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Great Expectations an exciting opening to the story Essay


Great Expectations

Words: 1162 (5 pages)

Charles Dickens was born on the 7th February 1812. His father was sent to prison because he could not afford to pay his debts. Dickens had to go to work at an early age because his father was in prison. At the age of 12, Dickens was working in the blacking factory. A blacking factory…

Magwitch in Great Expectations Essay

Great Expectations

Words: 663 (3 pages)

When Pip arrives the next evening with the things for the convict, Magwitch’s whole attitude soon changes from a threatening, scary character, to a thankful yet still tough character. Magwitch’s character is threatening and nasty so this makes the audience dislike him and feel no sympathy for him, which is a complete contrast to how…

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Charles Dickens


Adaptations Great Expectations (2012) · Great Expectations (1998) · Great Expectations (2011) · Great Expectations (1946) · Great Expectations (1991) · Great Expectations (1999) · Fitoor (2016) · Great Expectations (1974) · Great Expectations (1934) · Great Expectations (1981)
First published 1860
Genres Bildungsroman · Novel
Number of pages 544

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