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    english 3 Renaissance/ poems

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    Where and when did the Renaissance begin?
    Italy; 17th century
    Meaning of renaissance
    what was the renaissance?
    the awakening of a whole new range of interests of human beings and the world they lived in
    famous Italian renaissance artists
    Petrach(created 14 line sonnet) Giotto(painter) Brunelleschi(architecture) Donatello(sculpture) DaVinci Michelangelo
    Features of Renaissance Art
    Individualism, balance and proportion, use of perspective
    the expression of art that was mainly expressed through the creativity of the artists who expressed their religious beliefs
    Balance and Proportion
    the renaissance artists tried to show people, trees, buildings and mountains in their proper sizes
    Use of Perspective
    the impression of depth and distance on the flat surface of the painting , The ways of using mathematical laws in planning a painting, Oil based paints became more popular because they didn’t dry so fast
    Geniuses of Renaissance art
    Raphael: combined religious art with a renaissance spirit… became famous for his Madonnas
    Michelangelo: painter, poet and architect and a highly skilled sculpture — pieta– ceiling of the Sistine chapel
    Leonardo Da Vinci: highly skilled painted — the last supper— Mona Lisa
    Henry VII and elizabeth create which line? How long would it rule
    Tudor Line; over a century
    Religious Protest during Henry VII’s rule
    Protestant Reformation was a protest against the corruption of the church
    Martin Luther nailed hi 95 theses to the church door
    Henry VIII declares himself the Supreme ruler of the Anglican Church
    Anyone who opposed the kind was executed(Sir Thomas Moore)
    Who was Henry’s first son?
    Edward, successor of his father, died at age of 9
    Mary I
    Queen of England after the death of her brother Edward, Known as “Bloody Mary” for persecuting protestants; died after 5 years on the throne
    Elizabeth I
    The next queen after Mary, she had a sharp intellect and excellent Renaissance education, she was a clever diplomat and shrewd politician, studied under Robert Ascham, encourage literary and artistic development
    Robert Ascham
    Elizabeth’s tutor, leading figure of the humanists
    What made England the most powerful country in the world?
    their defeat of the Spanish armada
    Most distinctive achievement of Elizabethan Literature?
    Elizabethan drama
    Introduced non religious characters and plots, originally performed as interludes during parties, all parts played by men
    First public theater
    erected in shoreditch, just outside of city limits
    important renaissance theaters
    The Globe, and the Rose
    Types of people who attended the theater
    all people, the wealthy bought seats, the poor paid a penny to stand in the pit
    penny stinkers
    those who paid to stand in the pit (poor could not shower well, also went to the bathroom in their pants while they stood in the pit)
    Elizabethan taste in art
    an interest in ornamentation and artifice- fancy taste in everything, elaborate clothing; Clothing, buildings, gardens, etc. very elaborate
    a word of praise… extension of the word art itself
    Sir Francis Drake
    a privateer, who helped the English defeat the Spanish Armada
    Elizabethan entertainment
    Brothels, bearbaiting and public executions
    reasons theaters were outside of the city
    gambling, brothels, drinking, illegal activities, called the “bad side of town”
    James Stuart
    Elizabeth’s cousin, son of Mary Queen of Scots, becomes king after Elizabeth’s death
    Mary Queen of Scots
    executed by Elizabeth for treason, she had the support of the Catholics who thought she was the rightful queen
    Why did James persecute Puritans?
    Puritans were Protestants but very strict
    Parliament had many powerful Puritans
    They didn’t support the king’s conquest for money
    Charles I
    son of James, becomes King after James dies, furthers anti puritan sentiment; Mayflower goes to America
    civil war during Charles’s presidency
    between puritans(round heads) and supporters of the King(cavaliers). Puritans led by Oliver Cromwell to victory: establish protectorate, close theaters, dilute wine, ban holiday celebrations
    Charles II
    after the death of his father Charles I, takes his place on the throne
    three types of sonnets
    Italian: Petrarchan
    English: Shakespearean
    Spenserian- devised by Edward spencer
    English Sonnet
    The most popular;
    14 lines
    3 quatrains and 1 couplet
    Usually about love, nature, beauty– not death
    Written in Iambic Pentameter
    scanning a line of poetry
    a pattern of Meter unstressed (u) syllable and a stressed (/) syllable
    Edmund Spenser
    wrote Amoretti Sequence( means little love poems)
    Sir Phillip Sidney
    wrote Astrophel and stella series
    William Herbert
    possibly the young man in Shakespeare’s poems
    Emilia Bassano
    possibly the dark Lady in Shakespeare’s poems
    Christopher Marlowe
    Contemporary of Shakespeare, wrote similar poetry. Rumored to be a spy for elizabeth, killed in a bar fight
    Sir Walter raliegh
    favorite poet of the queen;an explorer; asked the queen to marry him, she refused so he married one of her maids in secret;queen throws him in jail; King James didn’t like him either, throws him back in jail and eventually executes him
    Passionate shepherd and his love
    By Marlowe, the shepherd asks his love to come with him, and gives her many gifts from nature
    The Nymphs reply
    By Raliegh in reply to Marlowe; the lady doesn’t believe the shepherd was sincere, his gifts won’t last they will wither and die, if they could stay young forever she would go with him
    birthplace of shakespeare
    stratford on avon
    Birthday/ date of death for shakespeare
    april 23 1564/1616
    Shakespeares father
    John Shakespeare, a glovemaker, probably a guildsman, an alderman, wine importer, had financial difficulties
    Shakespeare’s mother
    mary arden, one of eight girls, born of a wealthy father
    When was shakespeare home
    40 days a year, during lent when the theaters were closed
    shakespeares wife
    ann Hathaway, lived in a cottage with 7 chimneys; married when he was 18, she was 26; only anounced 1 public banns before marriage, she was probably pregnant
    Shakespeare’s children
    Suzanne, Hamnet(dies young), Judith

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