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Willey Russell’s play, “Our Day Out” Essay

Our day out

Words: 3299 (14 pages)

In Willey Russell’s play, “Our Day Out” the deprivd youth of inner city Liverpool are treated to an exciting day out to Wales. They are so poor they cannot aford a proper breakfast or even school uniform. Four teachers r responsible for them. First there is the kind, gentle and understanding Mrs. Kay, described as…

The play Our Day Out Essay (1217 words)

Our day out

Words: 1217 (5 pages)

In the play Our Day Out, we come to see two very different personalities, as the teachers clash on a school outing to Conway. The teachers are Mr Briggs (a strict teacher, who is used to teaching more intelligent children) and Mrs Kay (a teacher who identifies with the children’s needs). There very different characteristics…

Our Day Out by Willy Russel Essay

Our day out

Words: 1566 (7 pages)

Our day out is set in an industrial estate in Liverpool. The novel is based upon Willy Russel’s first hand experience of teaching at Shorefields Comprehensive School where he taught young adults for a year. The play is to my opinion very realistic, due to the fact that Willy Russel had the experience in life…

Our Day Out by Willy Russell Essay

Our day out

Words: 1857 (8 pages)

The play ‘Our Day Out’ by Willy Russell depicts how the kids in the poorer parts of the country live. In the book a group of ‘progress class’ children are taken on a trip to Conway Castle. On the trip the also visit the zoo, the beach and the funfair. All of the children have…

Willy Russell’s Our Day Out Essay

Our day out

Words: 2194 (9 pages)

In the book ‘Our Day Out’, Willy Russell interests us in the characters of Carol and Briggs by showing us the contrast of personalities and the difference in lifestyle between the two. The main differences between Carol and Briggs are that Carol is from a deprived background, while the teacher Briggs, probably doesn’t understand what…

Our Day Out – character study of Mr Briggs Essay

Character Analysis

Our day out

Words: 3380 (14 pages)

Mr Briggs is a very complicated character to work out. Both him and Mrs Kay are very different. Mrs Kay is a very caring person and very easy going where as Mr Briggs is very strict and enjoys the fact that he has been sent on the trip as a spy. He has been sent…

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