hesse’sstory? Do you agree with this statement? Explain. This quote is taken…

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