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Essay on Science

One of the most important areas to examine and study is science. It has always been the subject to improve your knowledge in. Science is generally classified into three categories: natural, social and formal science. The subject of science is an examination of natural and physical phenomena in the world. In school, students often get tasks on writing essays with different words maximum about the study of science.

Science Essays of different length in English

Here are a few samples of an essay on the topic of science, its importance and use. Essays contain 200 words, 400 words, 500 words and 600 words.

Science essay sample 1 (200 words)

The study of science is based on the knowledge about the world, the processes both physical and natural. It has been broken down into two main groups. One of the sciences studies the world from the point of biological view and another one, which studies society, behavior, and functions of a human. Main groups are also divided into smaller subgroups. Natural science takes an interest in the process of the world development and tries to find an explanation of how everything works on the Earth. This category takes advantage of chemistry, biology, physics, and astronomy.

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Another discipline, social science, studies areas, which concern people. For example, these are history, sociology, psychology, jurisprudence, political science and many others.

It goes without saying, that with the development of science, the world has achieved a lot of inventions, which has become an indispensable part of life at different times. Researches and scientists are always working hard to make life easier and improve it. What is more, a lot of processes, which defied explanation, are now understandable.  However, along with its benefits, science carries some negative aspects. It’s our blessing and curse at the same time. Many authorities have forgotten that science should be used for the sake of humanity and not as one of the means to destroy it.

Science essay sample 2 (300 words)

The use of science is of vital importance almost in all spheres of life. It examines and defines every process in the world. We come across science in everyday life: washing machines, cell phones, automobiles, hair dryers and so on.

Use of Science

Science has become a part of everyone’s life nowadays. One can hardly imagine their lives without inventions which are the result of scientific advancement.

To begin with, all the kitchen appliances used for cooking are the benefits of scientific progress. Ones which ease our lives to a great extent are microwave, oven, mixer. We may see the changes not only in cooking food but also in growing it. Scientists have found the way to grow fruit and vegetables faster and regardless of weather conditions. It means that now, we stand a chance to eat fruit or vegetables, not only in its usual growing season but all around the year.

What is more, it is due to science we are able now to treat and cure illnesses people have not been able to for a long time. The medical equipment improves every year allowing examining of every cell of the human body. Science along with technologies move medical treatment to a new level.

The next important thing is socialization and communicating. Cellphones and computers have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. No one could have ever believed that calling or “skyping” would be possible and make it so fast to get in touch with a person.

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No one could deny the fact that science makes our lives better and easier. It does, indeed. It is hard to imagine what our lives would look like without all the inventions that science has given to us. Although, scientists meant to make science a boon for mankind development, for some people the fruits of scientific progress have become a push to degrade.

Science essay sample 3 (400 words)

Natural Sciences, Formal Sciences, and Social Sciences are the main categories, which comprise a wide area of the scientific study. They are divided into smaller subcategories that specify various aspects. This division may look like as follows.

Science Division

The first category is the natural sciences. The main subject of this category is understanding the functions of the world and generally the universe. It seeks answers to every natural and physical process on the Earth. According to aspects being studied by the categories, further, they can be broken down into physical and life science. Life sciences include biology studying life processes of people, zoology studying animal life and botany which aim is to study plants.

Physical sciences, on the other hand, consists of more branches. These are:

  1. the study of chemistry – deals with chemical processes, matter, atoms, and molecules;
  2. the study of astronomy – deals with the cosmos and all stellar bodies;
  3. the study of physics – deals with the behavior of matter;
  4. earth and atmospheric sciences – deal with different systems on the earth and processes inherent to them;
  5. the study of oceanography – deals with all the processes in the ocean;
  6. the study of ecology – deals with the relationships between different organisms and their relation to the environment.

Speaking of Social Sciences, these are fundamental ones, to which people and their actions are related to. Each social science has its subject of study. They are:

  • the study of the past of humanity and the world;
  • the study of the political system, parties, government;
  • the study of society and current social phenomena;
  • the science which studies how society develops and functions;
  • the study of humanity and human interaction;
  • the study of how people make money arrangements and deal with their wealth;
  • the study of peculiarities of humanity from the very beginning till now.

When it comes to the third category of formal sciences, it deals with concrete systems such as statistics, logic, math, information theory, etc. What is more, these sciences are of vital importance and necessity when it comes to advancing a theory. They become essential for natural and social sciences.

The scientists are working hard every day to improve their knowledge in the field. Experiments, researches involved the use of these three branches of science. Having researched all the peculiarities of the subject, the may come up with conclusions. Such activity has led to so many improvements that we may observe and enjoy nowadays.

Science essay sample 4 (500 words)

Science studies all the aspects of physical and natural phenomena in the world. It can find an explanation of any process happening in the world. Researchers work on experiments, make some conclusions and come up with theories on several subjects. It is due to the science we make use of new inventions, which greatly ease our lives.

The difference between religion and science

Science uses several mathematical and logical methods to test a theory or do research when religion looks at things from the perspective of faith and beliefs. To prove theory scientists use experimentation, research and extensive review to achieve outcomes, while in religion there is no any logic being applied. Every concept has a different opinion concerning any phenomenon and looks at things from a different point of view.

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The discrepancy between the two concepts

  • How was the world created?

The scientists claim that the universe and the whole world was created more than 13 billion years ago. And our planet, what is more, is considered to be at the age of more than 4 billion years now. The religion of Christianity, on the contrary, states that God needed six days to create the world, which happened between 4004 and 8000 BCE.

  • Is our planet the Universe Centre?

This discrepancy is probably one of the most known. According to theory brought up by Catholic Church our planet functions as a center of the universe. In other words, all the other celestial bodies turn around the Earth. The discrepancy was caused by a discovery made by the famous Italian scientist and astronomer Galileo Galilei. His theory was based on the knowledge that it was the Sun in the center and other objects moved around it.

  • Eclipse

The first argument against eclipse came up in one of the Asian countries. The church explained lunar eclipse as a disagreement between the Mightiest. Gods threatened to deprive kings of their power. However, later on, with the help of science, experts managed to explain such a phenomenon, which caused a conflict.

  • Did living creatures evolve?

Another conflict between Religion and Science lies deep within the matter of evolution. According to the Bible, all the living creatures were created in 6 days. Many scientists proved another version, which states that flora and fauna have come through evolution.


The conflicts mentioned above are not all of the discrepancies between religious communities and scientists. Religion has such an influence on people, which although science has all the proofs and answers to these questions, faith and belief are much more powerful.

Besides religious, there are many other social communities, which treat science quite unclear.  To them, science, despite all the benefits it gives, is a reason for different, unexpected issues concerning our health, politics, commercial and industrial life. What is more, science opened the door for dangerous atomic weapon aimed at the destruction of people. Also, while factories and other capacities make use of all those scientific inventions, we suffer from environmental pollution and other negative effects it can get at us. So, we should learn how to use them properly and take everything under our control.

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Essay on Science
One of the most important areas to examine and study is science. It has always been the subject to improve your knowledge in. Science is generally classified into three categories: natural, social and formal science. The subject of science is an examination of natural and physical phenomena in the world. In school, students often get tasks on writing essays with different words maximum about the study of science. Science Essays of different length in English He
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Essay on Science
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