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    Claiming the Right to Lie Essay

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    Lies are told all over the place. In “Right to Lie? “ Robert Kasanoff claims that our right to lie should be protected by law because having a right to lie not only follows the traditions but also helps protect our reputation, relationships, and make our lives easier and more comfortable. Sometimes, I think that no one has ever lied as bad as I have. I don’t intend to lie but my parents are very special to me and I don’t want to hurt them so I end up lying.

    I have my own life away from them; I really wish sometimes that I could tell them but they think of me as their princess: so innocent, never told them a lie. I’ve told my mum and dad so many lies. For example I’ve told them I’m doing schoolwork when in reality I’m nowhere near schoolwork. I lie because I have a boyfriend, a boyfriend I know they won’t approve of because they think I’m young and I don’t know what I’m doing. I lie, so that I could spend time with my boyfriend, started off with small little white lies.

    There were those days I would tell my mum, “Hey mum, I’m going to stay after school today. I would meet with him at a laundry near my school and we would just hang out and play video games at the laundry. Later on we got closer and wanted to hang out somewhere different. From that moment I started growing my lies. I would tell my parents I was going for some tutoring and since my parents believe everything I tell them, they had no problem with me going.

    Once my mum would drop me off, I would walk over to the Rose Garden where I would meet up with my boyfriend from 4-6 p. m. We basically made our own life, we told each other everything, and we would go to the Science Center to eat and explore. Months went by and my lies continued. My relationships grew more and more to the point that I would go over to his house. He became part of my life; just as lying was part of me also. Those little white lies I would tell are now big elephant lies that I continue to tell and can’t seem to stop.

    I do think that my lies save me from hurting my parents’ feelings, but then again once they find out I will have lost all of the confidence they had in me completely. I truly don’t regret lying to them because all this time that I’ve lied to them, I made my life with someone very special, someone that constantly reminds me of his love for me by telling me, “Everything will be worth it in the end. “ I know I shouldn’t have lied to my parents in the first place, but I want them to at least feel for a while more until I’m over age that I’m the daughter that never did them wrong.

    Sometimes I feel they will understand me and tell me everything’s going to be all right, but sadly my parents aren’t like that, they’re so last century. I love them but my lies will save me from losing their confidence and save them from getting hurt. Think about your lies before telling them, they can ruin your social and personal life. I do not yet know my destiny with all these lies I’ve told, but I know for a fact that one writes their own destiny because the things you do make you who you are. Those little white lies we told as kids grow and now are massive lies that reflect on us.

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