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POEMS (author, summary)

The Lake Isle of Innisfree
-William Butler Yeats
-a guy wants to live alone on an island because he hates the city
Those Winter Sundays
-Robert Hayden
-a son remembers his abusive but hardworking father
-Alfred Lord Tennyson
-Ulysses/Odysseus returns to his kingdom but wants to travel again
Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers
-Adrienne Rich
-the author’s aunt made beautiful tapestries with tigers but also probably lived an unfulfilled life due to an unhappy marriage, but at least the tigers prance happily and will continue to even after she’s dead
Ask Me
-William Stafford
-the author is telling someone to ask him about his life when the time is right and things become still like a river freezing over, but even then he won’t give a clear answer because by then the answer will be made clear by the stillness
Richard Cory
-Edwin Arlington Robinson
-There was a man that every common person in town looked to in admiration, he had everything anyone could ever ask for, glittered when he walked, and didn’t have to worry about the hard work and menial life the common people had to deal with. He had it all. Then, on a day like any other, he killed himself.
Out, Out-
-Robert Frost
-a boy was working on a saw and before supper it chopped off his hand and the doctors tried to save him but he bled out and died and everyone else carried on with their lives because they were not dead
My Last Duchess
-Robert Browning
-a man killed his wife and has a painting of her on his wall that he keeps for his exclusive viewing and is showing it to some unknown onlooker and talking about how much of a flirt she was
My Papa’s Waltz
-Theodore Roethke
-a small boy clings to his drunken father as they crazily waltz around the kitchen, knocking over pans and upsetting the other in the process. The poem implies that the boy is scared and that the father was a playful, yet violent drunk
For a Lady I Know
-Countee Cullen
-the speaker describes a racist, white upper-class woman who is satisfied with the status quo and believes that even in heaven the white aristocracy is relaxing while the black “cherubs”(winged angelic beings) are still slaves/servants that do the work for them
Luke Havergal
-Edwin Arlington Robinson
-the speaker is a dead person (or perhaps Luke’s own schizophrenic imagination) and tells Luke to go to the western gate, which represents death, where he will find “her”, some woman that he lives but has died.
White Lies
-Natasha Trethewey
-the story of an african american girl that looks white, trying to get away with it in society but being reprimanded be her mother for doing so
The Unknown Citizen
-W.H. Auden
-a humorous, satirical poem talking about how a common man is just a mere statistic to the government, someone who is not taken seriously by his State (with a capital S). The man is one who simply drift along in the crowd and seems to be doing well, and the poem questions if he is actually happy.
Rite of Passage
-Sharon Olds
-the story of a young boy’s birthday party told from the perspective of his mother, wherein she is shocked by how old and corrupted of innocence her young buoyant his friends already really are.
The Measures Taken
-Erich Fried
-an ironical poem about how the world’s problems can be solved and it can be improved be merely slaughtering the “weak” of the world-the lazy, ugly, old, sick, sad,
Lonely Hearts
-Wendy Cope
-dating ads made people looking for love
-it’s a villanelle
Carnation Milk
-low diction poem about drinking carnation milk
English con Salsa
-Gina Valdes
-poem with a lot of Spanish words in it
-Lewis Carroll
-poem with a bunch of nonsensical words
-father tells son to beware of the jabberwocky, son takes sword to look for the creatures and kills the jabb. then they celebrate
-a tale
Down, Wanton, Down!
-Robert Graves
-man compares his penis to a relentless soldier
Dog Haiku
-a set of 3 haikus told from a dog’s perspective with medium level of diction
Upon Julia’s Clothes
-Robert Herrick
-describes Julia’s clothes using high level diction
-brave=good, beautiful
-Kay Ryan
-has short lines of 4 words or less and is about making Eart less grand, more bland
Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock
-Wallace Stevens
-boring town where people don’t wear colors to bed, everyone’s dreams are boring except for the drunk sailor who dreams of catching tigers in red weather
Fire and Ice
-Robert Frost
-the end of the world is coming in either fire, which represents desire, or ice, which represents hate
Tears, Idle Tears
-Alred, Lord Tennyson
-an old man cries when he looks at happy autumn fields, he’s sad and nostalgic about growing old and (possibly) a dead lover
In a Station of the Metro
Ezra Pound
-a lot of people getting off a train in an underground train station
-apparition:ghostlike image of a person
The Piercing Chill I feel
Taniguchi Buson
-He steps on his dead wife’s comb making his foot as well as his heart hurt
Broken Bowl
Penny Harter
-broken but still moving
Not Waving but drowning
Stevie Smith
-I lay here drowning but no one comes to help
the winter evening settles down
T.S. Eliot
-the night lamps just lighted in a run down town where it is 6:00 and raining
Pied Beauty
Gerard Manley Hopkins
-an appreciation not of God’s perfect creation, but the multi-colored, speckled imperfect things in the world
Visitor’s Room
Lee Gurga
-everything in the asylum is bolted down
On the one-ton temple bell
Taniguchi Buson
-a moonmoth sleeping on a one-ton temple bell
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
-compares a woman to many things that resemble summer. uses a lot of metaphors
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?
Howard Moss
-difference between the two summer’s day poems is that this one has new-age english incorporated instead of old english. such as referring a hot day as a dog day
to see a world in a grain of salt
william blake
-short 4 line poem
-uses a metaphor in each of the 4 lines. name of the poem is also the first line
sylvia plath
-it’s a riddle and about pregnancy and each line is a metaphor to baring a child
the heart
Jill Alexander Essbaum
-3 lines. page 110
you fit into me
Margaret Atwood
-compares a couple’s love to a painful experience, but still fitting perfectly
Carl Sandburg
-compares the fog to a cat looking over a city
A R Ammons
-bravery runs in my family
-pun and a paradox
Kay Ryan
-compares a turtle to many things that are hindered by movement
We Real cool
Gwendolyn Brooks
-live fast die young
Break, Break, break
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
-the sea: sailors, fisherman, sadness
Dorothy Parker
-suicide is too unpleasant, so I might as well live
When I was one and twenty
A. E. Houseman
-Ignored love advice at age 21, learned his lesson at 22
William Carlos Williams
-keep out of other people’s business, we can’t control our “nose”
Beat! Beat! Drums!
Walt Whitman
-war is very impactful on a whole community
Song of the Powers
David Mason
-rock paper scissors is a metaphor for life, all end up alone
Dream Boogie
Langston Hughes
-keep on persevering even if your dreams are interrupted
Epigram Engraved on the Collar of a Dog Which I gave to His Royal Highness
Alexander Pope
-I Am the prince’s dog, whose dog are you?
Of Treason
Sir John Harringon
-history is written by the victor
Epitaph on a dentist
-message on dentist’s tombstone saying he’s filling his last gravity (grave)
Hilaire Belloc
-I’m tired of love and poems, but I will never be tired of money
Variation on Belloc’s “Fatigue”
Wendy Cope
-I’m never tired of love and poems, which is why I’m poor

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POEMS (author, summary)
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
-William Butler Yeats -a guy wants to live alone on an island because he hates the city
Those Winter Sundays
-Robert Hayden -a son remembers h
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POEMS (author, summary)
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