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Knowldge is sports bliss Essay

When I hear the statement, the more you know the happier you are, it makes me think of my future and it what it holds in store for myself. Is knowledge the key to success and happiness? I believe knowledge is not only the key to happiness but also the key to a better life. Many examples of this may be found in sports. The more an athlete or coach knows the better his life becomes and in most cases the happier is life is. Pat Riley is the head coach of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Miami Heat. Riley has been called the smartest person to coach an NBA team.

His knowledge of the sport and his ability to motivate his players so they can perform better is legendary. Riley has coached for over 20 years and has lead his teams to the playoffs every year. But his knowledge of the sport is what separates him form other coaches. Many times Riley has been called the Einstein of basketball. Riley has openly said that he is happy in life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. In sports not only must the coaches be knowledgeable, but also the athletes. Some of the most intelligent athletes are sometimes not even considered athletes. They are racecar drivers.

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They understand physics, chemistry, mathematics, and automotive engineering. Racecar drivers need to know all of these things in order to become victorious. If a racecar driver does not understand the physics concept of drag, they would have no chance to win at all. For the most successful racecar drivers, happiness is abundant. But if it wasn’t for knowledge and love of the sport they would just be another stockcar driver. In sports the most informed person must be the owner/general manager. If he doesn’t make the right decision it could end up costing him/her millions of dollars.

In our world today that would be equifilant to content. If the wrong decision were made the owner would be in a somber mood. The ability to manage his money, scout, and his marketing ingenuity is the know-how that an owner needs to be successful. In the sports world there are always obstacles that must be met to reach the pinnacle of the profession. Physical attributes and ability are major parts of this climb, but without the wisdom of many the pleasures the sports world has would not be available. To me the more you know, the happier you are is not only true but the more successful you are.

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