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Social studies Renaissance

What does the word Renaissance mean?
French Word meaning Re-Birth
What time period was the Renaissance during? (Centuries and years)
14th-17th centuries or 1350-1600
Briefly describe the Renaissance
Period or cultural revival in Europe from 1300’s through 1600
What is Humanism?
A cultural movement of the Renaissance based on the study of classical works.
Everyday spoken word
Belief in importance of individual vs. larger community
Someone who gives money or other support to people or group
Lowest class or poor during Renaissance
Related to commerce or trade
View that religion does not have to be the center of your life
Study of religion
What was reborn during the Renaissance?
Art, Culture, ideas, music, dance
Why was Florence, Italy the center of the Renaissance?
Known for its trading routes, wealthy families and banking.
Who were the Medici family?
Powerful and wealthy banking family in Florence who supported the artists with their money.
What was the way in which Renaissance thinking changed from Medieval thinking?
Medieval – focused on faith and spirituality. Renaissance – focused on classical Greek/Roman works and less on religion.
What were some new art techniques artists during the Renaissance used?
Realism, 3d perspective and proportion
What does the term: Renaissance Man mean and who was considered to be the Renaissance Man?
Renaissance Man – people who have many different talents. Da Vinci was known as Renaissance Man
Explain how art changed during the Renaissance?
People changed from religion to worrying about the world and themselves. Focused a lot on Greek and Roman mythology and focused a lot on human form in paintings.
What time period occured directly before the Renaissance began?
Dark Ages, Black Plague,/Black Death
List and explain 5 inventions during the Renaissance and how they changed daily life?
Printing Press- allows people to print book for first time.
Eyeglasses- for people to read
Telecope and microscope
new maps
flushing toilets
Who was Da Vinci
Artist , sculptor, inventor, scientist, writer ..etc
Painted Last Supper and Mona Lisa
Who was Michelangelo
painter, sculptor, architect,
Painted Sistine Chapel and David statue
Who was Raphael?
Painter, sculptor and architect
Painted the School of Athens
Who was Donatello?
Painter and sculptor
Sculpted different versions of David
Who was Copernicus?
astronomer famous for heliocentric theory where planets move around the sun.
Who was Galileo?
telecscope, experiments …testing laws of nature
Who was Gutenberg?
invented the printing press, allowing books to be printed and read by mass people.
Who was Brunelleschi?
architect of famous dome in Florence.
Who was Shakespeare?
famous playwright of Renaissance. Wrote 37 plays.
List and explain what the FOOD was like during the Renaissance?
Wealthy vs. Peasants?
Peasants-soup, mush, bread, fruits and vegetables.
Wealthy-huge feasts with lots of dishes, meats, desserts, wine and beer.
Briefly describe the MUSIC during the Renaissance?
Used for entertainment, had choirs, insrumental and madrigals.
Madrigals-group of people singing.
What were the two types of dance during the Renaissance?
Country and Court
Briefly describe how people dressed during the Renaissance? (Men vs. Women)
MEN- colorful tights and stockings…..usually wore hats and doublets.
Women- long dresses, puffy sleeves and shirts. Wealthy women wore lots of jewelry and embroidery.
What was the architecture like during the Renaissance?
(shaes used during the Renaissance to build?) modeled building after Greek and Roman buildings. Columns, arches, domes and mathematical proportions were all used in buildings.
What were some famous buildings that were created during the Renaissance?
Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Cathedral.
How did Science and Religion clash during the Renaissance?
What did they disagree about?
Clashed over the theory that sun was center of universe vs. Earth being the center.
Changed people’s perceptions about the world and challenged church’s view and teachings.
List some of the famous artwork from the Renaissance (3-4)
Mona Lisa, Last Supper, David, School of Athens, Sistine Chapel.
How does the Renaissance transform Europe and the rest of the world? Changes people’s culture?
Creates new way of thinking. People begin to trust themselves vs. the Pope and the church. They take risks with painting, music, dance and culture. New ideas being to transform Europe and Scientific discoveries change the world.

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Social studies Renaissance
What does the word Renaissance mean?
French Word meaning Re-Birth
What time period was the Renaissance during? (Centuries and years)
14th-17th centuries or 1350-1600
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Social studies Renaissance
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