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The Geography of Art Essay

Arts and Geography Geography (from Greek word “geographic” Vichy means “earth description”) is the science that studies the lands, the features, the inhabitants, and the phenomena of the Earth, While art gives a creative interpretation Of them. However, if you combine the two, you can bring geography to life. Explore the cultures and civilizations Of a country along With its land holdings. Use art to examine the values and lifestyle of a culture as you look at different artifacts for clues to past societies. Humans are made with a natural curious sense of art. Humans will never stop exploring new types and forms of art.

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For example, visual arts can take an unforgettable moment and keep it like a photo, or painting. If you’re not feeling good, you can restore confidence by remembering a good time you had looking at a picture, reminding you that not all of your life is useless, and good times still exist in you. This makes us feel closer toward art, thus giving us a relationship. In a patriotic country like the U. S. A. , you can find many monuments, and testers, and buildings, which make a place, feel lordlier, and give you a feel of safety, and pride. It helps tightening a good relationship more.

Music is a different type of art, the beat in a song, or track, or rhythm, matches your heartbeat, beating together as one. Music is a very unique source of art, babies will clap to music, not just an ordinary sound, termites bite faster in music, and bees work better and harder once hearing music. There are many other forms of art, which work on the same lines. To sum it all up, art is a part of us, and that is our relationship with art. Geography as Art is a situation Which artists use features Of earth as their inspiration. One of the best examples is the “San Francisco at Night” by Ben Joyce.

He describes his work as Abstract Topographical: ‘The affective bond between people and place or The Love of Place”. He explains how cities like San Francisco inspire his artwork. He stated, ‘There is great beauty and intrigue in the layout of a city – from your everyday drive to work, to the historical creation of the streets, to your personal relationship with the town. ” We can also teach geography through the use of artist paintings. Show pictures of art from different countries to the class, We have to pick an art that is distinctive, such as Egyptian, Aztec Indians or Chinese.

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