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Why College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

For some people, sports games are just the activities that they can enjoy watching them. For others, it is a lifestyle. Students can choose any profession for studying. However, some of them are going in for sports. Education costs a lot of money and scholarships are good options for covering those expenses. Other students may envy them. However, not many of them know how it is difficult for to combine studying process and sport. They also write essays, term papers, thesis statements, etc.

For now, there are many articles about whether college athletes should be paid and all of them provide their arguments. One of them is that the possibility to earn while playing sports makes young generation focused only on money. Today, the young generation has a lot of different interests and stuff to do. Not all of them can play sports games only for self-improvement and reaching high goals. Everyone is different. Some students need to take care of their brothers and sisters or help parents. To be rewarded for your efforts, it is what everyone wants. It is common knowledge that money can be as a great means for motivation. It helps athletes to practice harder. Every student knows that if you do not lose anything depending on the results of their efforts then it is not so valuable. By knowing that you may lose the possibility to earn some money, helps to encourage yourself and do everything you can to win. It becomes a personal responsibility everyone.

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Another argument is that students are too young and do not know how to spend money wisely, so they should not receive them for playing sports. It sounds very persuasive for some people, but there are always pros and cons to such questions. From one side students may buy cigarettes, alcohol or even drugs. However, from another side there much more pluses. Students can spend money on buying healthy food, new sneakers or training equipment, medicine for injuries and other things that can help to improve themselves. The ways of how they are going to spend money depend on their upbringing and surrounding. That is why it is important to teach young generation how to spend earnings properly. As an example, many famous athletes have become famous and rich. Nevertheless, some of them do not know what to do with their wealth and they are starting with large parties, alcohol and then try drugs. The reason is that all of them have received a lot of money too rapidly. Sport students do not need to receive the millions of dollars, but they must be financially rewarded. Money that is generated on their accounts can be gradually given them out. As a result, they can prioritize their needs and spend earning rationally.

For the last point, it is that it may not seem honest, when athletes keep the development of sports industry of the country and do not receive rewards for that. They may not be as famous as professional leagues, but organizers of matches earn a lot of money on marketing, selling tickets, food, t-shirts and other different stuff. As athletes are the vital parts of such events, it is not fair that they do not receive financial reward.

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Everyone deserves to be paid for their efforts, especially for athletes. They work a lot and make it real to conduct exciting sports events. If not to start to support them financially at least in small ways, there will not be future for college sport. It will just fade away, because of student-athletes shortage.



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