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What is art? Essay

The meaning of the art.

Traction to the beautiful accompanied a person at all times. It found its expression in paintings, frescoes, sculptures, literature and other objects of art that have come down to us through the centuries. Each generation contributed to the development of a new direction in creativity. What role does good art play in shaping the horizons of an individual now? Does it have value for everyone or only for people of creative professions and beau monde? Read the answer for those questions in the essay on what is art you see below.

There are many opinions and definitions on this subject called “What is art?” Some people believe that any creativity should be conveyed to the masses in doses and with preliminary explanations. Another people, who prefer to stand guard over art, treat contemptible amateurs and strictly follow the observance of classical foundations. Fortunately, there are still those people, who do not welcome artificial restrictions.

Sometimes a side view of a work of art can explain more than the artist or director himself.  Researchers and even college students in their art essay still try to unravel the paintings of Da Vinci or Van Gogh, to understand what the artist wanted to say by that or another work of art.

Art is a creative reflection of reality in artistic images. Real art excites the soul, gives a feeling of happiness. It is able to distract a person from everyday life, transfer to the world of dreams and fantasies, instil faith in miracles. I will prove the validity of my words with concrete examples.

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Let us take a look at the text by T.N. Tolstoy, whose heroine preferred cinema over the two types of art – theater and cinema. The theater can’t give the narrator a total transformation, a final deception. The heroine believes that the movie is intended for those who “love dreams and wonders.” So, it is the cinema that helps the narrator to feel the fullness of life. Art is something that we can’t live without.

But art is not limited just to static species. We listen to pleasant music; we watch theatrical performances, we attend pop and circus performances. On walks, through the city, we admire the architecture of ancient buildings and the monumental grandeur of modern. Landscape design in park areas is another area of modern art. After working days, we are happy to watch movies on TV. The availability of modern technologies has led to the mass lay-up of their own videos on YouTube. The most interesting, found a response in the soul of others, receive high marks and become popular on the world wide web.

The role of art in human life.

Culture has changed over the years. But unlike the people who lived their lives and died, it still remained in our society. There are works by leading composers: Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven or famous writers like Rabindranath Tagore and Lev Tolstoy. Through the years they continue to delight many people. We may not know the authors of famous works, but we hear and see the creation itself. A person may not know that Mona Lisa was written by Leonardo da Vinci, and “To Elise” by Beethoven, but these works are priceless because they make us feel. Feelings are laid in any kind of art – painting, literature, music, theater. The author adds his feelings, thoughts while drawing a portrait but art is dependent on your point of view as well.

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There is an inner word with the possible analysis in any work of art. For example, there could be a film, series, show performance in a book, but in all the situations it will be different because everyone has his/her own ideas. Only some parts can remain the same. Usually, it’s introduction and conclusion.

Art helps people to open more, to realize themselves, to go into their inner world, to be free of your ideas and dreams. It helps to go away from the reality and get into a completely different, opposite world. That is why the role of art is invaluable in human life.

How does art appear?

Art originated in ancient times. With the help of drawings and frescoes, ancient artists displayed different aspects of life: hunting, war, life. Musicians expressed feelings and experiences through their works, and writers wrote ballads, describing events and singing the feats of contemporaries.

Art always accompanies humanity, changing over time and accepting the characteristic features of different parts of the world. Regardless of geographical, historical, natural, and cultural qualities, works of art convey the character of life, human appearance, and everyday life through music, painting, or other means.

Each art form has its own characteristics, but they are all called one thing – to educate people, to participate in the development of their personality, character, and creative abilities. After creating the works, the authors acquaint us with their vision of the world. They explain and evaluate the events that will be captured on canvas, music or in book volumes forever. But art would not be like this if it showed only the facts and the vicissitudes of life. Rich imagination is the quality that is always necessary for the master to create his masterpieces, giving aesthetic pleasure to humanity.

The task of the human is to save art. We need to appreciate and preserve the art and all its components, including Artscolumbia. If this does not happen, if people stop appreciating art, the world will be doomed to ruin.

In conclusion, we would like to say that art is an integral part of life for any person. Sometimes we don’t simply notice this, involuntarily admiring all the beautiful things that surround us. Thus, real art can make a person happy. The main thing is to find exactly what kind of art, which will meet your interests and desires. And what does art mean to you?

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