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    Evaluation Of A Good Parenting Style Essay

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    Also, being raised with this parenting style, most children have positive social skills, excel in school, and have a good psychosocial wellbeing (CITE BOOK/POWERPOINT??). This is a good parenting style, in my opinion, because while it teaches children discipline, it also shows the child the difference between wrong and right, and why there is a difference. It also shows children how to love, due to the emotional warmth given to them by their parents. When the Andersen’s make the move from Minnesota, Riley is shown to be under a lot of stress because of the initial move, her father working long hours, her parents having small arguments, and the fact that the moving truck was suppose to come when they arrived, but had not shown up yet. Pixar shows both mom and dad being under tremendous stress, which then leads to Riley being under stress too.

    According to an interview with David Code, done by the Huffington Post, he states “Stress is toxic to kids.” If a mother carrying a child is too stressed, like drugs and alcohol, the stress hormones that mother releases can cause damage to a developing fetus’ brain. Also, scientific studies say that even normal everyday stress that mother encounters can cause behavioral problems later on in a child’s life. (HUFPOST/DAVIDCODE). The brain is noted to be very sensitive to stress. There is a correlation between stress and brain development, which leads to interferences with child development and behavioral problems.

    These interferences can lead to later problems in a child like unsocial behaviors, ADHD, sleep problems, drug abuse, and anxiety problems (Lupien, S.J., McEwen, B.S., Gunnar, M.R.

    , & Heim, C. 2009). So if a fetus can feel stress, an eleven year old will most definitely be able to se. .se problems later on in life. It’s a crazy and scary thing that even the everyday stress a future mother encounters can cause stress on the baby.

    Reading about the affects of having siblings was also very interesting to me. Having three siblings of my own, I could relate to a lot of things I read. I learn from my older siblings everyday and look up to them so much. It’s amazing to read about things like this, but even cooler when you actually put them into perspective and relate them to your own life. Another thing that was interesting to me were the different types of parenting styles and how they affect children. Its very interesting that depending on how a parent raises a kid predicts how a child will do in school and socially.

    Child development and family dynamics are both very interesting topics that I really love learning and figuring out how they correlate.

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