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    Folk music assignment Essay (904 words)

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    Introduction Different people have different opinions and views on what exactly folk music is. Sometimes people feel quite strongly as to whether something should or shouldn’t be labeled as folk music. In general view, there are many different types for the term “folk music” but we normally observe two of them. First one can be referred to as traditional music. It is normally very old and nobody really knows who the composer is but it’s a backchat it belongs to ordinary people within a culture. It is the sort of music which is sung by the people or groups, not the type of music recorded in a audio or performed on a stage.

    People usually learn this music from their ancestors or by singing them with others. These tones are passed down from generations to generations and are loved by all generations. These tones are often changed as they are passed down from generations to generations. This change can be referred to as “folk process”. Although, folk music is loved by many people, these days, people don’t sing folk music as much as they used to do it in the past but it is still singed by the people sometimes on occasions and special traditional events.

    The oldest and very commonly singed folk music is the “happy birthday song”, camp songs, labor songs, protest songs, and children songs. (Hayden, 2003) Hence, any music composed in the idiom of its oral tradition is called as “folk music”. Despite of all these facts, folk music has still a greater influence on a country culture. Eureka, 2013) The other type of folk music is that music, which is sung to sound like the previous sort. Nowadays, it is the most liked form of music.

    Outside of musicology, this type of “folk music” is more recently used to describe as a style of music that has evolved rapidly over the last century and it doesn’t mean “folk’ at all, means if you hear some critics and fans alike referring to an artist as “folk’ that doesn’t means that this artist is borrowing or singing a tone from any traditional source rather it means this term is given to those songs which are played as instrumental or the songs which are not typically made or recorded in studios and special environments like rock band or a pop band.

    It is the music by composers that sounds a bit like the old folk music or it could be the old look music itself which is written or played differently from before. It somehow dilutes the tradition of folk music. Whether or not it dilutes folk music tradition is a frequent debate among the critic and music lovers alike. (Ruler, 2014) Obviously it is quite clear, as times have changed; folk music has changed itself to reflect the time accordingly. New tones and sounds have been added to reflect the context in which the songs were originally made as well as to make it sound more “entertaining”.

    So, from all we gathered a definition of folk music which is: “Any style f music which represents a community and can be sung/played by people who may or may not actually be trained musicians, using the instruments available to them. ” (Ruler, 2014) BACKGROUND: the term folk music came from the England, where they took the German word “folk”, folk music assignment By Dismally who used to pass on the stories and legends through music and rhymes because they were to illiterate back then to publish books of their own.

    It was a symbol and expression of the life of those people and it helped historians a lot to describe the lives of these historical people. Nettle) This term has been used since 19th century, but the music is as old as the history itself like for hundreds, if not thousand of years. Folk music was relatively popular back then in old times. There were many traditional folk dances as well as traditional arrangements of folk music. These arrangements and dances were virtually indistinguishable from the dances and arrangements of common people.

    Through the ass’s and ass’s folk music continued to rise in popularity. Many stars helped to bring the genre to its peak by the late sass’s as an attempt to nor and reproduce the folk music of the past. This style became hugely popular until in the late ass’s; “folk rock” evolved and swept the world. This business of “folk rock” was quite popular at that time until in 1975, the folk music revival mostly dies out and almost became non existent but in sass’s the revival started becoming of lesser extent as compared to its previous one.

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