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Poetry Terms and Poems

Blank Verse
Does not rhyme but consists of iambic pentameter. USed by Shakespeare often
Two successive lines of poetry, usually of equal length and similar meter, with end-words that rhyme
Poet’s choice of words
End rhyme
The rhyming of words at the end of lines
Exact rhyme
The repetition of words that end with the same vowel and consonant sounds
Free verse
HAs no set meter or rhyme scheme. Walt Whitman- “Father of Free Verse” First poet to use this style
Internal rhyme
The rhyming of words within of a line
The rhythmical pattern in a line of poetry that results from the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables. The stress goes on the syllable that is accented in natural speech
The overall atmosphere of a poem
A stanza of four lines
The repetition of identical or similar sounds in stressed syllables
Rhyme scheme
A pattern of end rhymes
The pattern created by the stressed and unstressed syllables of words in sequence
Slant rhyme
The repetition of words that end with similar sounds but do not rhyme perfectly
The voice of the poem
Groupings of lines in a poem
The poem’s central insight about humanity, life (death, fate, aging, etc)
The author’s attitude toward both the subject and the reader. When reading or listening to a poem, you can “hear” the tone in the writer’s choice of words and details
Descriptive language that appeals to a reader’s senses and enables the poet to “paint a picture” and bring life to his/her poem
A comparison of two unlike things that does not use the words like, as, etc,
A statement, an idea, or a situation that seems contradictory but actually expressed a truth
Language that attributes human qualities to nonhuman things
A comparison of two unlike things that uses connecting words such as like, as
The repetition of the initial consonant sounds of words
The repetition of vowel sound within nearby words
The repetition of consonant sounds within nearby words in which the separating vowels differ (love, live)
The use of a words whose sound imitates its meaning
A songlike narrative about an adventure or romance
Dramatic poem
The poet tells a story using a character’s own thoughts or statements
A long narrative, typically about gods/goddesses or heroes
A Japanese poetic form that uses imagery to convey a single vivid emotion. Three unrhymed lines of 5,7,5 syllables
A brief poem in which the author expressed the feelings of a single speaker, creating a single effect on the reader. A lyric possess musical qualities achieved through rhyme and rhythm
A 14-line lyric poem with formal patterns of rhyme, rhythm, and line structure
Pat Maura
Author of “Uncoiling” and “A Voice”
Edgar Allen Poe
Author of “The Raven
“The Raven”
Narrative poem. Discusses a raven that enters poe’s room. Showcases alliteration, assonance, and internal rhyme
Talks about the beauty of a tornado (awestruck)
Mood of “Uncoiling”
Tone of “Uncoiling”
“A Voice”
Daughter talking about her mom chickening out of talking in front of the house of representatives (freezes up and fakes hoarse voice). Mother taught daughter to use her voice. Her parent’s did not understand her need to speech English. Repetition
Inspired, courage, thoughtful, reflective
Mood of “A Voice”
Theme of “A Voice”
Break comfort zones, find your voice, acceptance
Tone of “A Voice”
William Wordsworth
Author of “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”
“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”
Walks and sees daffodils (personification used). When author is alone he thinks of daffodils and it comforts him
Author of “Seven Ages of Man”
“Seven Ages of Man”
Excerpt of “As you like it”.
Infant- whining
School Boy- snail to school
Lover- late teens
Soldier- prime of life, enjoying life
Justice- doing well in life
Pantaloons- still wants to be heard, foolish
Old Man- elderly, near death
Amused and detached
Mood of “Seven Ages of Man”
Robert Frost
Author of “Fire and Ice”
“Fire and Ice”
We can destroy with either fire or ice.
Fire- passion, desire
Ice- Hatred
Theme of “Fire and Ice”
Too much of one thing is not good
William Strafford
Author of “Fifteen”
Narrative poem about a boy who finds a motorcycle and imagines riding it. Carefree light mood, thinking of possibility and what life would be like. He realizes reality and finds and helps owner. “I’m only 15 my time will come”
Walt Whitman
Author of “I Hear America Singing”
“I Hear America Singing”
Lyric poem with free verse, parallelism, repetition. Discusses women equally. Talks about how great America is and how each worker does own thing
Theme of “I Hear America Singing”
Everyone has a song and does there own thing. Celebrates workers
Mood of “I Hear America Singing”
Alice Walker
Author of “Women”
Lyric poem that uses alliteration, metaphors, and consonance. Talks about segregation and praises women who fought to make things equal for children (education things they didn’t have themselves”
Richard Wilbur
Author of “The Writer”
“The Writer”
Narrative. Father is outside daughter’s room as she is writing. Has two metaphors (life and a ships voyage- setting off in life) and (daughter and stealing- has to find own way out into the world even though she will struggle)
Langston Hughes
Author of “Dreams” and “Dream Deferred”
Two quatrains. 2 metaphors of life without dreams:
life is a broken winged bird- sad, looses point in life
life is a barren field- could be more, pointless
“Dream Deferred”
Uses vivid, descriptive diction, string of similes. Dreams are being delayed, only so much before you loose it, you can only take so much before you stop dreaming

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Poetry Terms and Poems
Blank Verse
Does not rhyme but consists of iambic pentameter. USed by Shakespeare often
Two successive lines of poetry, usually of equal length and similar meter
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Poetry Terms and Poems
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