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Essay About Myself

In our diversity course I have learned and got an understanding that social inequality covers and individuals surrounding in society. People slow contradict that everyone who has number of social background or relationship with others. Social inequality includes race, ethnicity, social background, sex, culture, religious background, education, and sexual orientation (Angelini, 2012, p. 67).

Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Religious Background I am the first born daughter, the second oldest of one stepbrother, because I am the second oldest I was treated as fairly. I have gotten a lot of suggestion and questions about family decisions and as I look within myself I valued the woman that I have become. As most Apostolic I do feel that as woman, there are more woman in the church who has roles as leaders to be teachers in Sunday school, and choir leaders while the men are meant to be preachers, leaders and encourage other within and outside of church. I am a twenty year old female in college. I am your calm college student, whose day consistently consist of classes, work, studying, and a little bit of fun here and there.

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Although being in college will educated and encourage me as a woman in the future career when I enter in the work force of the profession. It has been repeated again and again that woman will share the same education level but men, on average earn significantly less (Angelini, 2012, p. 67). Race I know for a fact as young black woman, who is educated I realize that black people where not as privileged as other races are and who was treated unequally. I do not feel the need to examiner on someone race and the color of their skin because of their background.

I rather treat every individual equally no what the case may be. I am very dispassionate when it comes to certain things it come to the media and government. It is hard to support wherever I think is good for the job. I feel that as a women we need to live and let the men know that they are not the only one who can run, and be a president and prime minister within Canada and outside of Canada. I will be so happy when a women becomes the prime minister or president in my life span. Social Class My social inequality is restricted.

Each though social inequality is not the same as others it motives me to do better for myself so I do not feel I am less than anybody who makes more than me or who lives in a better has than I do. My social inequality clarify my existence maturity. I never thought being a certain color would be a worldwide issue because I am black and after I started going to Sheridan College I was in a an environment neighborhood that had all kind of race. This class made it easier to understand what process each individual because wherever I turn there is different race. As I look within myself I never once thought I had a better privilege, than anyone in the world but after hearing storyline and its distinct issue each classmates had I was really shock at the racist comments that was in today’s generation. Ethnicity The generation of today grew up in a different up bring from how are grandparents was brought up.

I remember when I was little girl I would always hear defeatist stories about what horrendous things that was so degrading and shameful that was mention to them about their race or the color of their skin. Growing up and moving to city to city it was challenging because changing school and trying to make new friends was really hard because people will judge me without getting to know me for who I really am. Growing up was very difficult because I moved a lot and went to so many different schools. I remember when I was living in Mississauga years ago I just started school and the first day of elementary school.

I was very shy because I did not know anyone but I noticed when it was recess time I was walking to see if any of classmates wanted to hang with me and no one wanted to. Most of the students made fun of me and I felt left out because everyone in that class knew everyone and I was just a newcomer to the class for the first day. It felt different because I was not dresses or I wear the same thing as everyone in the class and I may look different to everyone in the class. When I moved to Brampton couple years ago it was totally different from my experience in Mississauga. By grade 6 I knew a couple of people because of previous schools I attended which was a different experience than ever. There are people who I often I knew who I visit their church time and time again which made everything much easier.

Meanwhile, school mates and friends would do things that are on call for and I was there at the wrong time I would get blamed and stereotype for things that had nothing to do with me. I remember I was at school and one of my friends got into an argument with another individual who I know for couple weeks and told the teacher “ that black girl started it” at first I was shock I was not expected those words to come out the individuals mouth. By the time I entered high school I around the wrong crowd of people. I was getting suspended from school for not listen to teachers, following authorizes and not following the rules of the school. I remember when I came back from suspension I was in class writing something of the board and there was a new student in class.

The student was blocking the view of the board and the lashed out on me. So I got called done to vice principal office because the student reported and said I was being disrespectful towards her. The vice principal was stereotyping by saying I know who you are you are very ignorant, rude, and disrespectful student. When I heard those words from the vice principal I did not know what to say at that moment I was just lost of words. LGTB Community As I entered college this is where I was exposed to the LGTB community, there was a few bi-sexual I knew outside of school, there were a few gay couples in the school and I know there is a few groups that support them very well.

One of my associate fall head over heels with a men I met through him and I did not support it at all but at times it was difficult because I was taught by the Apostolic Church. Moreover, it was uncomfortable when he first came out in the beginning I learned that I am not the one to judge a person on their lifestyle and the way they want to live and the way they feel about their sexual orientation. My thoughts on the LGTB community is that I do not support at all. The reason why I do not support it is because god did not create Adam and Steve, God created Adam and Eve which is in the beginning of the bible.

Studies show that same sex marriage is very common in several examples that was illustrate on how the LGBTTIQ community can assimilated into an economy of rights. In Alberta, the conservative government passed the Bill 44, in human rights. The breakdowns of same-sex marriage by major centre are Toronto 50. 3%, Montreal 18.

2%, and Vancouver 10. 8% and the rest of Canada is at 21. 7% (Angelini, 2012, p. 265).

Thoughts and Feelings about Violence Against Women Over two-thirds of the crimes that were committed against a women were committed by someone known to them: 31% of the female are victims reported that the offenders was a stranger. Of those who knew their offenders, apparently 28% were intimates such as husbands or boyfriends, 35% were acquaintances, and the ones that left remaining 5% were other relatives. Moreover, women who are black, Hispanic, in younger age groups, never married, with lower inequality income and have a lower education levels, and in central cities were they are most vulnerable to becoming a targeting victims of violent crimes (Bachman, Ronet, 1994, p. 5).

Even though women are more vulnerable in the 21st century they still have to go through being victimizes by men. Thoughts Feelings about Immigrants and RefugeesFurthermore, Canada is known as the country for better intention of a settling for a better life and better job opportunity. According to research the Canadian immigration policy can tend to be racist or biased towards “white” immigrants – creating a “white Canada” (Migration, Feb 10th, 2015). My thought and view on immigrants and refugees is that I admire them because it is very difficult to come to a new country to start a new beginning and the amount of difficulties they have been facing since they came to Canada is the hardest thing to do as new comer to Canada. Moreover, the origin or colour, on the basis of job training, experience, skills, level of education, knowledge of English or French, degree of demand for applicant’s occupation, job offers, and job offers (Migration, Feb 10th, 2015). Canada is considered an “immigrant – receiving” country: 17% of the immigrants are General Canadian populated.

In between 2001 and 2006, the immigrants are accounted for about 67% in population growth in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2007) (Migration, Feb 10th, 2015). Immigrants and refugees also a lot of racial discrimination, social exclusion, marginalization, prejudice, stereotypes lack of recognition of the immigrants’ credentials and foreign experience and also the language barriers (Migration, Feb 10th, 2015). Immigrants and refugees are people coming from different country such as Hong Kong, China, India, Pakistan, and other democratic republic of Congo, Liberia, Ghana and other European countries. More than 60% of the “new” Canadians come from countries in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. People of the colour now account for more than 16% of Canada’s population (Migration, Feb 10th, 2015).

Attitudes, Stereotypes, Prejudices & etc After looking back at these information that was presented to us in our lecture class is that I believe that white people and Indian people are more privilege than the people who came to Canada without nothing. I believe that they get everything they want handed to them so easy than the ones who put in applications for jobs constantly and still do not receive a call back from the agency or company. But if it was a white person they would have got the job with no hesitation I believe these employers needs stop stereotyping, and prejudice people because it really makes the company look really awful and need to stop discriminating, and stigmatization against people who are colour because it makes it hard for the new to look at people racist profiling them because of the way they look and carry themselves. There are people who is going come in and out of your life and when they unsure if they want to be in your life you would know they are not meant to be there at all. There are things that will take you long time for you to notice a lot of changes in your life but change well than anything.

When you see that change in your life and things starts to go in you favor you will know that it was the right thing to do and it was a good feeling and you will not regret one bite of it. There are things that you wish that never happen but at the end of day you learned your lesson and it will not be a mistake that you will make in your life again. There was I quote that my mother always told me “ show me is your company, and I will tell who you are” that quote be stuck in the back of head because no matter what you will have that smoothly paved images in your head about what say about and what they think about you. No matter what you will always have that one person who discriminate against you, stereotype, prejudice, make racial comments, and say degrading things that will break you down. But it is to know you to dust those hurtful demeaning words off your shoulders and move forward with your life. Because the people who you are with everyday affects your life in the long run and they make your life a good experience and the ones who make everything hard for you is the ones who makes your life feel so important.


Angelini, (2012) Our Society: Human Diversity in Canada 4th edition NelsonViolence against Women (January 1994): A National Crime Victimization Survey Report. Retrieved from https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/Digitization/145325NCJRS.pdf

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Essay About Myself
In our diversity course I have learned and got an understanding that social inequality covers and individuals surrounding in society. People slow contradict that everyone who has number of social background or relationship with others. Social inequality includes race, ethnicity, social background, sex, culture, religious background, education, and sexual orientation (Angelini, 2012, p. 67). Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Religious Background I am the first born daughter, the second ol
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Essay About Myself
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