National Honor Society Essay – example of scholarship NHS essay

The purpose of national honor society essay

The National Honor Society essay is a required piece of writing for graduate students who are eager to become a significant part of this reputable and august club. It is not easy to contribute to this school. You ought to show beyond doubt that you are filled with solid perseverance and personal traits to bring something valuable to this gathering.

The primary objective of the National Honor Society essay is to present a member-to-be from his personal side. It is where you talk about achievements, goals, character, guidance features, marks at school, and even your teacher’s influence on you. That is why the applicant has to pay attention to the primary requirements which the Honor Society puts in front of students.

The following NHS Scholarship Application Example has to help you understand how to write this NHS essay. It is well-structured and grammatically correct. However, don’t try to copy the entire data from the text below. The key is to write a story about yourself, and character. This NHS Scholarship Application Example is only for you to take in how to write the structure and overall idea. When you begin preparing your NHS essay, listen to your heart, and make this National Honor Society essay perfect.

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The national honor society essay example

When I was chosen by my English teacher to become the applicant for the Honor Society participant, I was not shocked or surprised. Before this offer, I was doing a lot to gain that desired chance. Now when I am writing this National Honor Society essay, I feel proud and confident more than ever. This proves that hard work does pay off in due course. I am convinced that I can become a significant part of this amazing group because I am circumspect, goal-oriented, and my personal traits of the character such as guidance, educational honesty, and intelligence will be counted positively by the committee.

Since studying at school, I tried to do my best to get the highest grade. My parents taught me that hard work would show the high result in grades and reputation. I am glad that I listened to them, and did spend a day wasting my school time. When I entered college, I heard about the possibility of becoming the National Honor Campus representative. After that, I could not stop dreaming about becoming a part of this integrated society. My academic performance started to grow higher year by year. Currently, I have my GPA of 3.9 which I consider pretty high. Also, I was engaged in educational competitions and olympiads with the specialization in Maths and Physics. These subjects are extremely interesting to me. Last year I was the runner-up at our central campus educational challenge of the combined subjects.

Studying is not the only thing that I am proud of. In addition to that, I am an active participant of our campus regarding the college life. My teacher once said that she did not know how I could manage both aspects of life: studying and social role. However, it was a challenge for me which I took with respect. I have organized a local sports team of baseball which have already won several prizes. It takes much time to practice, and sometimes I feel that my team becomes frustrated. It is where I start showing my leadership qualities. I tell them lots of motivational words which inspire them for the next games. They are thankful for this emotional spur because the leader’s role is to make the team close-knit. My personal trait of being a reliable person helps me to share the vision with my friends. Anytime we have conflicts, I try to find the compromise which returns us to the reality where we should fight for the cup together.

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In this National Honor Society essay, I also want to talk about my volunteering experience. Two years ago I organized a group called “Play Games with Kids.” We visit the hospital were kids have problems with health. We talk with them trying to distract from the negative thoughts. If possible, we organize small games which are mainly intellectual once because children cannot leave the hospital for some outdoor activities. We see hope in the kids’ eyes because all they need is a good mood and belief in future. During the games, they feel inspired and even forget about the terrible illness. From my perspective, it is our responsibility to be that active representative of the local district. We are the one team which has to stay together for improving the surrounding world.

I am convinced that I have managed to prove that my traits are suitable for the ones you require in this NHS essay. Even if I do not become the indispensable part of this illustrious organization, I will continue my involvement in volunteering, sport, academic development. However, becoming the member of the National Honor Group will only prove that I have chosen the right way.