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My First Day in America Essay

I am a foreign exchange student and have been here for three years. However, I still remember exactly how I felt on the first day I came to America, the day that I left my family behind to chase my dreams, the day my life has forever changed. I’d wanted to go to America to study since I was about 14 years old because this modern country with freedom is all I could ever dream of. I would have many opportunities to complete my desired job in fashion. My parents thought I was too young to live here independently. Hence, I was not allowed to go until I finished my high school.

A month before the day I interviewed for the United States visa, I was extremely nervous even I prepared for it thoroughly day and night. I studied hard to get a competitive transcript. I practiced the questions in order to have a perfect interview. I did everything I could to make sure I would not regret because it is hard to get a visa to America. The interview day finally came; luckily I got accepted right at the first time. I was really excited for a new life. I could travel to new places, eat new foods, and make new friends. I could leave my room messy without hearing my parents’ complaints. I could even make all the decisions by myself.

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The day I had to go has come and everything was totally different from what I imaged. I was so lonely. In America, I had a lot of connections but nothing could compare to my family at home. I used to walk on the streets by myself and eat dinner at tables for one. I felt lonely even when I went to the places where there are a lot of people like schools, grocery stores or parks. The funny thing is I could not drive a car without driver license as same as I did in Vietnam. I was like handicapped in first three months. I also had to get used to the new language because English was not commonly spoken in Vietnam.

In other words, I had to start from zero and re-build everything. I had to learn how to live and carry out everyday activities like a child. My life was really miserable and lonely those days when I first stepped on America’s land. Yet life has gone on without me and to survive I have to adapt into the environment that I live. Nowadays, I have a couple of best friends and a stable life. However, I still remember exactly how I felt on the first days I came to America. It feels really blissful when I recall those memories. I prove that I did not give up on my life. I tried and am still trying for the best in my future. Thank you.

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