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Marijuana-Or Not? Essay (521 words)



Words: 521 (3 pages)

Everyday more and more people are trying the very unhealthy drug, marijuana. People that you think would never use this drug are using it or have used it before. Actress, Drew Barrymore began abusing marijuana and other drugs at the age of nine. It was not until the age of fourteen when Drew began to…

Marijuana in the Past and Present Exploratory Essa Essay




Words: 1227 (5 pages)

ys Research PapersMarijuana in the Past and Present Marijuana is a mixture of leaves, stems, and flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant Cannabis, it may be smoked or eaten for its hallucinogenic and pleasure-giving effects. Marijuana has not been proven to be physically addicting but, psychological dependence can develop. Many users describe two phases…

Marijuana can cause many harmful effects. There ha Essay



Words: 2403 (10 pages)

s never been a major test though. The ones theyve used have shown very different things. I have been very surprised by what I have been reading. I cannot believe the difference in what different scientists think. One says, “It’s hard to know for sure whether regular marijuana use causes cancer. But it is known…

Know the Risks of Marijuana Essay



Words: 819 (4 pages)

Cannabis Sativa (marijuana) has been thought tobe an illegal and very harmful drug for many years. But asyou read this report you will learn that marijuana has beenaround for many years (most years legal) and isn’t asharmful as some people may think. Marijuana has beenused for many things in the past, including medicine, hemprope, crude…

Marijuana Reform Essay (710 words)



Words: 710 (3 pages)

According to government figures, nearly 70 million Americans have smokedmarijuana at some time in their lives. 18 million have smoked marijuana within the lastyear, and ten million are regular smokers. Almost all of the people arrested for marijuanaare arrested for possession. And because of harsh federal and state penalties, these peoplemay be sentenced to lengthy…

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Active ingredients Tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, cannabinol, tetrahydrocannabivarin
Drug class Cannabinoid
Legal status Schedule I (CSA)
Parts of plant Flower and fruit
Possible side effects Paranoia · Somnolence · Red Eye
Pregnancy risk category Pregnancy Category C (FDA)
Source plants Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis

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