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1000 Words Essay

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Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is something unacceptable and strictly punishable. Any student may face problems with plagiarism in a learning facility. You are definitely lucky if tutors forgive you for the first time, but some learners end up with dismissal. To avoid this disgraceful moment, you should know all about the issues with originality and be able to…

Infectious Disease: Meningitis Essay

Meningitis, also known as spinal meningitis, is a viral or bacterial infection causing inflammation of the membranes, called meninges. Meninges act as a natural protective barrier that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. When the barrier is permeable, infections are able to transmit a disease in or through and cause serious or even fatal effects….

Tuberculosis Is The Infectious Disease

Tuberculosis is the infectious disease, that cause mortality worldwide and is the actual issue for worldwide health system. Tuberculosis (TB) is a communicable disease, that may presented in an active or a latent form. It affects a various body systems, but mostly a respiratory system. This disease is triggered by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It…



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Computer Ethics Essay

As of September 2003, there were approximately 70 million Americans or about 62 percent of the American population had at least one home computer. Another statistic is that about 55% of people also have internet on there home computers. In everyday life it is important for a person to have good ethics; this is also…

The Difference Between Hobby and Passion

There are many people who have found what they are passionate about, and many that have not. Have you found yours? Everyone has to find their passion. It is a word that is most often used in the wrong context such as a job or a hobby. In reality, passion is a strong emotion burning…

Nature in William Wordsworth’s Poetry

The natural world and mankind have an elusive as well as unique bond. Nature allows us to connect to our intrapersonal selves. This connection, to an extent, cannot be understood on a conscious level. William Wordsworth’s poetry describes the relationship between nature and the spirit of human beings. His work pays special attention to the…

Mental Illness VS Crime

In today’s society, mental illness is often taken as a joke when in reality it is a very fragile situation that should be treated accordingly. The connection between mental illness and guilt has been the subject of serious discussion and examination in the late past, considering numerous mass shootings in the US. While the reestablished…

The Protestant Reformation 

The Protestant Reformation was a very eventful and important part of time in history. This time in history in a brief statement is were the Protestant Christian church separated from the Roman Catholic Church. The Protestants thought of the Roman Catholic Church to be corrupt, with phony relics, and sold indulgences, which, they did not…

Art History: The Role of Art

Art is the imagination of artistic skills(Gaylin, D.,2016). Art has played a vital role in dance, literature, music, museums, paintings, sculptures, etc. Art was invented about 64,000 years ago when someone mixed clay with animal fat to make paintings on a wall in a cave. Do you think when art was created that it was…

Analysis Of The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Lette has been captivating readers since it was first published in 1850 by autho Nathaniel Hawthorne. This historical fiction, romance, yet sinful book is abou a woman named Hester Prynne who was sent to Boston by her husband, ha committed adultery while waiting for her husband to arrive to Boston. She give birth…

The American Dream: El Sueño Americano Film Analysis

The American Dream is something that Americans have believed in for centuries, and people still believe in it today. What is the American dream? The American Dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what social class they were born into, can obtain their own version of success in a…

Fall of Ancient Rome

The city of Rome, which became a capital of one of the largest empires in the history of Europe if not the world, is in central Italy, along the Tiber River, about 15 miles from the Tyrrhenian sea. Surrounded by the fertile land of the plain of Latium, the tiny village that became Rome was…

What Darwin Never Knew

Darwin knew many things and gave us and lots of scientists today an introduction to what we are now discovering and learning now. Although Darwin has helped us with discovering new things about evolution and survival, we’ve discovered things even Darwin has not known. We discovered things darwin never discovered or never had the prospect…

Poem Analysis: A Small Needful Fact by Ross Gay

How can a community filled with mayhem and racial discrimination live in a garden filled with colorful flowers, nature, and bees? Ross Gays “A Small Needful Fact” is able to capture the essence of the beauty and importance of a garden, along with layers of a deep and complex references to the issue arising in…

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