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The Castle By Franz Kafka Essay


Franz Kafka

Words: 636 (3 pages)

To live is not just to exist. For one to exist one must live, explore, and learn about life’s ways. For some existence may be a hard thing to achieve in life. The Castle, by Franz Kafka depicts the meaning of life and existence, showing that human nature can make one’s life a difficult journey….

I’m the King of the Castle Essay



Words: 1080 (5 pages)

Thinking of the phrase “I”m the king of the castle” brings back memories of childish games and friendly dominance. As a child you have vanquished your foe and gained superiority over the rest of your kingdom. The plight for this feeling of control is the main theme of Susan Hill’s “I”m the king of the…

Alnwick Castle Essay (854 words)


Words: 854 (4 pages)

Nottingham tells Marion of Robins death when she says that he is the only one to save the land. He shows her Robins medallion. The following day in the forest, people search for Robin Ben Guest 10L but the great hero is feared dead. At that moment the special effects show robins shadow being projected…

The Disney Castle Essay (712 words)



Words: 712 (3 pages)

In Shrek there are familiar television programs and film ideas are used throughout the film to bring it upbeat and original. Television programs such as Blind Date are included into the story; the mirror on the wall shows the lord 3 princesses and he can choose any of them to marry. A stereotypical host voice…

King of the Castle Essay (996 words)



Words: 996 (4 pages)

Willy Russell, the writer of many plays, such as, “Blind Scouse”, “King of the Castle”, “Lies”, “Educating Rita” and the very famous, “Blood Brothers”, was born in Whiston in 1947. The opening of “Blood Brothers” was performed at a London theatre in 1983. “Blood Brothers” was written as a play, but in 1988, Bill Kenwright…


Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance

release date



Content rating TV-PG, TV-14
End year 2016
Production company Beacon Pictures, Experimental Pictures, ABC Signature
Written by Andrew W. Marlowe

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Cannons eventually became so powerful that castles couldn't defend against them any more and the time of castles came to an end. At Blackness Castle near the Firth of Forth, you can still see the gunloops that cannons shot through. Using paper and other arts and crafts materials design your own castle.
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