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World History Chapter 5

This family controlled the government of Florence from behind the scenes
Wrote the influential political book The Prince
The father of Italian Renaissance humanism
Christine de Pizan
Wrote ‘the book of the city of ladies’
A release from all or part of the punishment for sin
Martin Luther
Began the Protestant Reformation
The modern devotion
Downplayed religious dogma and stressed the need to follow the teachings of Jesus
Zwingli, Huldrych
Introduced Protestant reforms in Zürich
John Calvin
Published ‘the institutes of the Christian religion’
A special body for enforcing moral discipline
In 1528, Baldassare Castiglione wrote ‘the book of the courtier’ which described what?
It described the characteristics of a perfect Renaissance Noble
Parents in Renaissance Italy carefully arranged marriages often to do what?
To strengthen business or family ties
Chaucer’s ‘The Canturbury Tales’ is an important work because
Chaucer’s use of the English vernacular was important in making his dialect the chief ancestor of the modern English language
The ______ movement had a profound effect on education
The high Renaissance in Italy is associated with which three artists?
Lenardo da Vinci, Rafael, and Michelangelo
_____was the best known of all Christian humanists
Desiderius Erasmus
The publication of Martin Luther’s 95 theses did what?
Attacked the abuses and the sale of indulgences, beginning the Protestant Reformation.
Calvin agreed with Luther on most important doctrines except which one?
Both the Catholics and the Protestants considered the__ to be dangerous radicals.
The final decrees of the Council of Trent did what?
They reaffirm traditional Catholic teachings in opposition to protestant beliefs.
Describe the Renaissance style of painting and it’s two major developments.
It was realistic and many were of human beings.
Francesco Sforza
Conquered Milan after the death of the last Visconti ruler.
Girolamo Savonarola
Took control of Florence from The Medici family
Based on the study of the literary works of Greece and Rome
His masterpiece in the Italian vernacular was ‘The Divine Comedy’
Christian humanism
Major goal was the reform of the Catholic Church
Erasmus, Desiderius
Best-known of all the Christian humanists
Edict of Worms
Made Martin Luther an outlaw in the Holy Roman Empire
Belief that God had determined in advance he would be saved and who would be damned
Henry VIII
Established the church of England in 1534
Regarded as dangerous radicals by the Protestants and Catholics
The war between France and Spain for the control of Italy ended when the
Spanish mercenaries were let loose to sack the city of Rome
Lenardo de Vinci was an excellent example of Renaissance Italy’s social ideal because he
Was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and mathematician.
Christine de Pizan
Was best known for her works written in defense of women
The frescoes painted by__have long been regarded as the first masterpieces of EARLY Renaissance art
Christian humanists believed that
If people read the classics, and especially the basic works of Christianity, they would become more pious
____ was the first protestant faith
The peace of Augsburg formally
Accepted the division of Christianity in Germany.
Part of Calvin’s reformation of the city of Geneva included
The formation of the consistory
Despite their importance in developing a new view of the family, Protestants
Did nothing to change women’s subordinate role in society.
___ founded the Society of Jesus also known as the Jesuits
Ignatius of Loyola
Describe the political philosophy set forth in Machiavelli’s ‘the Prince’
Do what is in the best interest of the greater part of your country even if a few people get hurt in the process
King Henry VIII
Dissolved Catholic monastery, had Thomas Moore beheaded, had his marriage to Catherine ruled “Null and void “, but did not conquer lands in France.
John Calvin believed in
Believed in the “eternal decree” of the all powerful God
The Anabaptist believed that
Church and state should be separate
Because Calvinists believe they were doing gods work they
Were determined to spread their faith to other people
The damned
The reprobate
Calvins consistory
Punished the people who misbehaved, oversaw Genevans’ moral life and doctrinal purity and operated as a court. However, they did not maintain close ties with the German princes.
The Council of Trent
Meetings that reaffirm Catholic teachings

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World History Chapter 5
This family controlled the government of Florence from behind the scenes
Wrote the influential political book The Prince
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World History Chapter 5
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