The turtle island Mackinaw Essay

Waiting and waiting for the ferry to arrive was more than I could stand…”quit fidgiting,your making me nervous”, said Susie.While we were close to the piers, Diana was loading down her handbag with more than a few tourist brochures. “The island”s not that big”, I told her!……Onnnnnnnnnnnk….Onnnnnnnnnnnnk

“Oh my God it”s here !!!!”, I screamed ! “LOOK!”

Finaly the moment had arrived to board the Shepler”s ferry line service to the island. “Could any human possibly be that lucky to have traveled and stayed there on two previous occasions and then another chance today?” God is so good to me I thought to myself….With all of our luggage and parafinalia, we set off to board the ferry.

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Not much notice had been taken to the cool grey seats and gusty winds on the Shepler,for we were all to overwhelmed with arriving on The Turtle Island Mackinaw .Just for notation, many many years ago the indians named this area, Mackinaw is Indian for “turtle”.This was to be Diana”s first trip to the island. “I just can”t beleive that we are here togethor and that I am really going to be able to check this off on my list of things to have done before I die!”, Said Diana.

Just as the Ferry approached one of the long docks on the island, I noticed a beautiful crane

perched high upon one of the wooden pillars that support the pier.”Lucky Bird”, I thought. He never has to leave this paradise.