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    Foolish Teen Lovers Get What They Deserved! Essay

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    In the early hours of this morning, Romeo and Juliet both killed themselves. I have to say if they never committed suicide, someone else would taken care of the job for them.

    These were two irresponsible individuals who had nothing but their own interests in mind; they were reckless, disobedient and untrustworthy.

    The Market Fracas

    Several days prior to Romeo and Juliet’s deaths, there was a fracas in the market place. The streets of Verona were once again flowing with an abundance of disarray.

    Even after the great Prince Escalus had issued a severe warning to those who disobeyed his wishes of keeping the peace on the streets of Verona.

    It was Romeo, who started the whole quarrel; he was the one who provoked Tybalt. That’s the only reason why Tybalt challenged Romeo to a duel.

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    Romeo refused to fight Tybalt buy not because he is a peaceful man or because he doesn’t want to interrupt the serenity in the market of Verona, but because he is a shameful, effeminate coward.

    It is pure fortune on Romeo’s part that Mercutio stood forward and replaced him in the duel by challenging Tybalt.

    It wasn’t enough that Romeo was such a coward that he backed down from Tybalt, but he then played his part in Mercutio’s death. Romeo tried to stop the fight but instead he blocked Mercutio’s eyesight and Tybalt seized his chance for victory and he wounded Mercutio with one foul swoop. Mercutio died within minutes of being injured by Tybalt.

    After realising his mistake Romeo challenged Tybalt to a duel, the only reason that he challenged Tybalt was because he didn’t want to look like a coward but it was too late for that.

    Tybalt accepted Romeo’s challenge of course, but he fell. Romeo slaughtered him with a passion, this reveals that Romeo is truly a ghastly and disgraceful human being.

    An onlooker at the scene of both murders informed us on the exact goings on in the market of Verona yesterday. They said: “it was outrageous, Romeo is reprehensible! I witnessed everything, I saw Tybalt wound Mercutio just after Romeo blocked Mercutio’s view. And then I observed while Romeo took pleasure in executing Tybalt.

    Romeo has a careless, culpable and outrageous character.”

    And also: “It was clear to see that Romeo just needed an excuse to kill Tybalt, he was in the way of his plan to have his way with Juliet.”

    Disobedient Teens!

    Romeo and Juliet were wrong not to listen to their parents. Instead they chose to listen to their foolish minds and Friar Laurence. But it didn’t pay off in the end because they were taking all the wrong steps and it was inevitable that it would all end in tragedy.

    Romeo and Juliet defied their parents authority and undermined them by accepting advise from Friar Laurence instead of them. This completely conflicts with today’s conventions, I think that Romeo and Juliet should have been hung, drawn and quartered some time before they committed suicide.

    The fact that they listened to Friar Laurence and took part in his plan shows just how foolish they actually were, there were numerous faults in Friar Laurence’s plan, who could actually predict that the letter would reach Romeo?

    Clandestine Love Affair

    Another of the various mistakes that Romeo and Juliet made was the manner in which they conducted their love affair.

    Firstly, they shouldn’t have been together because their families are feuding and they have been forbidden to make any kind of conduct with each other.

    Moreover, even after they were warned to keep their distance from each other, they were still together. They even undertook the ceremony of marriage surreptitiously and without their parent’s permission.

    This shows great foolishness and haste on the behalf of Romeo and Juliet.

    They were also very young, if the Capulet’s wanted to find Juliet a suitor they could have easily chosen the County Paris. But they had decided that she was too young to be married, they wanted Juliet become sixteen years of age before they even considered allowing her to be married.

    This illustrates Juliet’s character in a very accurate light; she is an impatient, disobedient and untrustworthy young lady.

    I think this foolish pair of young lovers

    I think this foolish pair of young lovers

    I think this foolish pair of young lovers

    I think this foolish pair of young lovers were wrong to disobey their parents and got what they deserved!

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