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The Syrian Refugee Crisis essay

Sometimes a person is forced to leave their countries because of some political or religious reasons, or, even when he or she is under the threat of war. The group of people who are vulnerable to such unexpected changes is called the refugee one. A sufficient number of countries extort their citizens to move in nowhere; however, Syria is at the top of the refugee movement.

The figures speak for themselves since from 19.5 million worldwide refugees; the Syrian share is 5.1 million individuals as accounted for by the end of 2014. The problem is that the number of countries which are willing to host such a great number of people is dramatically decreasing. Therefore, it is pretty difficult for the refugee agencies to supply each citizen with high-quality living conditions.

The Main Adversity of the Syrian Issue

The refugee crisis is caused by the most dramatic Syrian conflict. The war has affected the society in a badly uncompromising way. Though Syrian families have been striving to preserve their homes, a sufficient number of family members has been killed. As a result, citizens have been forced to move with the only bag in their hands, leave their homes, and be exposed to the constant search for accommodation.

Anti-governmental demonstrations which occupied the country in 2011 escalated the conflict which brought the government crack. The issue is under pressure till 2018 since lots of religious and secular groups deteriorate the conflict including the on political matter. The worst thing is that this intransigent clash killed hundreds or even thousands of innocent people. It is not the only problem because all the aspects of social life have been undermined.

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Desertification of big cities has become a common issue.

Human rights have been violated, and this matter is dramatically increasing.

All the necessities including medications, food, water, energy are sparse.

The Refugees’ Message to the Worldwide Citizens

The truth is that there is not enough assistance to all the refugees. Though the lion’s share of humanitarian organizations is keeping up with preserving refugees in respectable conditions of living, it is not enough. Many Syrian children are in need of basic clothes, food. While speaking about education, it is worth noting that refugees move to other countries and apply for low-sort positions because of not getting the basic educational level since they do not go to school even in the host country. As a result, the refugees are exposed to poverty and have no opportunity of getting a higher education.

The refugees’ well-being directly depends on the united nations which are supposed to offer the Syrian refugees, at least, home. The result of such a kindhearted action will definitely reflect in the future.

Our main task is to debunk the myths that many people feel the pain from becoming refugees since they are exposed to be the examples of the causes of the Syrian refugee crisis. Moreover, those who are not aware of the Syrian refugee crisis have to be informed on the multi-national level. Perhaps, more people will get compassionate.

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