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American History Questions: Unit 1

In the years before the renaissance, interest in learning was chiefly found among the common people.
Prior to the renaissance, what language were books written in?
The renaissance began in what country?
The printing press
What was the most important invention during the renaissance?
Wealth and mercenaries
New political structures grew as Kings relied less on the nobility and more on what?
Commercial centers grew wealthy because of what?
Mercantilism would favor a balance of imports over exports.
Martin Luther
In 1517, what former monk wrote 95 theses and broke away from the Catholic Church?
It’s clergy were well-educated
What was not a complaint about the Catholic Church?
Spiritual Life
The clergy took care of the serfs what?
Managed the manor
The nobles did what?
The crusades
What religious war was the result of the determination of the European Christians to recover the Holy Land from the Muslim?
The muslim religion originated where?
The muslims conquered North Africa then moved on to what European Country?
During the medieval period, what church was accepted as the main church of western Europe?
Because the crusades opened travel to the Near east and brought back new goods, trade to western europe grew.
The revival of trade developed a new class of society made up of merchants and artisans called the bourgeoisie.
Any of the puritans who broke away from the church of England during the reign of James I
A person who leaves his own country or region to settle in another.
A person who wanted simpler forms of worship and stricter morals.
The study of God and his relations with man and the universe.
The action of God in deciding beforehand what will happen
Luther’s purpose for posting his 95 theses was to debate the church’s position on tithing.
Elizabeth I
The church of England became the official church of the nation under whose reign?
The puritans were so called because they wanted to separate from the church of England.
In order to finance their trip to the New World, the Pilgrims had to form a joint-stock company.
Mayflower Compact
In their first attempt at self-government before landing in the New World, the pilgrims drew up a series of laws that became know as the…
Samoset and Squanto
Who were two friends of the Pilgrims?
The pilgrims were fortunate in that their first winter was mild and not many people died.
The acts of piracy by the “sea dogs’ provided what country with the money to finance the exploration and colonization of America?
Richard Hakluyt
The idea of colonization caught on in England because of the arguments of…
Joint-stock company
A collaboration by the king, gentry, nobles and merchants to help English colonies was known as what?
John Cabot
Discovered America for England
Philip II
Ordered the Spanish Armada
Francis Drake
Escaped the Spanish by sailing
Richard Hakluyt
Encouraged English colonization
Sir Walter Raleigh
Founded Roanoke Island colony
Virginia Dare
Fist while women born in America
Hunted for gold and silver and Searched for Northwest passage to the orient
The colony of Jamestown nearly failed because the colonists…
John Rolfe
The man responsible for developing the colony’s first crash crop
1. Representative government came to America.
2. The first slaves were brought to America.
3. The London Company sent women to America.
What were the three outstanding events in 1619 that had a great influence on the colonies
Indentured servant
A person who agreed to work for a period of four to seven years in exchange for passage to the New World was known as an
House of Burgesses
What was the first representative government in the New World?
Religious freedom was not practiced among the puritans, and dissenters were banished from the colony.
John Winthrop
Who was the head of the Massachusetts Bay Company and governor of the colony?
Massachusetts Bay Colony was free from royal supervision.
There was a separation of church and state in the Massachusetts colony.
Rhode Island
Separatists left Massachusetts to obtain religious and political freedom in what colony?
Jews, Quakers, Separatists
What groups came to Rhode Island because of discrimination in England?
Connecticut or Massachusetts Bay
Maine and New Hampshire were both claimed as part of what colony?
Church membership was not a requirement for the right to vote in Connecticut.
Ferdinando Gorges and John Mason
What two men started settlements in Maine and New Hampshire?
Connecticut or Massachusetts Bay
Maine and New Hampshire were both claimed as part of what colony?
Mayflower Compact
First attempt at self-government
Governor Winthrop
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Roger Williams
Founded Rhode Island
Thomas Hooker
Founded Connecticut
Governor Edmund Andros
Dominion of New England
Thomas Hooker
Puritan minister who established Connecticut
John Mason
General who founded New Hampshire
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
First written constitution in America.
Colony that did not require church membership as a right to vote
Roger Williams
Purchased tract of land from the Indians to establish Rhode Island.
Discrimination against in Europe this group established a commercial center at Newport.
Separatists John Clark and Anne Hutchinson founded this settlement.
Religious freedom
Predominant reason for establishing Rhode Island
John Winthrop
Head of the Massachusetts Bay Company and governor of the colony
Religious refuge
Predominant reason for establishing the Massachusetts Bay Company
In the early years of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, this group had the greatest influence in the colony
Town meetings
Contribution of the Massachusetts Colony to colonial government.

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American History Questions: Unit 1
TRUE/FALSE In the years before the renaissance, interest in learning was chiefly found among the common people.
Prior to the renaissance, what language were
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American History Questions: Unit 1
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