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    Essay of Observation Essay (704 words)

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    He stands against the pillar, his eyes closed, and breathes in the cold air. The sun is steadily rising, its rays warming his face, taking the chill out of the January morning. He turns even more towards the sun, basking in its warmth. At this unguarded moment, he has not a care in the world. He is oblivious to the world, oblivious to the girl on the bench steadily watching him.

    Beneath his black Bear jacket, hes wearing a red long-sleeved Polo shirt, dark blue Polo jeans, and mustard-colored Timberland boots. The light, which has been warming his face, has given his naturally dark brown hair the appearance of having maple-colored highlights. He opens his eyes and turns his head slightly as someone asks him if he has matches. His mouth curves upward in an apologetic smile as he informs the smoker that he doesnt smoke.

    He resumes his original position, and once again closes his eyes. The dark lashes, which normally frame amber eyes, are again resting against his cheeks, a striking contrast to the creamy ivory of his skin. In such a relaxed position, one can see the determined set of his chin, the fine bone structure of his face, the promise that, as he ages, he will become even more handsome. He checks his watch, and realizing the time, begins to gather his things so he can head towards his first class.

    He begins walking away, and suddenly stops. He slowly turns around, his eyes sweeping from side to side, as if hes looking for something or someone. He shakes his head, and resumes his walk to class. He stops again, turns around, and once more begins his search. It is apparent by the look on his face that he doesnt know exactly what hes looking for, but there is something for which to be looked. His gaze sweeps by the girl on the bench as if he doesnt notice her.

    Once, twice, he looks around, until finally, he rests his eyes on the girl. Puzzled, he walks over to her, stops, and asks, Why have you been watching me? He laughs as she responds, Im doing an Essay of Observation Essay for my English class, and since youre really cute, I figured Id observe you for a little while, and then write about you. To that he flippantly replies, Take a picture, itll last you longer and slowly walks away, leaving the girl staring after him, her mouth wide open. He turns around again, winks, and yells to her, Let me know how the paper comes out.

    My names Davin, extension 2382. The scene outlined above happened to me a few days ago. When I started forming my idea for this paper, I believed doing an observation of people would be the best topic about which to write. I never realized how hard it was to observe people and remain unnoticed.

    I also never realized how embarrassing it was to have the young man being observed notice that hes being watched, and approach the person who is so intently staring at him. However, there were a few things I learned from watching Davin. When a person is completely relaxed (as Davin had been that day), he or she gives off a very stress-free, I-can-handle-anything attitude. This makes the person exude a certain type of confidence that many people find very attractive.

    As I watched Davin, I observed a number of females noticing him. Although none of them went up to him to begin a conversation, many tried to attract his attention by commenting on his looks to one of their friends. It was obvious that he overheard these whispered comments because he often smiled after one was said; apparently, however, he felt no strong desires to strike up a discussion with the women who spoke so highly of him for not one succeeded in engaging him in a tte–tte. The biggest lesson I learned from my observation of Davin was that no one likes to be bothered while he or she is trying to relax.

    The entire point of relaxing is to leave behind the stresses, troubles, and worries of the day. One cant be bothered with mindless conversation or silly .

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