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    Environmental Air Pollution Essay

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    My views of the environment are rooted in my belief in creation. I do not believe that life on earth began spontaneously, nor do I believe that the earth is so delicately balanced.

    I dont believe that the earth and its ecosystem are fragile. Many radical environmentalists do, they believe man can come along, all by themselves and change everything for worse. After hundreds of millions of years, they believe that we are the last two generations of human existence. And they think we can destroy the earth all by ourselves?I simply cannot believe this view of man and his works.

    I refuse to believe that people, which is also a result of Creation, can destroy the best creation in the universe. Although some arrogant radical scientists believe that they are capable of unlocking every door of the universe and above all else, capable of understanding it, it is a fact that there are some things in this world that man just cant understand, and cannot understand, and we must accept these things in faith. This one small planet has the conditions that are necessary for life and is perfectly placed in our solar system. If we were placed a little further from the sun, we would be a really big ice cube. If we were a little closer, we would be roasting in one big oven.

    And the placement of the Earth is not by chance, it was placed here for a reason. We humans had nothing to do with earths creation, nor did we have anything to do with its placement or its functioning. We are only a part of it. We are as much part of it as the Spotted Owl, which is a bird. But environmentalists picture humans as a natural enemy of nature.

    According to them, we are capable of destroying earth merely by being ourselves. I also dont understand how these scientists of whom which say we are powerful enough to destroy earth, can also say we are no better than a frog. Unfortunately for them, this is what they believe. They seem to think that all life forms on the planet, other than humans, peacefully exist together. They think that humans destroy. Most animals and insects depend on each other for food and do not peacefully co-exist.

    We could not destroy the earth even if we wanted to. The earth is over 4 billion years old. Man has been here for no more than 200,000 of those years. We cannot even come close to creating the forces of nature, yet these forces have been around for 4 billion years. And yet, the earth is still here. Mount Pinatubo, in the Philippines, spewed forth more than a thousand times the amount of ozone-depleting chemicals in one eruption than all the chloro-fluorocarbons ever manufactured by evil man and possessed corporations in all of history (RLimbaugh, The Way Things Ought to Be, p155).

    So now scientists say that 4-6% of the ozone loss could occur over the Northern Hemisphere over the next 2-3 years (RLimbaugh, The Way Things Ought to Be, p155). Remember: this has been going on for billions of years and we still have a healthy ozone layer. Again, the facts are here, man cant even come close to equaling the CFC output of a volcano. Conclusion, Mother Nature has been attacking her own ozone layer for millions of years, and its still here.

    We have only been measuring ozone since 1956 (RLimbaugh, The Way Things Ought to Be, p155). And scientists still claim that they know enough for us to change our lives. Maybe the largest environmental worry in the recent years is the potential problem of the Earth heating up because of mans abuse of the environment. There is little evidence behind these theories, and most of these theories are being voided after each new study.

    Scientists say a supernova 340,000 years ago disrupted 10% to 20% of the ozone layer, causing only a sunburn in prehistoric man (RLimbaugh, See I Told You So, p178). Has man ever created anything even close to the radioactivity and explosive force of a supernova? My answer: doubtful. And if pre-historic man only got a sunburn, how can we get cancer from air conditioners

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