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Comparing Two Baroque Masses: Mozart’s Dies Irae Essay

Comparing Two Baroque Masses: Mozart Dies Aria and Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah BY Gallivanting In George Frederic Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, the music grows from simple to complex, as in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Dies Aria. Hallelujah, like many other masses, praises God’s almightiness, and lets the audience feel the power of God. The piece…

Mannerism and the Baroque age Essay

Mannerism, which literally means “style”, was a period in European art that began in Italy in the final years of the Renaissance and lasted until it was replaced by Baroque, about 1520 to 1600. During this time, young artists were trying to establish their own style, with a new approach to painting and interpretation of…

Origin of the Word Baroque Essay

The word baroque is derived from the Portuguese word ‘bronco’, meaning irregular pearl. Until nineteenth century the word baroque was used mostly as a fancy synonym for ‘absurd’ and ‘grotesque’. The characteristic feature of this style is energy, lack of harmony, attraction for the ornate and an explosive elaboration, which almost conceals the underlining order…



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Two Page Essay On The Baroque Era

When I think of the Baroque period and what I can compare it to, I think of a teenager. A teenager is that that awkward between stage of a child and adult. Not yet fully developed and prone to drastic changes spontaneously. This is, what I believe, exactly how it was with the Baroque Era…

The Baroque Period essay

The Baroque Period was the age of reason when minds and imaginations opened up new worlds of scientific knowledge as well as artistic creativity. (Fleming, 75) The Baroque era was a period of opulence and magnificence that gave off a powerful awe inspiring style that was full of flamboyant concepts and overall dramatic quality. From…

Times Gabriel Essay

When Bathsheba first meets Troy in the dark she and him both flirt together furiously; “Thank you for the sight of such a beautiful face”. Bathsheba tries to cover the fact that she is flattered and rather enjoying it by doing her best to be as disagreeable as possible. When Bathsheba meets Troy for his…

Bright new day Essay

There were different aspects of the set which reflected the themes of the musical. There were rich and poor sides of the stage. The dirty and vandalised council house contrasted with the clean, white detached house with a balcony. It juxtaposes the two different houses as it emphases the huge contrast. The houses of Mrs…

Who’s For The Game?  Essay

In ‘God! How I Hate You’ Arthur Graeme West uses slang in the title to point out that he does not literally mean that he hates God, but that he hates people like Rupert Brooke and Jessie Pope for telling lies and using propagandistic techniques in their poems to persuade young men that war is…

All I see is You kissing Her Essay

All I see is you kissing her I open the drawer and gently pick up, my most prized possession. It is a picture, of you and me. We are standing there, all dressed up and laughing. I close my eyes, and try to remember what it was like. But all I see, is You kissing Her. It is a movie slowly playing in my mind. I see my friend…

Billy liar-english Essay

Identify the main themes in ‘Billy Liar’ by focusing on extracts involving Billy and his father. As a director, how might you work with your actors to enable them to understand and convey these themes more fully? ‘Billy Liar’ by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse was written in 1959. It was adapted from the novel written…

The precious of perfection Essay

The wind slapped my face with its fierce long finger. The bass echoed in my ears and suddenly I felt the rush of excitement hit my body with a vengeance like lightning hitting an electric wire. The rush pelted the gleaming window depth of the night grew deeper. The ferocious rain is thumping the stainless…

Create an improvisation inspired Essay

We were asked to create an improvisation inspired by “The Woman in Black”. The text we used was an extract from Susan Hill’s novel where Spider ran away across the marshes when he heard the mysterious whistle. We came up with many ideas when discussing possible plotlines. We liked several of these, but we decided to…

Drama Responce Essay

The Toys Talk of the World – Frozen Statues. The technique of Frozen Statues is when the body take the shape of an object. For example, I was told to take the shape of a vase, I would adapt my posture to maybe be as big or as small as possible, and then put put arms…

Drama terroism Essay

My sister and me had just saved enough money to go on holiday to Bournemouth, after going off drugs 4: We were so looking forward to it. I had packed all my stuff! We were going to stay in 4 star accommodations with a beautiful view of the ocean. We were going to ride donkeys and maybe…

The Bald Prima Donna Essay

We have been looking at a rather strange and confusing play called ‘The Bald Prima Donna’. We have done a lot of work based on this piece of text. One of the improvisations we performed was based on a part in the play where they are gossiping about Bobby. Clare, Natalie and I performed this…

Emily Davidsons Dairy CW Essay

Today was most eventful. Mrs Pankhurst’s announcement has spurned me on with such zest. I was so full of admiration for her bravery and determination in the face of the Peelers brutality. Incarceration can be so awful in these times of oppression. How can one human be so cruel to another? A woman. Do these…

Las Meninas Essay

This is one of Velázquez`s largest paintings and among those in which he made most effort to create a complex and credible composition that would convey a sense of life and reality while enclosing a dense network of meanings. The artist achieved his intentions and Las Meninas became the only work to which the writer on art…

Improvisation based on text Essay

We have been looking at a poem, ‘Charlotte O’Neil’s Song’. It is written in the eyes of a servant girl who has been treated with no respect by her master. She has finally had enough of doing everything for them and is leaving, they can now do things for themselves. The first two verses say…

Improvisation involves a variety of different factors Essay

If all these factors are combined then a good improvisation will be formed. The first type of improvisation we studied was ‘ Spontaneous Improvisation’. This involved three sections impromptu, polished and extended. The first piece of ‘impromptu improvisation’ we did was done by us being given a title and then devising a scene for it. The first…

Ameriaca misogynist soceity Essay

When deconstructing text and trying to come up with a black and white answer about whether America is a misogynist society is something of a challenge due to the fact that contradictions are always going to appear. I believe that it is a matter of opinion and it is down to the interpretation of the…

Europea appear Essay

It was a rebirth from the disorder and conflict of the semi barbaric middle ages marked by oppressive feudalism, bigotry of the church, the prolonged crusade of the cross against the recent and the competitions of power and supremacy between the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope Renaissance is the name traditionally bestowed upon the…

Work Experience – Written Acount Essay

I sat and considered my choices for work experience carefully after I had heard I was to spend two weeks doing it. I thought of letting the school choose for me but quickly decided against it as I didn’t think I could stand spending the time making tea. Many people mentioned vets to me as…

Exploring clowning techniques Essay

This is my account of how my group and I developed our play for our examination. The examination is on clowning so we had many lessons exploring clowning techniques. To master clowning we had to let go of our fear of looking bad. Being teenagers many of us including me found this extremely hard. We…

How a class responded to the words – Fatal Shore Essay

The play of ‘The Fatal Shore’ was introduced to us with just the word put up onto an overhead projector. The class brainstormed their ideas of what they thought this meant, people came up with words such as death, sea, and sand, this was effective as it brought our imaginations into the work and everybody…

Too Much Punch For Judy Essay

The play we have been studying is called ‘Too Much Punch For Judy’. It is about two sisters who go out drinking and both get drunk. They have to decide who will drive home, Judy decides she should as she has not drunk as much and if they get aught Joanne will lose her licence….

Parisian buses Essay

Compare the ways in which Owen and Faulks present the experience of war. These two pieces of writing, one a poem by Wilfred Owen called Dulce et Decorum Est and the other, an extract from the novel, ‘Charlotte Gray’ from the chapter ‘The Last Night’ are both set in the World War I and World War…

Beeny Cliff and On Wenlock Edge Essay

In both poems : ‘Beeny Cliff’ (Thomas Hardy) and ‘On Wenlock Edge’ (A.E.Housman) , the two poets associate the past with the present in different ways. Hardy presents the past by remembering his own experiences. Throughout the poem, the love and relationship with his previous wife is described almost as an unpleasant reminiscence. As if…

Beeny Cliff Essay

One of the most important devices used in poems could be how each phrase is fitted together. In ‘On Wenlock Edge’, caesuras are placed in some significant places. For example, in line three, the phrase ‘the gale, it plies …’ contains one. The caesura in that particular phrase gives a break after the word ‘gale’,…

Colored TV and nice 3-piece suite Essay

Edwards’s house set of props: Nice wallpaper, carpeted all through, nice rug in the middle, coffee table in the middle of the room with vase with flowers on the top, colored TV and nice 3-piece suite Outside of the house: Clean, Nice clean garden, nicely maintained garden, fenced all around. Mrs. Johnston side of the stage should very messy…

Glamour and a tragic Essay

Eddie has a good education as he says things like “I’ll look it up in the dictionary”- fact that he both owns and can use a dictionary shows he is higher class and has more money and a better education. Mickey who has a poor education shows when Eddie mentions the dictionary he replies “what’s…

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