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Academic Integrity Essay

Academic integrity is that term which is frequently used in the vocabulary of scholars, students, teachers. It is that notion which each of us faces when writing anything, even in a personal blog. This term has the definition of the uniqueness of any text prepared by a writer. You may wonder that sometimes it is impossible to prepare an academic integrity essay without using the information which somebody has already used.  And this term means not only the banning of cheating but encourages authors to use references, and works cited page to show credibility to other academicians.

Although the example of the academic integrity essay is not that complicated, sometimes many challenges appear. The problem continues to exist in various scientific spheres. Notions like corruption, cheating, copywriting, dishonesty keep on thriving on. Lots of students are not ready to recognize the possible consequences of those things. The main reason for this is the misunderstanding of the important values which are appreciated by the youngsters. We have to acknowledge that academic dishonesty is more than an infraction. It is the neglection of moral values.

Plagiarism and data fabrication or falsification are the main forms of the academic infraction. Those definitions can be found in the examples of the plagiarized essays, coursework, research papers, article, and even personal blogs. The common causes for this problem refer to the lack of review, bad analysis, wrong motivation, and even corruption. Education, which is based on full or partial use in educational and research work of other people’s development (including texts) and fraud in the demonstration of learning outcomes, has long been threatened in various universities, schools, and colleges. The acute problem of plagiarism in education and science is doubled every year (with each educational cycle).

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Plagiarism is the result of using someone else’s work in any form or borrowing part of the creative work of another person without referencing to the source of this information. It is a real theft in the sphere of writing. It should be considered a crime and should be fine. However, another problem arises when talking about the disclosure of plagiarism. It is challenging and complicated. Although there are more and more specialized computerized programs which work online to detect plagiarism, there are lots of mistakes done by this service. It makes the problem of disclosing dishonesty in academic writing critical. It will be impossible to create an ideal detector which finds all the cases of copywriting, rewrite, and other instances of plagiarism. Changing the writer’s attitude to the work is the key to solving this problem in my academic integrity essay.

Understanding that plagiarism is a form of fraud, we should name it as a crime in the whole scientific and academic world. In many countries, plagiarism is not perceived as an offense. This problem is rooted in the nature of the educational process of higher education. Also, it is the core of student activity and one of the most powerful methods of teaching in higher and secondary schools. These assumptions give grounds for calling contemporary education “plagiarized.” And while responsibility for the consequences of the teaching and research activities will not be imposed on every applicant at an educational level and involved in the atrocities of individuals, “plagiarized” education will give their rotten fruit.

The socially responsible community has begun eradicating education and science of plagiarism and other forms of academic insecurity. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop an appropriate policy in business (educational institution), to conduct targeted measures, preferably in a complicated, wide-ranging way with students (apprenticeship). Moreover, teachers have to conduct special classes of the academic integrity. If beginning attending such courses since school, students will have the idea of honesty in the system of moral values.

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Academic culture is an important component of personal honesty, which can be defined as a structured system of behavioral stereotypes of the student, expressing universal moral and ethical traditions in the field of knowledge assessment. It shows steady norms and relations in such dichotomous relationships as “student-teacher”, “student-student”, “student-university”. In the course of acquiring specialization, an ethical position of the student is formed, depending on the nature of the higher education system and the type of higher education institution. The rules of behavior are assimilated, convictions are obtained, attachments are made, value standards are developed. All those features will be designed for the future student’s profession.

Despite the active struggle against academic dishonesty in the universities and colleges of the United States, it is not possible to completely eradicate it from life. However, it is possible to minimize this problem to a minimal rate. If raising this question more often and adding stronger punishment, students will comprehend how negative this issue can be. Show the relation of the academic dishonesty and personal features of character which also suffer. In the world of the XXIst century when almost everything can be found on the Internet, unique thoughts should be even more appreciated.

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