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Definition Essay on Beauty

Needless to say, beauty is something that is perceived by every person differently. The views on this interesting philosophical issue may be viewed from different perspectives. Many books and films illustrate various aspects of beauty, establishing the so-called “false standards” in society. Every day, a person sees the beautiful images of women and men in pop magazines and other sources. However, these images are not actual examples of what the word “beauty” means.

As it was already mentioned, different individuals may have their own standards of beauty and own opinions about what it means “to be beautiful.” In many colleges, students get the task to write a beauty definition essay. Professors usually want to check one’s deeper understanding of this abstract concept rather than the paraphrased definition from a dictionary. However, answering the question “What is beauty?” is not as simple as one may think.

What does beauty mean?

You may find a variety of examples on the internet exploring what beauty means. To develop a great beauty definition, you should concentrate on the true meaning of this concept and what it means for you and other individuals. Remember that expressing only your personal opinion you will create a biased essay that has nothing to do with defining the authentic meaning of beauty. To avoid this problem, research every aspect of the issue.

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Before you start writing your beauty definition paper, make sure that you know the basic requirements of a definition essay. You may think that the primary purpose of this essay is to provide a concrete definition of a particular word, notion, or concept. Unfortunately, it is not enough to explain what the word “beauty” means to get the highest mark. Even though beauty definition essay is relatively a short and not complicated task, it still may be a very challenging task. You should demonstrate not only personal definition of the term but include some relevant information about its history and applicability in society. You should also show your objective, academic understanding of the term. While it is easy to define such concrete words as a house, table, book, or tree, more abstract terms such as love, friendship, happiness, or beauty may create a lot of challenges. Remember that a definition essay is a great opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking skills.

Do not forget that your beauty definition essay should also have a clear structure as many other kinds of assignments. In the introduction, you may write briefly about what was considered to be beautiful during different historical epochs. Then, you should write that the times have changed and the standards of beauty have changed as well. Your thesis statement that you will put at the end of your introduction should be a kind of extended beauty definition and introduce the list of main points you will discuss in further paragraphs.

The specificity of write the essay about beauty

As far as body paragraphs are concerned, every paragraph should be concentrated on only one idea from the thesis statement. Hence, you may start telling the difference between the conceptions of “natural beauty” and “artificial beauty.” You may address the problem of how popular mass-media and different individual biases disrupt one’s true understanding of beauty. Talk about the need to get rid of the stereotypes to have a clear understanding of what beauty means.

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Another thing you may include in your beauty definition essay is exploring what can be defined as “beautiful” in different countries around the world. For sure, the standards of beauty may differ depending on ethnicity, race, religion, and other cultural factors. You may compare what the word “beauty” means in your society and other communities. For example, it is interesting to explore the beauty standards in Africa and explain how the perception of the beauty of Africans differs from other countries.

You may also refer to Philosophy and use a philosophical approach to define the meaning of the word “beauty.”  According to Plato’s philosophy, beauty is something that cannot be completely defined by one’s senses. The reason is that different individuals have their unique views on a particular concept and perceive objects in different ways. You might also include in your paper the importance of “inner beauty,” and why the inner qualities of a person are much important than his or her physical beauty. You may emphasize that beauty is not about one’s physical appearance. Authentic beauty originates from within the heart of individuals or “comes from within.”

As far as the conclusion of your paper is concerned, summarize the most important points and once again provide a final extended definition of the concept of beauty.  One of the most effective ways to conclude your beauty definition essay is putting the final remark emphasizing the role the term plays in your life and society. Relate your personal experience to the definition you created for the analyzed word.

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