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    Cyber Dating Abuse Among Early Adolescents

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    Prevalence of the Perpetration of Cyber-Dating Abuse has been reported among high school and middle school; middle school students, particularly those in 7th grade, have been reported to perpetrate cyber dating abuse for the past six months. (Peskin, 2017)little is known about the perpetration of cyber dating abuse, specifically among early adolescents like any other dating. It is associated with both physical and emotional violence. The two main correlates of perpetration of cyber dating abuse are first; individual factors which consist of demographic, psychosocial, behavioral, and psychological factors—secondly, relationship factor.

    Subsequently, due to lack of adequate research on this field, there so no specific intervention plan to address. The two main correlates, but several invention strategies from other areas, can be applied to prevent and curb the rate of increasing Perpetration of Cyber-Dating Abuse, particularly among the youths. First, providing social support sources to early adolescents, sources of social can be parents, classmates, and teachers who can play a crucial role in students’ psychopathology and wellness (Stewart, 2011, pp. 1016-1033).

    Social support is essential predictors of all mental outcomes, especially life satisfaction; this intervention applies to both demographic and relationship factors. For instance, students with low esteem and coming from a family with low social, economic status who lacks proper social support will be linked with perpetration of cyber dating abuse since they will require life satisfaction (Stewart, 2011). Classmates and teachers support can be useful to students with lower academic achievement (Stewart, 2011). Social support ensures interaction and closeness among students, parents, and students as well as teachers and students hence it can be easy to address psychosocial factor such as anger as well as reducing behavioral factors such as bullying.

    According to Schonert-Reichl (2010), Mindfulness Education program teacher-taught universal preventive intervention aims to facilitate the development of positive emotions and social and emotional competence. It has as its groundwork daily lessons in which students engage in mindful attention training. Students who attend this kind of training mostly record improvements in socially competent behaviors such as understanding others’ needs and feelings, cooperating, expressing emotions, and solving problems (Schonert-Reichl, 2010, pp. 137-151.). Besides, this program ensures school-based interventions that can effectively address the teen’s relationship and demographic factors.

    Inconclusion, the invention program for cyber dating among teenagers, should aim at dressing the two main correlations and preventing the occurrence of cyber abuse before it occurs. It can be through social support or Mindfulness Education programs that aim at working with both teachers, parents, and the community in addressing and preventing cyber dating abuse.


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    Cyber Dating Abuse Among Early Adolescents. (2021, Aug 24). Retrieved from

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