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Computer Systems and Various Parts Essay

There is then a gaming or media build which require the top end equipment to run the latest games or develop HAD visual or audio media. These high end machines are very customizable and can be personalized down to small in depth details. Case: Plain Computer Cases – (For a very basic and inexpensive build) These usually smaller cases are designed for space efficiency in offices and homes; cooling and expansion of hardware are not priorities as these cases are designed for basic computers which would be used to run early games or web surfing and documenting.

Most pre-build computer systems today would come with this type of computer ass, a space efficient packed case with little or no customization. This type Of computer case Will be built in a way that is often not easy to assemble; this is because this computer type is not really meant to be upgraded much, and is overbuilt in a very cramped way. These cases would have little room for extra internal cooling fans or case fans, because the hardware inside them is likely to not get overworked and overheated easily.

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These cases will have few rails for additional hard drives and likely would only have one optical drive Stylish Computer Cases – (For a stylish appearance and decent performing build) hose cases are designed to hold components which allover for lots of media content to be watched or played. These cases are built to have a bit tot extra space for upgrading and easy access for repairs or internal changes even though the majority of these cases come pre-built with an entire computer system but can be custom built too.

The majority of these types of computer systems are usually built in the mid- sized or full tower computer cases which have a few more bells and whistles than the plain computer cases, such as front panel gauges and controls, external USB rots and possibly a front panel door. These cases are specifically designed to have a little extra space inside for bigger graphics cards or media accelerators. With better media options comes a bigger and more powerful power supply unit, so these stylish cases end up being a generous size.

There will usually be space for additional internal cooling fans, as well as the option of a large heat-sink for the processor, additional HAD slots and often multiple optical drive slots for better media ripping and burning. Gaming Computer Cases (For a high performance gaming and often expensive build. ) Gaming Computer cases are the top-end of all computer cases, as the build requires the best hardware components around.

These massive gaming cases are so large because a gaming build often require multiple graphics cards, sometimes up sin To enable this level of customization, gaming computer cases need to have a massive amount of space to fit extended ATX motherboards with many tall expansion cards so the Case not only needs to be long but also deep. These cases, unlike other cases need to be specifically designed for optimal airflow, as the components inside the system Will be working very hard and will overheat.

Gaming cases usually come with some case fans and at least one internal fan; these internal fans and case fans help to Extract hot air from inside the machine and replace it with cool air from outside, keeping the processor, cards and power supply unit cool. Motherboard: AS/2 Mouse Port Use the upper port (green) to connect a AS/2 mouse. AS/2 Keyboard Port Use the lower port (purple) to connect a AS/2 keyboard. VGA Port Use this port to connect external display devices, such as monitor or LCD display, DVD D Port The DVD-D port supports DVD-D specification.

Connect a monitor that supports DVD-D connection to this port. HID Port The HID (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) provides an all-digital audio/ video interface to transmit the uncompressed audio/video signals and is HEAD compliant. Connect the HID audio/video device to this port. The HID Technology can support a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p but the actual resolutions supported depend on the monitor being used.

Display Port Display Port is a kind of high-definition digital display interface standards, which not only can connect computers and monitors, but also connect to the PC and home theatre. LIST 3. 0 Ports The USB port supports the USB 3. 0/2. 0/1. Specification. Use this port for USB devices such as an USB keyboard/mouse, USB printer, USB flash drive and etc. You need to install the USB 3. 0 driver in the Driver CD before using it. USB 2. 0 Ports CAN Port The Ethernet LANA port provides Internet connection at up to 10/100/mamba/s data rate.

The LIST port supports the LIST 2. 0/1. 1 specification. Use this port for LIST A motherboard has the BIOS (Basic Input/output System), which is the simple software run by a computer when the system is turned on. Other components attach to the motherboard, such as the PAM, processor, graphics card and all he other expansion cards and drives along With ports and peripherals. The main function of the motherboard is to connect all the devices and components Of a computer system onto a single board and then act as the communication between them all.

Motherboards are primarily designed around the processor and the type Of processors likely to be fitted into that motherboard. There are numerous types of motherboard available for computer systems and all of them work differently and have different sizes and shapes; but the main function of the connectivity and communication of components stays fundamentally the same. There are several types of motherboard for computer systems: Motherboard types for desktop computers: Socket A Motherboards Socket A motherboards are designed for MAD processors.

The CPU socket in the motherboard has 462 pins and is in a pin grid array, The average bus speed of these socket A motherboards ranges from mezzo to mezzo The Echelon processor tier of motherboard is also called the socket A motherboard but there are only 370 pins and the bus speed is slower than the MAD socket motherboards at speeds ranging from maze to mezzo_ Socket 378 Motherboards The socket 378 motherboard was created to fit Pentium 4. Processors. Its pins come in PIG with 378 pins. The bus speeds of these motherboards are slightly higher than the socket A boards at, ranging from mezzo to mezzo.

Socket T Motherboards The socket T motherboard has an ALGA 775 processor socket which is compatible with the earlier Intel core processors, specifically the Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad. The socket however also supports older processors for example the Echelon D and the Pentium D. There is a significant difference between the bus speed of these boards and the Socket A and socket 378 boards, at 1500 Maze to 1800 Maze, The T Socket 939 is meant tort MAD processors. It has 939 pins but has a slower bus speed at mezzo to 1000MHz. Socket AMA Motherboards AM 3 motherboards are some of the most recent boards.

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Introduced in 2009, Designed for MAD processors the boards have 941 pins with a bus speed range of mezzo to 3200MHz and still uses a pin grid array layout on the board. The H socket is known better as the ALGA 1156 and this socket holds Intel processors like ii and ii, be it dual, trig, or quad core. Motherboards also come in multiple sizes, Which are used for different computer systems and builds of PC’s. Different sized motherboards mean that computers an be all different sizes, and generally speaking the bigger the board is the more expensive it is; because they have more expansion card slots.

The different sizes of motherboard are: The Baby AT was an early board but is still used with some Pentium machines and processors, There are a few issues with this type of board, the processor socket is situated in a way which could cause issues with longer and wider expansion cards, and the RAM in some cases also interferes with space so this can limit the amount of expansion cards that can be fitted, or the size of the desired cards. ATX ATX boards are designed from the Baby AT boards and are basically designed to solve some of the issues that the Baby AT board had.

The 1/0 support is far better and allows tolerance for future 1/0 systems as well as older ones. The ATX board is also easier to use and install and is more efficient which means that the computer system will be cheaper to run. The ATX is similar to the Baby AT but it allows better US mounting and power distribution. Also, the processor is located further from the expansion slots which means that there are less card limitations; this also reduces the risk Of overheating components.

Mini-ATX The Mini-ATX is almost identical to the standard ATX board, only slightly smaller allowing it to be easily fit into smaller cases, although this limits the use of multiple expansion cards the difference is not great, unless specifically a user needs multiple large expansion cards. MicroVAX The MicroVAX board is more off trend than a useful board; the form factor allows the board to be fit into all kinds of machines but there are limitations to the expansion card slots, Although the boards are powerful and support current and future processors, the use of high end media will be severely limited.

On a plus side, the power consumption is significantly less than standard ATX boards. Falcate Falcate motherboards are used in new and interesting designs Of LCD personal computers and desktop PC’s. Power Supply: The power supply unit is fundamental in many computer systems; in a desktop PC it is the unit which draws power from the mains and distributes it to the various components in the computer. The power supply unit is usually situated at the rear of the PC, and usually at the bottom. The power supply unit converts the mains AC current to a low-voltage DC current to the system components; this s safer and more efficient.

There are different wattage claims for different power supplies. The wattage Of a power supply is important to know because if you lack power, the components of a computer system cannot run properly if at all. The total wattage is a combined result Of all the rails Of the ISIS, for example a Corsair 950″ US quad rail will have the IOW distributed evenly among the rails. The manage of the US is important to know also. Current x Voltage = Power Amps x Volts Watts Computer power supplies give different power at different voltages which are used for various components. There’s a +iv, +3. ‘,’ BASS (stand by), and -iv. *iv: Powers the processor, graphics cards, hard drive motors and fans and most of the motherboard. SSP: powers the hard drives and optical drives (but not their motors) and some internal fans. +3. Iv: Powers the RAM in the motherboard and also the on-board processing RAM on the CHIP_ SOB: powers the USB 2. 0 and 3. 0 ports, the COSMOS circuits and AS/2 ports. Processor: The processor is one of the most important components in a computer system The processor is basically the brain of the computer and controls the main functions and decisions of the system.

A CHIP or central processing unit is fundamentally the brain of the computer, like a nucleus of a cell. The CPU is made from a microprocessor with semiconductors silicon; the processor even though it is small and lightweight actually contains millions of electrical components. Scup’s hue processing units Which can interpret and execute instructions from software; and can also carry out calculations and comparisons by referencing data. Scup’s may seem like they have a mind Of their own but every decision is logically and mathematically calculated and determining if an inputted statement is true or false.

The CPA] performs these calculations based on data from the memory of RAM installed onto the computer motherboard and also the processors on-board RAM and also through inputted data from devices or software. There are lots of types of processor for computer systems. For desktop PC’s there is one leading brand, Intel: however there is a close competitor, MAD. The modern Intel processors for desktop PC’s are: Intel ii: 1-4 Cores, fast application handling, good visuals and good performance. Intel is: 1-4 Cores, very fast application handling, great visuals and sound, excellent performance.

Intel ii: 4-8 Cores with Digital Hexachord capability, multitasking, multimedia incredible performance, great on-board graphic and sound media accelerators, fantastic performance. There are different sockets for processors, and each Intel design has multiple socket varieties to fit to different motherboards. For example Intel ii has ALGA 1156 socket sandy Bridge, or ALGA 1 155 socket Ivy Bridge. RAM or Random Access Memory, is the temporary data storage for a computer system. RAM is used to speed up processes, for example, opening an on-going application like Microsoft Office Word.

Once a word document is started, it is paved to RAM, so that the processor can access it faster than reading it from the HAD. As RAM is dynamic, once the power to the machine is off the memory is erased and the RAM is reset, also the memory tot RAM is refreshed when that data is no longer needed or can successfully be stored on the HAD. STRAW (Synchronous DRAM) Synchronous DRAM is 168 pin, 3. 3 volt RAM modules which run at about maze, however with faster Intel and MAD processors now, SCRAM is too slow for decent performance.

DIR (Double Data Rate STRAW) DIR RAM modules essentially double the data transfer rate of STRAW. DIR RAM nuns at approximately mezzo and transfers data on the up and down tick of a clock cycle. The difference – besides transfer speed?is the 184 pins and lower voltage requirement of just 2. 5 volts_ Rumbas DRAM (RADAR)Rumbas STRAW modules run multiple channels and has double the throughput of STRAW however there is increased latency which is noticeable by the user but overall due the multiple channels and increased throughput the RADAR overall is a faster choice.

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Dims and Rims RIM RAM comes in smaller sizes and is far more expensive than DIEM; also RIM must be installed in same size and speed pairs for efficient and fast data feeds. DIEM RAM is more stable and has a larger capacity, along with being cheaper. There is also less need tort DIEM RAM modules to be installed in pairs however this can still speed it up. DRAM DRAM modules come in either RIM or DIEM RAM modules. Both variations are 64-bit, and if they are used in a motherboard which supports dual channel data configurations then the RAM modules should be installed in pairs to help make the data transfer speeds faster.

DIR DIEM’5 have 184 pins and run at 2. 5 volt, whereas Dim’s have a 16-bit interface and run at higher speeds but can be instable There are different sizes of RAM modules. Iamb Rumbas RIM iamb Rumbas RIM iamb Rumbas RIM iamb Rumbas RIM iamb SEC Rumbas RIM iamb SEC Rumbas RIM iamb SEC Rumbas RIM iamb RADAR 256 MBA RADAR iamb RADAR iamb Rumbas RADAR iamb Rumbas RADAR iamb Rumbas RADAR mamba DIR RAM mamba DIR RAM mamba DIR RAM Optical Drive: The optical drive allows a user to read information like music, films and games from a disc.

The optical drive is becoming less and less used as the majority of media we buy come from online and is stored on computers, instead of rows of Cad’s and DVD’s. Optical drives also allow burning and ripping of information from and to other discs, but often software is required. The optical drive is traditionally positioned at the top of the front of the computer case for ease of access and convenience Now most modern computers, especially gaming or media based systems would have multiple optical drive bays.

The disc is inserted into the tray and then is drawn into the system Where it is read, similarly like a HAD. There are different makes of optical drives, and each have their own specifications, Samsung are currently leading in optical drives for desktop PC’s. Due to firmware differences, discs may perform better or worse on other disc drives, which is why ripping the data from the disc and storing it on PC is a good idea, as the majority of the time it will run faster from HAD or SD.

Hard Disc Drive: The hard disc drive, or HAD is the component which stores non-volatile data, or permanent data. The HAD can also be called a mass storage device, and there are many makes of HAD all with different data transfer speeds and storage capacity, Where RAM stores temporary data, a HAD will store the information saved to it tater power down The HAD connects to the motherboard which is he communication interface between the processor and the HAD, the HAD controller manages and interprets commands from the processor and delivers them and interacts with the HAD in question.

Capacity Diagrammatic (Hours) Digital Photos Digital Videos DVD Quality (Movies) HAD Videos 320 GOB up to 5,000 up to 100,000 up to 320 up to 80 750 GOB up to 12000 up to 240,000 up to 750 up to 180 1. 0 TAB up to 16,600 up to 320,000 up to 1,000 up to 250 2. 0 TAB up to 33,320 up to 640,000 up to 500 3. 0 TAB up to 43,980 up to 960,000 up to 3,000 Table from manor. Busty. Com ) Internal HAD are relatively easy to install however there are limited bays for Head’s in computer systems, so taking them out and installing new ones to store more data can be a problem.

There are now external Head’s which run by LIST 2. 0 or 31) to an interpreter which is connected to the motherboard, these external Head’s are great tort storing data, and its easy to use multiple without having to open up the computer and swap drives around. Head’s store data by making a magnetic imprint on a thin ferromagnetic material on the disc, because the magnetic imprint is on the disc, it’s easy to recover data even after it has been elated, and even overwritten.

Graphics Card: The graphics card in a computer system in the component Which generates the electrical signals and then sends them to the monitor or monitors for display to the user. The graphics card is an expansion card which slots into motherboards on the PC or PIECE expansion slots. There are certain cards which may only have PC but most decent modern cards will be full PC. Express cards. Some motherboards have on board graphics and media accelerators but technically these are not graphics cards.

Many modern cards now support 3-D technologies ND even surround 3-D technologies but these cards are generally expensive and are mostly only used for computer gaming. All cards except some very high end 3-D industrial media development cards support 2-D graphics. 2-D graphics tort example would be the visuals on a text document, or watching a DVD on the computer, The frames per second or UPS is an important factor for HI) films and gaming; in order to get the best picture quality and smooth experience, high FPS are vital.

Although the human eye cannot recognize much higher than about 32 FPS, gaming and media experiences are far better with FPS of above 50, which means that the image on the screen is refreshed SC times every second, Vichy makes changes to the image sharper and gives a smooth feel. The resolution capabilities of the graphics cards are important if you’re using especially big screens, or screens which are elongated or are not a conventional shape. Resolution is measured by columns and rows of pixel dots, so a standard 640 x 480 resolutions is 640 columns and 480 rows of pixels, resulting in 307,200 pixel dots on screen.

The higher the resolution, the greater the picture quality and detail. As most games now are 3-D with the exception of some Indies games, and ritually every Other media except music being in three dimensions, we need 3- D monitors or screens to go along with our 3-D media, however currently the 3- D screens have lots Of issues and there is the deciding factor Of having to wear glasses to enjoy the three dimensional experience but cards which are designed to support immersed and lucid technology for 3-D surround are becoming cheaper on the market and are becoming more popular.

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Computer Systems and Various Parts Essay
There is then a gaming or media build which require the top end equipment to run the latest games or develop HAD visual or audio media. These high end machines are very customizable and can be personalized down to small in depth details. Case: Plain Computer Cases - (For a very basic and inexpensive build) These usually smaller cases are designed for space efficiency in offices and homes; cooling and expansion of hardware are not priorities as these cases are designed for basi
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Computer Systems and Various Parts Essay
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