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What would Victor Hugo make of this? Essay

In his novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo decried the “numberless degradations and mutilations” the Notre Dame cathedral had suffered at the hands of remodelers. If Hugo were alive today, he might have a similar opinion about what Disney has done to his classic work. Disney’s cartoon version, which opens in theaters Friday, is a sanitized, politically correct…

John Singleton Copley’s Watson and the Shark Essay

One interpretation of Watson and the Shark that takes some precedence over the rest was appended to the painting itself, probably by its owner. The label describes the painting as “shewing that a high sense of INTEGRITY and RECTITUDE with a firm reliance on an over ruling PROVIDENCE [. . . ] are the sources…

Complimentary colour Essay

User’s Comments: I feel that the grass in the background of the logo and the wavy grass design under the football have been used effectively to the extent that it shows a lot of activities to be available at the leisure centre. As can be seen from this image I have edited the logo using…



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Creating an leaflet Essay

The software I will be using for this task will be Microsoft Publisher 2000. I am using this because it is very good for creating my own publications and they look very professional. Also you can create and control a lot of things in the software. You can change everything from the font to where…

Toulouse-Lautrec drew on his own pain, trials of outcasts Essay

“What a horrible man!” That’s how Marcelle Lender, a Paris operetta star of the 1890s, described the dwarfish, brashly effusive artist who was so enraptured with her that he created no fewer than 25 images of the actress-singer. No matter that Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec had offered Lender a large painting of herself, or that his print of her in…

Magnificent monument to Paul Klee Essay

In addition to serving as a showcase for some 4,000 works by Paul Klee — 40 per cent of his life’s work–the multi-functional center honours the multiple facets of the life of a remarkable man. Musician, teacher, philosopher, poet: Paul Klee was all of these–and one of the world’s most beloved and prolific artists. Furthermore, the centre constitutes the largest…

Autobiographical Note Essay

The area the poem talks about sounds quite rough. It describes some kids going to ‘smash up’ some ones back yard, ‘bash in his back door’. The language the children used also implies the area is rough, they swear and use slang ‘yah, gurt’ even the poet swears, ‘shouted swear words at them’ The poet…

Edifying ‘Manet/Velazquez’ Essay

If the works of Edouard Manet seem to you a little out of place in the all-too-frequent blockbusters of French impressionist art, you’re right. His clear-edged, close-to-the-picture plane, patterned figures and scenes never fit in with the fluffy brushwork and pastel colors of fellow “impressionists” Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Auguste Renoir. You’ll see why…

We’d rather have a bowl of Coco pops Essay

“We’d rather have a bowl of Coco pops” remember that song? This is just one example of a successful advertising campaign – if the slogan is remembered then so is the product. A consumer in the world of the twenty first century is very much a victim of the media; the main vulnerability lies in…

More sinned against than sinning Essay

‘More sinned against than sinning’ means that you are having more bad things done to you, than the bad things that you are doing. This would mean that you feel sympathy for the person who is having worse things being done to them. In ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ there are a few women roles…

Portrait of Louisa May Alcott Essay

HER father thought himself a philosopher. His family agreed with him. So did his friend and contemporary, Emerson, and a few others. He was at any rate a philosopher in his complete inability to earn or to keep money. Her mother was by nature a noble and charming woman, by profession a household drudge. Louisa…

Nicholas: victor or victim? Essay

I have read Sredni Vashtar, The Lumber-Room and The Holy War and have noticed that they have many similarities. Religion is a theme in all three stories. In The Holy War the title itself has religious connotations, suggesting a conflict over a very important issue, and the hooting of owls is described as “Vespers”. In…

The Baroque What Essay

What were two major influences on German Baroque music? How did these factors influence the music? . The German Baroque bow and Baroque organ they gave music a new spin. 2. How did music differ before and after Bach? It wasn’t that interesting before, Bach had a new way and his music keep interest. 3….

Far From The Madding Crowd Essay Questions

Thomas Hardy’s ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ was written in the Victorian period therefore was directed to a Victorian audience. At the time at which the novel was written society followed strict moral conventions and Hardy has promoted them in his novel. The main focus of his novel, Bathsheba Everdene begins as a fairly subdued…

Baroque Era: Questions Essay

Major/ minor scale/tonal system 8. Did instrumental music become Just as important as vocal music? 9. What are some harmonistic traits of baroque rhythms? Regular meter and bar lines are finally present: rhythmic patterns repeated throughout a piece. 10. What are some characteristic traits of baroque melodies? Elaborate and ornamental; not symmetrical (phrases not of…

Exciting and colourful logo Essay

The third and final logo that I designed, is more exciting and colourful then the other logos. As you can see, the logo is black with many other colours on it and the name in the middle of the ball. This logo is basically an edited version of the previous logo. To make this logo,…

Two pictures Essay

The theme park has five zones and each of these zones has its own slide, they are all in the same desing, but have different information. Below is the slide design, I have only done one but the others will follow the same design. There is a main title then information about the zone then…

Graphical image Essay

An image used to represent the company created using computer software. It can be given a more professional edge by using effects and tools. Makes the company easy to identify and remember. Advantages of using this device for a Logo You are able to see what you are doing, without one; a computer would be…

Produced on publisher Essay

I have been contacted by Ritchie Hulks who is a member of the Dover Athletic Supporters Trust board recently. He has asked me if it would be possible to design a monthly newsletter for the trust because the trust feel at the moment that some of their members are not receiving enough information as they…

Create the text for the logo Essay

General Overview I had to create a logo that would promote the video shop and encourage people to gain membership. I did it in “Serif page plus eight” and used clipart from the web and used a text wizard from “Serif page plus eight” to create the text for the logo. This task was predominantly…

Comparing Two Baroque Masses: Mozart’s Dies Irae Essay

Comparing Two Baroque Masses: Mozart Dies Aria and Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah BY Gallivanting In George Frederic Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, the music grows from simple to complex, as in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Dies Aria. Hallelujah, like many other masses, praises God’s almightiness, and lets the audience feel the power of God. The piece…

Mannerism and the Baroque age Essay

Mannerism, which literally means “style”, was a period in European art that began in Italy in the final years of the Renaissance and lasted until it was replaced by Baroque, about 1520 to 1600. During this time, young artists were trying to establish their own style, with a new approach to painting and interpretation of…

Origin of the Word Baroque Essay

The word baroque is derived from the Portuguese word ‘bronco’, meaning irregular pearl. Until nineteenth century the word baroque was used mostly as a fancy synonym for ‘absurd’ and ‘grotesque’. The characteristic feature of this style is energy, lack of harmony, attraction for the ornate and an explosive elaboration, which almost conceals the underlining order…

Two Page Essay On The Baroque Era

When I think of the Baroque period and what I can compare it to, I think of a teenager. A teenager is that that awkward between stage of a child and adult. Not yet fully developed and prone to drastic changes spontaneously. This is, what I believe, exactly how it was with the Baroque Era…

Times Gabriel Essay

When Bathsheba first meets Troy in the dark she and him both flirt together furiously; “Thank you for the sight of such a beautiful face”. Bathsheba tries to cover the fact that she is flattered and rather enjoying it by doing her best to be as disagreeable as possible. When Bathsheba meets Troy for his…

Bright new day Essay

There were different aspects of the set which reflected the themes of the musical. There were rich and poor sides of the stage. The dirty and vandalised council house contrasted with the clean, white detached house with a balcony. It juxtaposes the two different houses as it emphases the huge contrast. The houses of Mrs…

Who’s For The Game?  Essay

In ‘God! How I Hate You’ Arthur Graeme West uses slang in the title to point out that he does not literally mean that he hates God, but that he hates people like Rupert Brooke and Jessie Pope for telling lies and using propagandistic techniques in their poems to persuade young men that war is…

All I see is You kissing Her Essay

All I see is you kissing her I open the drawer and gently pick up, my most prized possession. It is a picture, of you and me. We are standing there, all dressed up and laughing. I close my eyes, and try to remember what it was like. But all I see, is You kissing Her. It is a movie slowly playing in my mind. I see my friend…

Billy liar-english Essay

Identify the main themes in ‘Billy Liar’ by focusing on extracts involving Billy and his father. As a director, how might you work with your actors to enable them to understand and convey these themes more fully? ‘Billy Liar’ by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse was written in 1959. It was adapted from the novel written…

The precious of perfection Essay

The wind slapped my face with its fierce long finger. The bass echoed in my ears and suddenly I felt the rush of excitement hit my body with a vengeance like lightning hitting an electric wire. The rush pelted the gleaming window depth of the night grew deeper. The ferocious rain is thumping the stainless…

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