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    Essay on The Teaching Profession Importance

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    During the past five years, there has been an increased interest in the profession that comes back to the ancient times – the profession of a teacher. This occupation is one of the oldest on the Earth. Many historians believe that the first foundations of the profession of a teacher appeared at a time when a man first began to hunt wild animals. The older generation began to teach young people all the tricks of this unpretentious activity. At the same time, the person who taught adolescents and children was a highly respected member of the tribe and, as a result, he was always given certain privileges. What is more, with the development and evolution of humanity, the teacher profession only becomes more and more essential for society. So why is teaching a profession that has become so popular and why is teaching a good profession for every person who wants to make own contribution to society?

    First of all, teachers have a very significant educational role. They dispense knowledge teaching the students some essential concepts. Teaching as a professional, one should begin with stimulating individual curiosity about the world around. Teachers help to share the knowledge due to which humans have survived by evolving as a species. The teacher trains pupils in schools, gymnasiums, and. There are many specializations of the teacher profession: a primary school teacher, a teacher of chemistry, a history teacher, a physical education teacher, a physics teacher, an English teacher and many others. However, it is impossible to say which of them is the most important. Probably, young people need the knowledge in every sphere of life. Teachers assist the mind in delivering itself with ideas, knowledge, and understanding. In other words, a good teacher demonstrates to the students how to recognize the truth and false. Even though it may be a very time consuming and difficult profession in some cases, the long-term benefits worth the efforts.

    The second important role of any teacher is developing. Any teacher is also a friend, example, and mentor for the students.  The primary responsibility of every teacher is the ability to choose a personal approach to any student. Every teacher has a distinct teaching philosophy or one’s values and goals as a teacher based on the needs of their students.  Besides, contrary to what one may think, teachers are also active listeners. Listening to students is fundamental not only for assessment of learning but for developing students’ personality, empowering and motivating them.

    Lastly, teachers perform an important nation-shaping role. The individuals who take on the responsibility of educating the young people not only help individuals to gain the knowledge but increase the well-being of society as a whole. Due to this fact, during the past five years, the government has increased the salaries for teachers and costs spent on education. The teachers encourage students to obey the laws and form in them the basic understanding of moral principles. Needless to say, any nation benefits from educated and responsible citizens. Citizens should be provided with some basic knowledge that will eventually enable them to become independent members of society and learn self-discipline. Hence, there are no doubts whether is teaching a profession that has a significant impact on the development of society.

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