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Class Prophecy Essay

CLASS PROPHECY It was the 26th of July, year 2025. The awaited gathering of successful professionals has come to time. They are top caliber performers and well-known personalities in our industry, who have established respected names in their chosen field. They, who work and strive hard to achieve their goals, are now enjoying the glory of their hard work and perseverance. They are the delegates of Professional Regulation Commission Convention. As the appointed chairwoman for the said affair, I was about to leave for work and prepare for one of the busiest and longest day of my life when suddenly the phone rang.

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It is a call from the president. I have been working in Malacanang for the last two years as the president’s legal adviser. A certified public accountant and lawyer, a career oriented woman who could not wish for anything more – financially stable, supportive family, good social life, with a worthy man to share my future. I am heading towards Malacanang when I decided to full-load my tank at DF gasoline station, owned by mechanical engineer Bon Denmark Flojo. He also owns one of the biggest auto shops in Banawe.

Across the station, one can see commercial buildings and shops of high-end clothing line managed by Alyanna Marie Catalan and designed by the most famous creative designer Virgilia Mabansag. Besides the clothing line is gaming shop of Nicolo Bonifacio, the largest supplier of different games and advanced software invented by him. I’m on my way to the airport flying a business class trip to Palawan for the PRC Convention. Other delegates arrived at the place the night before through Manzano Travel Agency owned by Camille Marion Manzano. By profession, she has been touring different parts of the world.

At 8:30 a. m. , we, the delegates, are heading towards the convention hall. As I enter the wide vestibule, I saw familiar faces. What caught my attention were the ladies in the corner gaily sharing their experiences. I approached the group and there I saw Time Magazine Woman of the year awardee and now the executive President of Banco de Oro, the batch’s loudest speaker Ma. Aisyah Salleh. Also in the group is not only a dedicated nurse but a very prominent physician Jennylyn Mabansag. She had just arrived from the USA to prepare for her upcoming nuptial.

Also in the circle is Dianne Orendain, the pretty lady who changed from being soft-spoken girl of the batch to an outspoken go-getter woman. She is currently busy with the construction of her 15th Mall Branch in Cainta, Rizal and has a lot of assets and investments in Metro Bank. Then a stunning man entered the hall Former captain ball of Infant Jesus Learning Academy Varsity, a slam-dunk champion and current Pure Foods star player. The guy is Hariram Parsram and no one would deny that truly he is a PBA heartthrob. How I wish he couldn’t hear these things for I’m sure the winds of confidence would sweep us all away here.

Suddenly, I remember my beautiful companera one of the richest in the batch for she owns a private hospital in Manila. She is no other than Irene Mae Lustina. We greeted each other and talked for a while. During our conversation, I noticed that she was wearing a gold-plated necklace with the initial “S” as its pendant. I didn’t dare to ask if it’s Salamat. I wish whoever he is; she’ll make be happy by his side. At exactly 9 o’clock a. m. , the convention formally opened. All are attentively listening as the convention coordinator Jan Michael Villaruel reads the programme proper, a prominent figure in the Mass Media Industry.

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He is a famous television anchorman with his top-rating news and public affairs program NEWSTOM. He is also one of the columnists of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The speaker was introduced and his figure is seen on the screen. He is one of the hundred tycoons listed in Forbes Magazine – Tofan Singh. His topic is about his success in different fields of marketing and computer programming. He has more than a 200 resorts worldwide and his online game “Mabigoni” is just an icing in his cake. The next part is the presentation of personalities who made exalted contributions which made Filipinos proud in the field of Information Technology.

Their prepared video footage appeared on the screen together with the brief autobiography of their lives. First is James Takahashi Makoto, a computer programmer by profession who became famous for his first disposable / edible mobile phone. Next is Reniel Lareza, a BS Education graduate of TUP Dasmarinas. His escapades during high school days just to play DOTA paid off when he became the two-time World Cyber Games champion. Finally is Aeron Acosta, a Microsoft developer, highly skilled in the field of computers. He now runs his own business related to his field.

At 12:00 noon, we took our lunch break at JAMIE Restaurant owned by James Paul Go – the famous exotic / buffet restaurant in Asia where the food preparations are usually made through his innovations. However, the food excellence is credited to her highest paid chef – Carlo Miguel Aler who attended seminars and workshop around the world. During the meal, the delegates asked Charles Go, our former classroom singer in high school, did not let us down. Then he requested the service of Julie Anne Ninalga, the famous lead band vocalist. She is also the co-owner of the JAMIE restaurant of her soon-to-be husband James Go.

Their performance is truly remarkable. The crowd gave them a warm, appreciative round of applause. It is one of the most enjoyable meals of my life. The convention proceeded. The next speaker was called. She is a member of Philippine Institute of certified public accountant and has bought two yachts. She is Darlene Ayson The lady with green thumb – Isobelle Del Mundo owns different flower shops nationwide. The lady beside her who is Joan Buenconsejo was the owner of the famous bar named JB bar in the New York. She resides at Amsterdam, New York with her own family. Our last guest speaker is John Rey Tancuan.

He is a civil engineer graduate. Today, he is a highly respected and idolized engineer in our country. I knew he would come far. The last part of his presentation is especially addressed to the persons we owe our knowledge to our dear teachers. He presented various works in honor of our hardworking teachers. At the corner, I saw how the men in the convention were moved. One of them is Rome Philip Cendana a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics and Science graduate from Philippine Normal University. Beside him is Claudette Dazo, a flight stewardess and now financially stable.

She’s engage to her high school sweetheart. As the convention comes to end, I was called to give my closing remarks. “What should I say? ” my mind asked. Words aren’t enough to express my sincere gratitude. Well, I just said a sincere “Thank you! ” and invited them to attend the ballroom dance which will be held 8 o’clock tonight. After the convention, I decided to go to lobby. I saw a table surrounded by press and teens. When I took a peek, I saw Melvin Medel signing the books of his best selling novel bought by the teens and the young professionals who adore his works.

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I was having a hard time to go back because of crowd ambiance. I was late when I arrived at the ball. The delegates were already enjoying themselves. I was looking around when I saw a familiar face. It took me almost 30 minutes before realizing that he was Mico Rosales. He is one of the top investors in Coca-Cola Corporation and the executive Vice president of the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Then someone turned on the lights. “Before we all got carried away, we would like to give you the president’s message…,” the master of ceremony announced. “A graduate of political science at U.

P. Diliman, he finished his studies with honors and took law studies at the Ateneo de Manila University. Ladies and gentlemen, his Excellency President John Maron Montano. ”, the master of ceremonies continued. A warm applause was given. It was just a brief and concise message yet all attentively listened. After his speech, he went down and approached his best friend John Mark Monilla, the co-director of Purefoods Company. He has two mansions and living with his family at Palmdale Place Subdivision. Then, everyone enjoyed dancing the night away. To all the seniors’ batch 2009-2010:

I am encouraging each and every one of us to aspire, dare ourselves to emerge, divulge, and unfurl our potentials. Avoid pretensions and accept your weaknesses. Fight those who do nothing but deteriorate your being and battle the obstacles that may come your way. Be contented with your God-given gifts, talents, and wisdom but continue to nourish it, keep the fire burning, dream, soar to greater heights, and work hard to achieve your success. But bear in mind, wherever, whatever or whoever you will be in the future, happy or sad, always remain just and humble. /’

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Class Prophecy Essay


CLASS PROPHECY It was the 26th of July, year 2025. The awaited gathering of successful professionals has come to time. They are top caliber performers and well-known personalities in our industry, who have established respected names in their chosen field. They, who work and strive hard to achieve their goals, are now enjoying the glory of their hard work and perseverance. They are the delegates of Professional Regulation Commission Convention. As the appointed chairwoman for the said affair, I
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Class Prophecy Essay
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