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Superheroes Essay

Who is a Superhero?

Who is a Superhero? Many consider the first superhero of Superman, but this opinion is unfortunately wrong. In the 1930s, pulp magazines became popular. At that time, a character known as The Shadow was born — a mysterious superhero who fought crime. This is a person who could hide in the shadows, distract attention, suddenly disappear and change to the appearance of other people. All of these qualities are very descriptive for a lot of superheroes. The magazine was published from 1931 to 1949, a few years before Superman, Batman and others. So since the middle of the 20th century, every man wants to be a superhero not only for his wife and children but for the whole world. Unfortunately, only a few of them actually know how to become a real hero. Of course, he can invent a new name for himself, sew a funny costume and run around the streets cheering people, but does this show true heroism? First of all, in the introduction, we need to understand, who a real superhero is. Is it a person who is significantly different from the majority in any leading qualities (physical strength, intellect, superhuman abilities)? Or does a superhero mean someone who does things that affect society positively? As far as I am concerned, the second one is much more important than the first one. Being a man whose abilities have gone far beyond the limits accessible to the majority is not the key to success. And the point is not only in the physical impossibility of becoming a superman in our real world but also in the fact that it is difficult to remain human when your capabilities have stepped far forward in comparison with other people. How can a complex of God not arise in such conditions? How to preserve moral character when you are free to do whatever you want, while no one will be able to hold you accountable for your actions? Are superpowers and fake braveness actually important in being a superhero? Definitely not.

How to become a Superhero?

Superhero essay for free personalities can become a hard task. People whose actions have a positive effect on society are real superheroes. Everyone can become one of them, even though the life of a superhero can look harsh and full of problems. After all, it is not necessary to be a rich philanthropist, an influential politician, a heroic soldier, or someone else whose name is on the lips of many other people. To become a superhero is enough for each of us not to be callous, not to close our eyes to the problems of society and the world. But not only activists can be called superheroes. In our society, there is a category of real superheroes that nobody knows about superheroes of this category. These are those thanks to whom modern world lives and thrives. Is it really impossible to call a real superhero a mother who gives life and soul to her children, trying to raise decent people out of them? And teachers who take on their fragile shoulders one of the most important tasks — the transfer of all the cultural and scientific experience of previous generations to the new one, which is only taking the first steps into adulthood? Each person, being a part of society, works (consciously or unconsciously) to ensure that this society will continue to exist. Overcoming laziness, egoism, greed and thirst for profit, each of us helps the world and society to flourish, we put a part of our souls in our favourite works, and therefore in the whole of human civilization. Each of us is a superhero. It is enough just to learn to see the useful and the good not only in monumental acts and events but also in everyday life, in that things that each of us does every day.

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Popular Superheroes

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Everybody loves superheroes. This topic is very popular among children and adults. Superheroes are depicted in a wide variety of cartoons and movies. As it was said before, it is important to understand that not only their super abilities make them popular, but what is in their souls is equally important. A lot of guys from Marvel and DC worlds have outstanding powers and breathtaking abilities. However, these things do not play a crucial role in their popularity. They are beloved by many children and adults because of their kind hearts and decent personalities. For example Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-man, Captain America, Hulk, Wonder Woman and others. Each of them prompts us to become a better version of ourselves. In conclusion, they care the ideas that being a real hero does not exactly mean to have super abilities, but to have something in your heart, and to make this world better.

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