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    Creating an leaflet Essay (877 words)

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    The software I will be using for this task will be Microsoft Publisher 2000. I am using this because it is very good for creating my own publications and they look very professional. Also you can create and control a lot of things in the software. You can change everything from the font to where each piece of text is inserted and the size and placement of the pictures. You can also use pictures from clip art in the publication via Publisher. I will also use pictures from clip art in the publication via Publisher.

    I will also use the software that came with my scanner called Hewlett Packard Photo and Imaging Director to view the pictures as soon as they have been scanned in. I will make a design of the leaflet and send it off to the Assembly to ask them if they thought it was suitable for this task. I will also use my own opinion. After I have chosen the best diagram I will then create that design for real in the Implementation section. This will be the leaflet which I will then send off to the Welsh Assembly and hope that they like it enough to choose as the leaflet to reproduce.

    For this task I must remember to keep the leaflet eye catching and suitable for teenagers to keep them interested. This means that I cannot have pages upon pages of writing because they will just get bored of reading it. I also cannot just have pages full of pictures because this will make them feel that the leaflet does not understand their level of maturity. I need to make a compromise between these two different types of leaflet. I need a good balance between text and pictures in the leaflet. My booklet will be made up on one page of A4 size piece of paper.

    I will fold this paper in three and print on the back and front of it. This means that I will have six sides in my leaflet. I will have one column on each page and a mixture of text and pictures. Publisher will let the text flow between frames. This means that I should not lose any text I type in if it is too big for a single text box. I will get the information needed for the booklet about the dangers of smoking from the internet and books. I will download the information and then type it into the leaflet changing some of the language to make it more persuasive and suitable for young people.

    This will make the language seem easier for younger people to understand and more relevant for them. I will also get pictures from the internet and also scanned in from books. This will make the leaflet better to look at and more interesting. I can also insert the international no smoking sign to encourage people to quit. I will print the leaflet at home with an inkjet printer to send off to the Welsh Assembly but when they have to reproduce the leaflet they will use a laser printer because it is quicker and of better quality than an inkjet.

    I will need to back up this leaflet in case there is a problem with the computer and it gets lost. After I have completed it, I will save it onto a UBS flash memory card and keep it as a back up. I can also use this memory card to move the leaflet from my house to school instead of using a floppy disk or a CD. This is a picture of the memory key: I do not think that I will need to put any security measures onto the file because it does not really need to be kept secure from people because if other people view it, it will not break any laws as there will be no personal information in it.

    I will also have to decide on different fonts and sizes for the leaflet. I will also have to use lots of colour for the background and the foreground to make it stand out as much as possible. I will also have to spell check my publication after I have created it to ensure that there are no incorrectly spelt words in it. I will test this out in the test section in Design. Design I will now create an initial design of my leaflet which will be drawn out. I am going to draw two pages but in the real thing this will be printed back and front of one page.

    I will then send this initial design to the Welsh Assembly and ask them if I should change anything and any comments they have. With this in mind I will then create a final design which I will then try to re-create in the Implementation section. After this I will have to test some parts of the leaflet in a test plan. I will test the spell checker to see if there are certain words that fail there. Also I will make sure images that have been resized are still clear. I sent this initial design off to the Welsh Assembly and these are the comments which they made about it.

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