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Where Do I See Myself In 10 Years Essay

From the first sight, it is a very simple question “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” However, many people struggle with answering it. For now, I have a clear picture in my mind where I see myself in ten years.  Like many other individuals full of ambitions, I have a lot of unrealistic goals that will probably never happen. However, to move forward the way I want, I have also created the realistic plans that I will follow to become a person I want to be.

To begin with, five years from now, I will have already a distinct career path and stable earnings that will allow me to take care of myself and my family. Nevertheless, I do not think much about money. I do not want to accumulate wealth but, first of all, I will concentrate on becoming healthy and empowering my healthy habits. I have no doubts that wealth is nothing in comparison with health. Probably, I will even try to be a vegan for some time to eat only plant-based food that will clear my organism. Also, I will learn more about zero-wasting and minimalism that will assist me in caring about the world around.

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Talking about my character and personal goals, I will stop comparing myself to other people and will concentrate my attention on staying strong on who I am. Every day, I will work hard on enhancing my physical and mental health. I want to step up as a leader to feel more confident in my ability to manage different projects and motivate the employees. I want to become a model for others and become a person I will be proud of.

As far as my career is concerned, I will do my best to perform the tasks and my duties perfectly. For sure, sometimes life events are not happening the way we want. However, I will never be frustrated and disappointed, learning from my own mistakes. I plan to work no more than 35 hours a week to have time for my family and children. Also, I will want to devote some time to my hobbies to prevent feeling stressed out. In future, I want to make sure that everything I do is coming from a place of inspiration and a place of light. Talking about my family, I plan on making the life of my children as beautiful as it will be possible. I want to be a good example for them to motivate my children to become truly honest with themselves.

Lastly, all my free time I will devote to self-education, improving my skills and knowledge on various subjects. I will travel a lot to explore the world around and learn new cultures and languages. Hence, in ten years from now, I will be a prominent worker, an ideal parent, and merely a good person. I picture the future of my family walking together hand n’ hand and merely enjoying life as much as possible. Even though our future is like a long, unpredictable hallway, as long as I will have strengths to move forward, I will make everything possible to make sure that all my plans will come true.

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