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    Classroom Speech – About Me Essay

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    “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. ” – Michael Jordan This quote motivates me because on my understanding, we should not stop trying our goals in life. So I am Michael Angelo Javier – Martinez and I’m always ready to face all the challenges in my life. But first, I want to say something about me. I’m a freshman college student from Far Eastern University and taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management. I’m friendly, naughty, talkative and responsible.

    Now, I want to share some challenges I encountered during I’m elementary student. I remember, when I was a elementary student, I’m one of the bullies but sometimes I was also bullied by my classmates who’s bigger than me. When I was in grade 1, most of the time I tease my classmates and they also tease me. After being a grade 1 student, Grade 2 was one of the worst experiences I had encountered in my life. Because I was bullied by a student who’s bigger than me. I remember I punched his face in front of his friends and after I punch him, he went home with a blood on his face.

    The following day, he went to school wearing an eye glasses. He said that it’s my fault because I punched him not only in her face also near the eyes so his eyes became blurry. When I’m already waiting for my service, he’s with his mother and he attacked me. His mother just watched me lying down with a blood on my eyebrows and I’m begging for help. But sadly, no one help me because others didn’t saw what’s happening and it’s near our school’s façade so the guards didn’t saw it. At that time, I realize that I should be strong and I should be good so that I won’t experience any karma’s in life.

    So the following year, I because very strong and very brave. Also my dad enrolled me at MILO Basketball Training camp which held in Ateneo De Manila University. My cousins teased me because they said that I can’t shoot the ball properly. But I prove to them that I’m already brave and I can shoot the ball like my idols. First I failed but I keep on trying because I believed that practice makes perfect. Every morning I attend training in Pasig Catholic College and after my training, I go straight in Ateneo De Manila University to attend my MILO Basketball Training.

    Because of my hard work, I was chosen as a varsity player in Pasig Catholic College at the age of 9 years old. I was the youngest varsity player in that time. I played in PASAPRISA tournament held in Pasig and we became the champion. I’m very happy because it’s my first to participate in that tournament. After 4 months, I was chosen to represent our city and I’m very happy because it’s my opportunity to achieve my dreams. So I played in NCR Tournament held in Manila City but sad for us we loss. Out of 13 cities in NCR, we’re rank 5th place.

    But still I think know that in every game, there’s a loser and there’s a winner so I didn’t give up. I continue attending my basketball training. I attended a lot of training like NBA Jr, Alaska Training Camp, MILO Training Camp and many more. I was also chosen as a representative of our barangay and we played basketball against other barangays in Pasig City. I’m happy because I even we’re only in rank 3, I improved my skills and I became stronger and faster. After graduation in Elementary, I tried to have my training in Jose Rizal University.

    The coaches said to me I play good but I’m very young to represent their school. At that time, I’m sad because I want to achieve my dreams but I failed. So I didn’t stop trying. I continue having my training in Pasig Catholic College and I played in PRADA Tournament. We played against Ateneo De Manila University, De La Salle University, and many strong teams in NCR. Out of 20 teams, our team was ranked 8. After that league, I decided to come back at Jose Rizal University and try to apply for being varsity player.

    Finally, the coaches said to me that I’m already a varsity player. So I’m very excited to do my dreams, but it was ruined. After training hard in 5 months, they say that I can’t play in Fr. Martin’s Cup and in NCAA. I’m very mad because they promised me that I will represent our school but they didn’t do their promise. So I decided to quit in the team. I stop playing basketball almost 6 months and most of the time, I do bad things like drinking and smoking. Then I realize that my speed and toughness decreased. But my main problem is how can I stop smoking?

    I became fat, unhealthy and weak because of my bad habits that I enjoy. Now, I’m planning to start again my training. I’m doing 30 pushups, 30 curl ups, and many exercises which will develop my muscle. And every weekends, I always jog for 1 hour. I’m enjoying my routine and I need to achieve my goal. And after making myself strong, I’ll try to attend trainings and apply for varsity program in other schools. I will never stop achieving my dreams and I’ll develop my skills. Because if I stop trying, I just wasted my dreams and my strengths.

    I want to achieve my dreams like being a professional basketball player, being a professional DJ and being a good businessman. Being a DJ is very hard. Because you need to be updated in every song which music producers will produce. There are a lot of genres like Electro Dance Music, Progressive House, Trap Remix, Twerk Remix, Pop, R&B and many more. I want to be a DJ because I’m a music lover and like mixing songs. Also I want to be a DJ because DJ’s like Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Afrojack and many more inspired me.

    I start DJing when I was 2nd year High School. I don’t know how to mix a song because I’m only a newbie. I met a DJ here in Far Eastern University – Makati. He teach me how to be a good DJ and I’m happy because I met him and I can achieve another goal in life. So I won’t waste this opportunity to waste my dreams. Most of the time, we practice and every time I went to our rest house in Antipolo, Rizal, I’m developing my skills in DJing. And someday I want to perform in a huge clubs around the world.

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