Obesity essay for children and students

Obesity – the Enemy to Surmount

Society is oversaturated with a number of curses. Among social and political issues, there exist a lot of physical and psychological disorders. Why obesity is a problem can be explained by its roots which are so deep that the target audience to suffer from is the children’s one. It tends to occur when a person consumes excessive food and does not resort to physical activity. The condition of obesity dramatically influences the students’ audience as well. The evidence speaks for itself because a lot of excess fat accumulates in the body.

Obesity is not a problem on its own since it reveals other highly serious health problems. It is counted as the biggest problem in society due to the fact that cardiovascular diseases, brain strokes, infertility, and diabetes can be developed on the obesity ground.

Typical Causes of Obesity

Since children and students are the most vulnerable layers of society, people suggest that only overeating is the cause of overweight. Therefore, children usually bully those who face critical problems with being obese. The part of the myth has to be debunked. Therefore, there are several causes for you to know while preventing one nation overweight and understand why obesity is a critical issue to consider.

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  1. Psychological Element.

When a person undertakes serious stress or goes through a tough time, he or she resorts to the excessive food intake. Moreover, the emotive sphere speaks much since such feelings as boredom, anger, nervousness have an impact on eating habits. It can be explained as the biggest problem in society as it is a man’s response to a bad mood. Eventually, all of the preceding leads to a man being obese.

  1. Generic Influence.

People inherit lots of positive things from their descendants, such as talents, appearance, traits of character. However, a lot of health problems can be gained, and overweight is one of them. The possibility of this transference is rather low, but it is likely for a person to develop this condition.

  1. Medical Contradictions.

Some medications cure one disease but can trigger other disorders. Antidepressants, anticonvulsants or oral contraceptive are known to lead to one nation overweight. Not all people who are obliged to take these medications are likely to be obese. Everything depends on a man’s perception of specific chemicals.

Obesity Effects on Children and Students

The body is the most visible part of a human that discloses the possibility of overweight. However, there are several negative repercussions on the general condition of health. Сhildren examples reveal such accompanying health disorders as asthma and sleep apnea. They are dangerous since they influence blood pressure due to the need for more air in the organism.

The question why obesity is a problem can be explained by such repercussions as diabetes among students or high level of cholesterol. Moreover, there is a danger of infertility both for men’s and women’s fraction. A range of problem solutions has to be paid attention to.

Preventative Actions

If you are a kind of a person who takes care of yourself and wants to avoid issues with being obese, you would better think twice before influencing the condition of your body and health in general. It is much easier to prevent overweight than to fight it. The following solutions are here to help children and students avoid this frightful curse of the mankind.

  1. Change your habits, and your body will appreciate it.

The way you eat, the schedule, as well as the production, shows the level of your self-love. Make a choice for fruit and vegetables, organic farm production and fish. They are a good solution. It is also an advisable problem solution to consult a diet-advisor, and he or she will assist you in choosing the best for your organism.

  1. Physical activity reveals the level of your intelligence.
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Do not be shy to promote physical exercises among your class or group mates. Morning exercises wake your body up and provide energy for the following day. Speaking of students, one can definitely claim that they worry about their body shape since it is a period of the social issue of relationship. It is a problem solution for them.