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    Descriptive Essay Hogwarts (424 words)

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    It’s held together by magic, so the towers literally defy’ gravity and the various types of construction fit together in impossible way. The wooden beams join seamlessly to stone battlements and plaster walls meld into iron door frames. On top of all that, the various rooms and spaces in the castle tend to move around, especially the staircases. This can’t be happening all the time, surely, or no one valued be able to get anywhere, but it does happen enough to keep people on their toes. Hogwash’s grounds are very large and contain many different magical entities.

    The Whamming Willow is a very violent ere planted in the middle of the school grounds and disguises the opening to the secret passageway from Hogwash’s to The Shrieking Shack. TO the east Of Hogwash’s is the Forbidden Forrest. The Forbidden Forrest is thick with trees with some paths and brooks, but it is impassable Off the path. It is also the home to a strange assortment of creatures such as Cornstalks. Haggis’s cabin is located on the edge of the Forbidden Forrest. Acquitted Field is on the opposite side of Hogwash’s from the Forbidden Forrest. There is a lake located south of the castle and is approximately a half mile in diameter.

    Giant Squids, Norfolk, and Grindingly live in this lake. Acquitted is big at Hogwash’s. Each House fields a team, which includes the seven players and often one or two reserve players as well, The teams have a team captain who not only plays but also acts as coach. The captain leads practices, devises strategies, and sees to the induction of new players into the team. Acquitted tryouts are typically during the second week tot the school year, although the exact day and time are up to the captain to determine; students who wish to play for their Houses are asked to talk to Madam Hooch.

    The Acquitted season at Hogwash’s starts in October, with the first games early in November. Madam Hooch is the resident Acquitted expert. The Blubbers, Scuffles, and Snitch are stored securely in her office between games and she acts as referee for the matches. Team practices are scheduled by individual captains. Most teams practice almost every day, after school or in the evenings. J. K Rolling had a wary vivid imagination to create Yogurts. You can hopefully now see Why I find it fascinating. If you haven’t seen or read the series Of Harry Potter you should make time. You too will be sent to a world that seems impossible.

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