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Poem Meaning

Miniver Cheevy
Reflection that goes back to medieval times. The character doesn’t live up to his name and is depressed because of this. He becomes a drunkard. He wants to escape into another time and how reality has lots of problems and if he had money he’d be happy. Ironic cause no matter what he’ll be unhappy.
Richard Cory
Man named Richard Cory was rich and everybody wanted to be him but he wanted to be everybody because he was friendless and didn’t have company. He commits suicide due to his loneliness.
Luke Havergal
Desperately bereaved man who seems to be communicating with a dead lover and being tempted into suicide.
Disillusionment of Ten O’ Clock
Nonsense poem
Boring people have boring dreams but drunk old sailors or people who do stuff have interesting dreams
Anecdote of the Jar
Jar on a hill, wilderness around it grows and changes while it stays the same. Jar represents cities while wilderness is nature
Pear Tree
Multiple meanings could mean sex or just interaction with wind
Grass is a metaphor, it covers the dead bodies after war. Signifies how deaths from war are more insignificant than they should
Extended metaphor, Chicago has many bad things but in the end it is still a beloved city
The Locust Tree in Flower
Summer, fall, winter, spring
This is Just to Say
Just a poem about images
The Red Wheelbarrow
What the poet defines as a good poem. Poems that are irregular and complex are not good. Poems that are simple and straightforward are.
Since feeling is first
Emotions come before thought process
old age sticks
Warning to children not to try to grow quickly. Ironic cause everybody just grows old.
anyone lived in a pretty how town
Anyone and no one represent people who made the most of life and enjoyed it happily while everybody else just lived to work and lived long but uneventful lives
Mending Wall
About a neighbor who doesn’t think a wall is good but his neighbor does. Theme don’t put up unnecessary walls
After Apple-Picking
Man does not like his job of picking apples but does it anyways. He was overwhelmed and complaining about it. Theme: unrestrained ambition can lead to failure
“Out, Out-“
normal family, family member suddenly died after his hand gets cut off, and life goes on. Theme: life is full of unexpected things
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Man stops in the woods deep in the night of winter solstice with his horse and he knows he has to complete his duties but he enjoys nature and silence. Could foreshadow death.
Fire and Ice
Different opinions of the end of the world
Acquainted with the Night
Represents stages of grief
Any Human to Another
Sorrow is universal and everybody experiences it
The Tropics in New York
Speaker longs for his homeland, feels alienated
Nothing Gold Can Stay
When plants are buds, nature is at its best. Good things are temporary
The Negro Speaks of Rivers (HR)
Narrator speaks about his roots and how they are as deep as the river. He also outlines his ancestry and shows how deeply embedded it is in him.
The Weary Blues (HR)
depicts weariness of an African American performer who finds dissatisfaction in life and faces racial discrimination in American society. (He plays in a dull parlor rather than theatre)
A Black Man Talks of Reaping (HR)
a man who has a bitter response towards the miniscule rewards he receives for his work. Poem can be equivalent to sharecropping or slavery.
Storm Ending (HR)
An observer that finds the storm beautiful and describes it in full detail.
Gold Glade
An exploration of the woods by a young child.
Once More, the Round
Self-realization. Events that go on are all coincided with each other. Poem, when initially read, is nonsense though.
The Waking(villanelle)
revelation of the author that waking is like the beginning of life but in the end, sleep is always death. This poem is not depressing but rather confirming.
The Rain Guitar
two men who served in air force: one brings out a guitar and one is fishing. Both possibly have PTSD. They are reminded of war by rain, even though rain is cleansing.
describes the life of a mirror in a mirror’s perspective. The first scenario is that the mirror faces a pink speckled wall and becomes very familiar with it. It shifts to a scenario with a women looking at her reflection in the water where she reaches the depressing conclusion that she only grows old and cannot return to the past
Be Beautiful, Noble, Like the Antique Ant
Stepping stones to overcome life using the supposed life of an ant as a model.
The Wood Pile
The speaker is walking through a frozen swamp. He considers going back but decides to continue. A small bird flies ahead of him, interacting with him cautiously. Then the speaker happens upon a decayed woodpile, for which he forgets the bird. He wonders who made the pile and why that person left it there to rot.
Hunger in New York City
about city life being dehumanizing when separate from mother nature. Describes city life as hungry and ravenous and the speaker desires mother nature’s comfort
The Victims
a personal poem that reflects on the divorce between the speaker’s parents and expresses hatred towards the father specifically. Her hatred is so strong, it shows unresolved problems and everlasting turmoil in the speaker’s life.

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Poem Meaning
Miniver Cheevy
Reflection that goes back to medieval times. The character doesn't live up to his name and is depressed because of this. He becomes a drunkard. He wants to escape into another time and how reality has lots of problems and if he had money he'd be happy. Ironic cause no matter what he'll be unhappy.
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Poem Meaning
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