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    Expectations About Class: How I Can Improve Myself Through Learning

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    As many people say, “Communication is key.” Over time, people created various forms of communication emails, text messages, and even video calls to share unique perspectives, meaningful stories, and intricate ideas. Among the abundance, writing is one of communication’s most common forms, and it is this form that this course will concentrate on. As this course puts skills rather than knowledge to the test, I set my hopes into bringing out my creativity, learning time efficiency and time management, and knowing that critiques are essential to excellent writing. Obtaining these skills can help my ability to incorporate excellence in what I take on. Moreover, I can ensure success in the path I walk.

    Creativity is one of the many skills I wish to augment for the reason that it will help me improve in two ways: creating the desire for continuous improvement and expressing my viewpoints in ways that I am not accustomed to. Writing, in my opinion, is a form of art, and to enhance my creativity in writing requires my constant search for ways of improving as art always has room for betterment. Another end-product of creativity is the ability to express my scope of understanding in ways I never did. Doing this helps me grab other angles about a specific theme into consideration and lessen my belief in limitations. As a result, I can foster diversity in my stances and adopt new ones while reducing my belief in limitations.

    It is a known fact that every person does not have limitless time in their hands. As a college student, it is important for me to work on my college career and extracurricular activities while spending time with my loved ones. These being said, time efficiency and management are qualities I need to grasp, and I have confidence that this course can help me with that by breaking down my writing process. Breaking down my writing process can help me prioritize, in a better fashion, what I need to finish. Furthermore, learning how to invest my time wisely will lead me to no wasted time. These skills can guarantee that I am on top of my workload and help seal my success in the times to come.

    How do critiques improve someone’s writing skills? Well, critiques do not point out the flaws in bodies of sentences. Rather, they give writers advice on approaching their mistakes to develop the purpose of their work. In today’s time, the job of critiques can be seen playing its role in many places. As I go with the flow of life, I know that I will constantly commit mistakes. In the same fashion as writing relies on critique, I will constantly be asking for advice from those who surround me: peers, family, or those who work in the same industry as me. Doing that can always help me stay on track and guarantee everything I do helps me reach my goals and aspirations in life.

    How can the writing process help an individual with life? After writing four paragraphs, I came up with an answer. The writing process helps us with life by being so applicable to life. In many ways, I caught sight of how the writing process provides us with solutions to our problems. By breaking things down and accomplishing them individually, we learn how to step back and plan our actions so we can achieve our goals. By managing our time, we can vouch for the wellness of our work ethic and the good investments of time, bringing us closer to our successes.

    By taking critiques into consideration, we can improve on our mistakes so we can choose better choices in life. Different events are thrown at us every day, and it is up to us to deal with them. With time management, creativity, and the seek of advice I learned from this course, I can assure that I will ceaselessly survive, and even thrive, in the different fields of life.

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