Purpose Of Life Essay

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We can say about some people that he or she is purposeful; he or she will certainly achieve his goal. But how does it happen that some people have a goal, while others live more like a meaningless existence? The purpose of life and the destiny of man is a philosophical question, and this question is a difficult one. Many great sages were looking for answers to it, and each had his view of this question. Let’s try and figure out what is the role of the goal in human life, and what are the main goals and values.

The main goal of human life: what is it? First, let’s see what the goal is. At its core is a desire or motive. The goal may be conscious or unconscious. For example, the desire to travel to distant countries is a goal fully realized. However, at the moment of danger, we can instinctively strive to do something to avoid this danger. Such a goal is unconscious. Speaking about the purpose of life, we will mean the first option, that is, only those motives that we are aware of. The main purposes of life are an aggregate, which in the end should lead to the realization of the main goal. In other words, any of our goals are small sub-goals.

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To find the purpose of life, there is a special algorithm:

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  1. Remember any of your current goal, which you are pursuing at the moment of your life and is considered extremely important.
  2. Find the motive that “gave birth” to this current goal. The answer to the question is why this goal you have appeared.
  3. If you could find the motive that precedes the birth of this goal, then, again go to point 2 and in the same way, check the motive itself.
  4. If your motive has no sub-goal, then it is the main goal in your life.

Many people believe that the main goals of human life are aggregate. There are always a few. And many of them appeared due to our basic needs: in food, sleep, recognition, love, etc. Such a desire for happiness, welfare, public recognition, gaining faith in one in God is commonly called the meaning of a person’s life. Let’s consider the main goals that are pursued by almost everyone.

I believe that life needs can be individual. And each of us can continue this list by himself. Only one thing remains common: the goal of a person’s life is to achieve all the key needs arising in the course of his existence. Vital goals are those, the desire for which will develop us.

The world needs a hundred conquerors of space. If someone truly wants to be an astronaut – go ahead! Better is a happy, wise, responsible person, and thus also our messenger from the Earth. What an astronaut is – unhappy, frightened, exercising and harassing him, just because he is not ready to love himself and understand his desires.
I am not against struggle and “achievement,” but struggle especially with oneself should not be meaningless. There is no need for a dummy in a space suit that makes you on the background of the Earth.

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Nothing new in the list of life goals you probably will not see. The life of each of us is filled with such goals, because their importance is concrete for each of us, it is difficult to overestimate.

Find your second half (a companion or companion of life). Historically, a person needs a continuation of his kind. Evolution has somewhat changed the basic need and now, instead of randomly mating for the sake of future offspring, moral norms force a person to find himself the only partner in life with the goal of creating a family and continuing his family.

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Here, within the family, many people have such goals as building their own house, planting a tree and messing around with their children and grandchildren.

  1. Always maintain health, both your own and people close to a person, family members.
  2. Create in the family all the conditions, so that each of its members was happy, no one was experiencing financial difficulties, the purpose of a person’s life is a list of love and mutual understanding between relatives.
  3. Find your favorite work, i.e., a matter of his life, which can be dealt with as long as possible, and that at the same time, in addition to enjoying work, it brings in income.
  4. Self-development and mastering of new skills, improvement of skills and effectiveness as one of the representatives of the labor market. In other words, life is based on the principle: live and learn.
  5. Spiritual perfection, the accomplishment of good deeds and actions, which will bring joy to other people and living beings. You can always believe inGod, or you can choose something else. This includes animals, people living in need or disabled.

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The level of our life depends on the level of energies with which we are in contact. In turn, the level of these energies depends on the level of our goals. The very nature of our thinking depends to a large extent on the availability and the height of the goals set before us: the lower type of thinking is the mentality of the victim. Such people always look for excuses for all their failures and blame them on anyone. Another type of existence is when a person “froze” in his development: he does not want to change anything, at the moment he is satisfied with everything, and he wants to remain in this state forever. There are also dreamers who simply dream, but do not change anything in themselves and their lives. They do not make the necessary efforts, and therefore all their dreams remain empty fantasies. Successful people have another type of thinking. Their dreams become reality because they turn them into goals.

Striving for a goal in life is meaningless. It is important to what purpose leads, what values are realized in life. There are goals, dreams that everyone wants, and there is little benefit from achieving them. And even less to put them to no avail – they do not motivate.

The goals we set for ourselves should develop us, bring experience, increase awareness and personal responsibility. And do not drive to a psychiatric hospital, resuscitation or a cemetery.