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Emigrant ship Essay

The “low” ceiling seems as if it is pressing down and the smell of the fumes is “vile (and) stupefying;” as opium is The Bar of Gold’s trade, it is implied that the place itself have taken on these characteristics. Describing it as “Thick and heavy” makes the smoke seem almost tangible, smothering an already…

Catherine and Beatrice Essay

Examine the ideas of manliness, hostility and aggression in “a view from the bridge” how are these ideas connected? A view from the bridge was written by Arthur Miller and set in the 1950’s in a slum area in Brooklyn. A view from the bridge is a tragedy, it has two themes these are justice…

Elizabeth’s innocence Essay

The ending of act II answers the question set up at the opening of the act, “Will the Proctors be caught up by the witch hunt?” The answer is yes, and Elizabeth is accused by Abigail of being a witch and is taken away. This section of act II begins with Proctor, Elizabeth, Mary, Hale,…



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Victorian times Essay

Sherlock Holmes is the main feature of the stories. He has an amazing talent to draw up conclusions from the infinitesimal details. For example, from looking at Jabez Wilson he noticed that he has done some manual labour, he noticed this by the way Wilson’s right hand is slightly larger than his left where his…

Tituba and Sarah’s Humour Essay

Act 4 is the most significant of all scenes because all questions are answered and all strings are tied. It is, by far, the most tension-pulling and heart-wrenching scene in the whole play. Miller lures us into a false sense of security by decreasing our tension level at the start of the scene with Tituba…

Elizabeth Proctor Essay

Abigail is a very powerful girl and the other girls are obviously afraid of her. It is clear that Abigail is out for revenge against Elizabeth Proctor. She wants her arrested and blamed as a witch so badly that she stabs herself in the stomach just so she can say she has put a spell…

Proctor and getting Mary Essay

The second way the build up of slow tension is shown by the faked attacks. Again Abigail and the girls are they reason for these ‘faked attacks.’ They pretend that Mary has sent a spirit onto them. By doing this they are trying to turn Mary against Proctor and getting Mary to side with the…

The emotion and tragic Essay

Joe is certainly one ‘of God’s sort’, in fact a ‘gentle Christian man’, and his ‘industrious good heartedness stands out so boldly’.9 His capacity for forgiveness is immense, especially for his father, who despite having ‘hammered away at mother’, Joe creates a poem: ‘what sume’er the failings on his part/Remember reader he were that good…

The Proctor’s servant Essay

Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft after she supposedly used a poppet to harm Abigail. Reverend Hale found a poppet with a needle in it at the Proctor’s house although really it belonged to Mary Warren, the Proctor’s servant, who was also in the group of girls led by Abigail. She had put the needle into…

Longing to Belong Essay

Every human being encompasses an innate desire to fit in. Societal discrimination has existed throughout history and is still present in modern day civilization. Because of influences from one’s family, peers and faith, one will constantly strive to conform to the idealistic standards which society conveys. By comparing David Storm of John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids…

An image of one’s own Essay

At an Atlanta festival, black America through the eyes of black artists I hardly go to the theatre these days. Why do these younger black writers have to use so much cussin’ and crotch-grabbin’, and men calling each other nigger’ every other word?” The question was posed by the distinguished older woman in the seat…

John Malpede Essay

Los Angeles’s Skid Row is a 20-square-block area near downtown where hundreds of homeless people sleep outside on the sidewalk every night, and at least a few don’t wake up in the morning. Food is scarce; beds are scarcer, it is impossible to buy a newspaper because there are no stores, and stray animals generally…

Abby stop it! Essay

The second lie is possibly one of the most significant events in the play. Towards the end of Act three, during his court hearing, John Proctor finally admits to his adulterous affair with Abigail. The court wished to investigate this affair and John informs them that Elizabeth is aware of it, so they ask her…

A place to create and contemplate Essay

No one can claim that the Saratoga International Theatre Institute, the new joint venture of directors Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki, lacks ambition. The printed program created for SITI’s opening season begins with a “manifesto,” an immediate signal that the institute’s founders consider themselves to be on a mission, hoping to do no less than…

Wintergreen for precedent Essay

The country lies mired in a painful economic downturn. One party has held a 12-year lock on the White House. The fall election campaign is stuttering forward, looking for a defining issue. Strenuously avoiding anything resembling a position, one of the candidates sweeps to victory on the “Love” platform, marrying a wholesome girl (who can…

Go and catch a falling star Essay

The poem “Go and catch a falling star” is written by the humorous poet John Donne who often wrote poems about love. In this poem too Donne talks about love using his traditional caustic remarks and ironies. The title of the poem give the reader the basic essence of the poem. As it is known…

Moronic and idiotic Essay

In the opening stage directions Priestley creates a relaxed atmosphere by a group of people celebrating and having a little party. Priestley shows it’s relaxed by telling us what’s on the table. The objects on the table are all products that help people more laid back and joyful, “decanter of port, cigar box and cigarettes”….

Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrman Essay

Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrman offer the cinema audience a very different interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Using Act 3 Scene 1 discuss these two interpretations in terms of whether they have made the original text more accessible. You need to take into consideration the historical context and audience for which all three…

Van Helsing Essay

I listened carefully as Madam Mina recounted her terrible ordeal, and felt repulsed that the evil creature forced our dearest lady to drink his vile blood! Oh the pain for our sweet Mina! She is such a Godly woman, kind and thoughtful in every way. I cannot help but question what she has done to…

Was Edward IV’s ruling between 1471-1483 effective? Essay

One of Edward’s greatest achievements during his second reign was completing and increasing the financial stability of England. He achieved this by adopting a peaceful Foreign Policy. Realising the cost of war was great, Edward he put holts on all the financial draining battles in France. Then, in 1475 Edward continued to back these peaceful…

Preistley’s main aim Essay

Birling’s character does not develop at all through the play. At the end he is still just as mean and tight fisted as he was in the beginning. The only thing that concerns him about the tale of the poor girl is his humiliation at the hands of the public when the scandal is reported….

Pip’s mysterious benefactor Essay

Mr Jaggers’ function in the novel is to link between the two plots of Magwitch and Miss Havisham. Jaggers was Pip’s guardian whilst he was in London. Pip thought that Miss Havisham was his benefactor as Jaggers represented Miss Havisham as her lawyer. However, as we learn later in the book Jaggers also represents the…

 What characteristics of Juliet are evident here? Essay

At the beginning of the scene, Juliet eagerly anticipates for Romeo’s coming, and beckons for nightfall where she will consummate her marriage with Romeo in the night. She is agitated and impatient, and she calls for time to pass quickly so it will be night, “Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds, towards Phoebus’s lodging; such a…

How responsible are these adults for the tragedy? Essay

Discuss the role of parents and parent substitutes in Romeo and Juliet. How responsible are these adults for the tragedy? I prefer to think of Romeo and Juliet as a love story with a tragic ending rather than a classic tragedy, because the love Romeo and Juliet find and share is beautiful and inspiring: there…

Priestley’s device Essay

“An Inspector Calls”, by J.B Priestley, deals with social conflict upon so many levels. On the surface it is a simple tale of how one man changes the moral perceptions of an upper-class family, but when seen in a different light, is much more. Priestley has used a simple domestic setting as a masquerade; to…

We cain’t say no Essay

Can big, foreign, 19th-century novels be profitably turned into big, domestic, American musicals? The question asked itself this season, as a virtual wedge of Great Books musicals simultaneously materialized, one more unlikely than the next. Captains Courageous, an all-male, all-seafaring adventure, hoisted sails at Washington, D.C.’s Ford’s Theatre; Wuthering Heights was set to song at…

Less isn’t more Essay

Theatres aim to strike the delicate balance between downsizing & creative risk-taking. More and more these days, art imitates business. The grimmest financial picture in memory has sent America’s nonprofit professional theatres scurrying to the profit-seeking community for means of survival. Mounting deficits and dwindling resources force theatres to cut costs in every conceivable way….

Lightening up Essay

If this is, as the local press likes to describe it, “the make or break year” for the new South Africa, then the same must be said of the nation’s theatre. “The Market is in transition just as the country is in transition,” says Barney Simon, artistic director for two decades of the Johannesburg venue…

The Wizards of Quiz Essay

They were a perfect pair of antagonists for the television public: Columbia University English professor Charles Van Doren, the tall, handsome scion of America’s WASP cultural elite, and Herb Stempel, the short, schlumpy little Jew from Queens, working his way through the City College of New York. The two young men, different in so many…

Priestley exposes weakness Essay

“An Inspector Calls” is full of lies and deceit. Write fully about the way Priestley exposes weakness and wickedness not only through the characters on stage but also in society. “An Inspector calls”, was written by J. B. Priestley in 1942 and set in 1912. J. B. Priestley (John Boynton Priestley) was born in Bradford,…

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