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Black Death & The Renaissance

Where did the Black Death Originate? (One Answer)
The Gobi Desert
How was the disease Transmitted?
The Disease was carried by rats > Fleas bite the rats > disease grows in their blood > they bite a human > regurgitate blood into human > Human gets sick (AND THEN THEY DIE)
Why did the disease spread so quickly? Explain its path through Europe.
The disease spread quickly because as ships would go to countries- people would catch the disease from one another. Trade also participated in this, as people traded the disease spread.
Compare three forms of the disease, explain two of the symptoms and the mortality rate.
There is the Bubonic Plague, Septicemic plague and the Pneumonic Plague. The Bubonic plague basically caused Buboes, or painful lymph nodes to form on the skin. The mortality ate is 30-75%. Septicemic Plague is when the blood is poisoned, the mortality rate is 100% there is no cure even today. The Pneumonic Plague is when the respiratory system is attacked, the mortality rates is 90-95%
What were some of the pre-existing conditions that added to the spreading of the disease (6 possible Answers)
– China Civil Wars 1205-1353
– Famine
-Mini Ice Age
-Pestilence, maybe anthrax attacked the animals
-Unemployed People
-Typhoid epidemic
What were some attempts of stopping the plague?
– Sitting in between fires (Pope Clement VI)
-Aromatic Oils
-Sounding church bells and cannons
-Wealthy fled to rural areas
-Isolating ships
What were the best methods of prevention and stopping of the plague?
-Escaping to countryside
-sitting in between fires
-Isolating ships from land
What were flagellants and why did they go around doing what they did?
– Flaggelants were people who went around inflicting self pain because they believed that the plague was a punishment. So by hurting themselves they were relieving themselves of whatever sin had caused the plague.
List some reasons people thought was the cause of the plague
People said that their sins were a cause of the plague, and that the plague was a punishment. People also blamed the Jews for the plague because the Jews were the ones who killed Jesus, so they would burn them.
Create a list of five economic consequences that developed as a result of the plague (6 possibilities)
– There weren’t as many laborors so the wages for artisans and peasants rose
– There were too many goods so the prices lowered
– The oppressed demanded fairer treatment
– Artistic skill began to fade
– Surfs stopped being freed so people ended up revolting
-For the living standard of living rose
Create a list of five religious consequences caused by the plague (5 possibilities)
-Church lost its leadership spiritual authority and prestige.
-Revolt against the church
-Jews were killed
-Shortage of clergy – people who healed the sick
– Massacres and burnings
What was art like during the time of the Plague?
During the time of the plague art was depressing and focussed around the disease. Art was also focussed on religion and targeted Jesus because people believed that that church could save them. People also drew corpses on coffins.
Create a list of five factors that contributed to the Renaissance
-Trade started up again and cities grew wealthy
-People became more artistic and open minded
-New bankers and merchants supported the growth with their money
– People were more independent of their religion and started drawing things based on their individual opinion
-It was a time when people recovered and grew after the disaster
Explain why the Renaissance is a “rebirth” of knowledge
The Renaissance was a rebirth of knowledge because it was when people became artistic and intellectually educated, it was the start of the modern times
Where did the Renaissance begin?
Explain/create a time line showing how long the Renaissance lasted. (Just say the dates and what happened in each one)
The Renaissance started in the 14th century during the 1300s and then ended in the 17th century during the 1600s
Explain how the Crusades are the origins of the Renaissance
The Crusades are the origin of the Renaissance because they wanted to trade and explore the world. They made the demands for goods in the Middle Eastern regions and they stimulated trade of goods there. They also encouraged the idea of credit and banking
Explain how art during the Renaissance differed from art during the dark ages
During the dark ages art was very limited, not in the actual artistic way- but in the thoughtful way. People based art around their religion and the church. During the Renaissance art became brighter and more thoughtful.
Create a list of themes Machiavelli created in his book “the prince”
Better for a ruler to be feared than to be loved
Ruler should be quick and decisive in decision making
Ruler keeps power by any means necessary
The end justifies the means
Be good when possible, and evil when necessary
Explain why Italy was not a single country during the Renaissance.
Italy failed to become independent during the Dark Ages

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Black Death & The Renaissance
Where did the Black Death Originate? (One Answer)
The Gobi Desert
How was the disease Transmitted?
The Disease was carried by rats > Fleas bite the rats > disease grows
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Black Death & The Renaissance
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