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World History Renaissance Vocab

Renaissance definition
Rebirth of literature culture art and humanities
Renaissance characteristics
architecture, individualism
Renaissance examples
da vinci, romeo and juliet
Renaissance non examples
dark ages, prehistory
Vernacular definition
common language understood by people of the area/region
vernacular charcteristics
understandable, spoken every day
vernacular examples
english, spanish
vernacular non examples
latin, creole
humanism definition
intellectual rebirth of beggining to think more of the here/now rather then the eternal afterlife and focusing on individual
humanism characteristics
focus on human potential rather than religion, enjoying what you have now
humanism examples
vacation, aethist
humanism non examples
religious practices, middle ages
humanities definition
the study of classical languages and classical literature
humanities characteristics
education and learning about history, gaining more knowledge
humanities examples
latin, greek
humanities non examples
study of medical and science, taylor swift
utopia definition
an imagined place or state of things which everything is perfect
utopia characteristics
everything is perfect, ideal
utopia examples
heaven, garden of eden
utopia non examples
hell, underworld
perspective definiton
a point of view
perspective characteristics
2d, 3d
perspective example
the last supper, creation of adam
perspective non example
flat, midevel paintings
secularism definition
lack of religious influence within society
secularism charcteristics
nonreligous, godless
secularism examples
atheist, unorthodox
secularism non examples
christian, jew
heliocentric definition
having or representing the sun as the center as in the accepted astronomical model of solar system
heliocentric characteristcs
belief that sun is in middle of solar system, belief of current solar system
heliocentric examples
current solar system, orbit of sun
helliocentric non examples
not believing the solar system looks the way it does

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World History Renaissance Vocab
Renaissance definition
Rebirth of literature culture art and humanities
Renaissance characteristics
architecture, individualism
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World History Renaissance Vocab
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